Bitcoin Predictions for the next season

The following predictions have been largely based on the behaviour of bitcoin over a very long period. However, you need to read this knowing that Bitcoin is very volatile the prediction of its price is a rather tough question. This year like any other is sure to be epic for Bitcoin. There have been several predictions of its rise in 2020.

With the upcoming halving event, the crypto sphere is beginning to beam with enthusiasm. Very recently, Bitcoin hit the $10,000 mark and people have been very optimistic since then. Come with me as I explore how a currency that was once valued at 5,000 coins for one pizza has become the world’s most valuable virtual asset.

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Bitcoin Predictions for March 2020

Not only has Bitcoin received worldwide recognition and adoption but also, it is currently the number one coin with a market capitalization of $167,752,357,498. It has a trading price of $9,193.28 with a fall of -3,85%. There are slightly over 18 million bitcoins currently in circulation out of the total 21 million. Bitcoin has been accepted by payment gateways and organizations worldwide. Even the Bitcoin Hash rate is achieving new milestones, being that it is at about 62 quintillion per second which is an all-time high.

Bitcoin Chart beginning 2020

The analysis

In January, the coin’s price was at $9,300 a few days later by the 10th of February the price was at $10,110. Since the 16th of January BTC struggled to keep itself over the $10,000 mark then from 20th, traded a few hundred dollars below this level. It continued to trade between $9,600 and $9,900 up to the 23rd of February.  Analysts are foretelling a trend reversal starting March.

There hasn’t been any major Bitcoin-related news lately in terms of BTC developments or projects. That’s that no cause for alarm because BTC is still the most widely-adopted crypto in the world. still, there are several BTC projects underway and its popularity doubles by the day. Recently, it even comes up in movies and popular TV shows.


Market Opinion for Bitcoin price in March 2020

Several sites have issued their BTC price predictions for March which has already begun. Below, I incorporate some of the most relevant ones. Lastly, I have provided a summary of the daily prices in tabular form:

  1. According to Longforecast, BTC will be trading at $10,321 at the start of March. The maximum price reached will be $11,550 and the minimum price will be $8,898. The month’s average price is predicted to be about $10,364. Lastly, the closing price of the month was estimated at $10,685 and the change at 3.5%.
  2. According to Digitalcoinprice the BTC price was placed at an optimistic price of $21,418.27, signifying an evolution of 119.12%.
  3. According to Tradingbeasts at the beginning of the month, the price would be $8,655.381. the maximum price for the coin is estimated at $10,820.72 while the minimum price $7,358.089. by the end of the month, the price is expected to be at $8,656.576, with a change of -12.35%.
  4. Coinpredictor expects BTC to have an increase of +15.2% at the beginning of the month (the price of $10,623.29). A decrease of -22.6% is expected towards the end which will drop the price to $7,137.53.
  5. Cryptorating’s prediction is that the price at the beginning of the month is estimated to be $11,207.70 with a change of 14.67%. towards the end of the month is supposed to be at $12,269.35 (an increase of 25.53).
  6. Cryptoground expects the price of BTC to be at $9,958.72 with an increase of 1.48% at the start. Towards the end, a price of $9,736.8819 with a decrease of 0.78%.
  7. According to BTC price at the beginning of the month would be $10116.08. The maximum price of $ 11,633.49 and the minimum price at $8,598.66. the site predicted the price for each day of March, as presented in the graph below.


What I love about this article, is that we are not talking about a period that is years away from us. We have already entered the month of March, and for those of us who have been keen to know whether the above predictions have been true or not. I hope that the above-provided information will be useful in your BTC activities endeavours.


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