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Bitcoin Guide: everything you need to know

The aim of this guide on what is Bitcoin is to make sure beginners and experts in this field will increase their knowledge. We will deliver everything in chapters, with a pragmatic approach focusing both on the little details, such as the functionalities, the technology and the mathematics of Bitcoin and a generalist overview for those of you that want to know the essential. 

If you are either a specialist or just a newcomer, you will definitely find all that you need in this topical cluster about bitcoin. 

people asking what is bitcoin
What you will learn

In this section, we are going through all the basics. An overview of what is bitcoin, the value that has, how to use bitcoin and various interesting facts about it. 

Also, a deep explanation about the blockchain technology and why is related to bitcoin will be explained as well.

bitcoin and fairness
What you will learn

While in this section we are going to cover some easy topics, we will also provide some interesting facts and data points. 

When we explain to you what is bitcoin and educate you on this topic, supportive data are fundamental to strengthen the main idea behind this cryptocurrency.

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investing in cryptocurrencies
What you will learn

Investing and making money out of Bitcoin has always been a hot topic. Everyone would like to get those massive swings in their trading charts.

So, we are not going to give you financial advice but rather see where you could do all those activities and why those places are the best ones. 

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cloud mining bitcoin
What you will learn

We will tackle in with another important topical cluster related to what is bitcoin. Bitcoin Mining is another focal point in this guide. 

We will take both a general overview and a profound observation on how to make money with mining, the relative cost and where this market is heading. 

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learning what is bitcoin at school
What you will learn

Lastly, we will deal with education and learning even more about bitcoin and blockchain. 

There are tones of courses online about bitcoin, blockchain development and so on… but what’s best for your learning curve? The answer can be found here.

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The methodology behind this research

Since the beginning of our journey with, we thought and believed that we needed to provide informational content which also includes the world of crypto casinos in order to educate. This might be a little cocky but we really believe in blockchain and the benefits that could bring to the market place. Thus, due to the very confusing number of information online, we needed to take a step back and analyse these sources and conglomerate everything in one place. This is the webpage where we will explain everything about what is bitcoin. 

While it is very related to what we do in the gaming industry, people still have doubts about it. We are aware this topic may not but as simple as it should be, but we are going through everything for both the newcomers and expert ones. 

We will definitely use the same approach we used in our bitcoin casino reviews, as it is a method that is objective and takes into consideration facts. Those facts are, and will always be, backed up with data. Because we live in a world full of intelligence and would be a waste not using it for a positive matter, such as learning more about what is bitcoin.