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How to earn Bitcoin in 2022

In this guide we will see together some of the most simple ways to earn bitcoin, make sure you read again – I said simple, not easy. We will take a closer and in-depth look at each one of these ways, also we’ll try to answer all the possible questions you might come up with on how to earn bitcoins fast, how to get paid in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and other aspects related.

An important premise shall be made, for those people that just started to approach Bitcoin and the blockchain world. Meanwhile, if you are already familiar with the topic, we suggest you skip this part and read it below to section Affiliate Programs.

What is Bitcoin (shortly)

bitcoin logo cover

Basically, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or a method of payment, which is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain is a chain of blocks that enclose data, also known for registering all the transactions that people daily make – this is also called blockchain ledger.

To make it simpler, imagine you want to keep track of all the activities you do for a company, the bitcoin ledger is the accounting book that transcripts each transaction in it. Blockchain is the technology that makes this possible. It is transparent, secure, and decentralized – meaning that anyone can verify the data anytime.

Bitcoin is created by solving difficult algorithms – this action is also called mining, that’s why you see around the internet services that offer Bitcoin mining (we will get to that later on in the article).

For more information on this topic, click on the following text: what is bitcoin, we’ve created a little guide for that as well. Or else find out more on how does bitcoin works.

Now that we’ve seen together, more or less, what is bitcoin we can now proceed into our full guide on how to earn Bitcoin? The followings are the most known activities that you can do online to get yourself Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate Programs probably are one of the best ways to earn bitcoin fast, as they are giving you – starting from 20% up to 60% – the revenue generated throughout your referral links. The top 2 affiliate programs available that can give the most out of your efforts are Exchanges (or trading platforms, which we will see in the following section) or Gambling platforms. We’ve chosen these 2 just because are the most paying programs, there are, of course, others online.

Who does want to spend valuable time on something that will pay you less than what you can really earn? Pretty much, anyone, that is why we advise you to start in these niches. But it’s your choice.

Basically, you just need to share the referral links on social media, on your website, to your friends, and so on… if you are a digital marketing expert you can really make a living out of it, but even if you start from scratch – you just need to have the curiosity and the hunger to learn. The following are the top ways to earn bitcoins without mining:

Top Casino affiliate programs

Some of the Bitcoin casinos, Ethereum casinos, and Hybrid casinos offer your affiliate programs that allows you to earn and be paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. By having this possibility, you can increase the size of your bitcoin bag holdings.

TruePlay Blockchain logo

TruePlay Affiliates

The house of the #1 casino that will give you up to 60% revenue share.
CryptoWild Logo

CryptoWild Affiliates

A great gaming platform that is secure and reliable, one of the best choice for the final customer – this allows you to earn more.
Betchain Logo

Betchain Affiliates

Revenue share and other incredible ways to maximise your profits
Cloudbet Logo (new)

CloudBet Affiliates

Sports betting site that offer the opportunity to earn bitcoin without mining and get paid in bitcoin.

Here are some pros and cons about this particular market:

  • Higher revenues compared to other niches
  • Lot of potential traffic
  • The online gambling market is growing
  • Gambling is high competitive
  • Requires higher budget

Consider that there are already sites on this market, but you have to know that we live in an abundant world. Meaning that everyone who starts their own site has a place in the internet world, so don’t think before opening a site that you cannot compete with big players – we’ve started with pretty much nothing and we are currently growing.

Still uncertain about starting your own affiliate site? Reach out on Twitter and let’s have a chat, we can have a consulting call and give you our best advice, estimate costs and investment necessary to reach your goals.

Bitcoin Trading Platforms

People from all over the world are moved by money, our entire world is based on money and so lots of potential for trading platforms such as Bitcoin Exchanges. Thus, the same opportunity is on the same table, but for you. You can start earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by inviting people through your affiliate link.

Every trade that your people place on the exchange, will have a cost – called fee – that fee will be split by your and the exchange site. You will get, for example, 20% off that fee.

Now imagine if you send over 100 people and each of them places a trade of 500 eur. The fee most likely is 1% of the 500 EUR (5 EUR), which equals 5 EUR by 100 people = 500 EUR fees in total. Thus, you will get 20% (100 EUR in Bitcoin or other cryptos) and exchange get the rest. Of course, you can deal better % once you have more revenue generated. But this is to give you an idea.

Also, thousands of people look for a reliable trading platform that is secure. Here is our best choice:

Binance Logo

Binance Affiliates

This affiliate program allows you to earn on the fees that your referrals are generating through their activities.

But you can also find more affiliate programs to earn bitcoin on Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini…

Here are some pros and cons about earning bitcoin with affiliate bitcoin Trading exchanges platforms:

  • Market is attractive
  • High earnings
  • High Value Person (each person do lots of trades with high volumes)
  • not many people educated on the crypto world
  • need time to grow

Buying and Holding

One great strategy that big companies (MicroStrategy, Tesla) have been adopting so far is to buy and hold bitcoins, or any other cryptocurrency that could increase in value. The same easy thing you can do and can have a high return on the equity.

You can either have a hard Bitcoin Ledger Wallet or Trezor Wallet or some digital wallet, such as CoinBase Wallet, Exodus, and other valid choices.

Lending Bitcoin

Now, if you did well on the previous point… it means you have a very nice bag of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and that can help you earn bitcoin fast while doing pretty much nothing.

Sites like Blockchain.com, Binance, and others allow you to put into a vault your cryptos and earn a year’s interest on them – usually between 4 – 7% annually, not bad right?

Basically what happens is that you lend them and you earn interest. There are other sites, such as Compound.Finance that allows you to lend your cryptos (better if you have DAI, USDT, USDC) and get up to 14% yearly. At the same time, you get Compound Tokens which have value too. Better to check their sites, more information can be found there.

Faucet programs

On this page about Bitcoin Casino Faucet sites we explained very simply the concept of bitcoin faucet. Basically, when the crypto world was still at the beginning websites that wanted to promote bitcoin were giving away Satoshis to their users. You can still earn fast bitcoins with that but our opinion is that you shouldn’t expect to make tones of money.

These are some sites we’ve reviewed… you might want to check them too.

No posts for this criteria.

Bitcoin Mining

Everyone heard at least once the word mining, yes this is mostly the same as mining gold – as Bitcoin is also called “digital gold“. The options to make money with bitcoin mining are very difficult and hard. Wondering how to mine bitcoins? Click on the link to find out more on our dedicated page.

You need special equipment and lots of electricity to try at least to earn bitcoins from this kind of method. The costs to get bitcoins maybe are higher than the bitcoin value that you will get. But, for our luck, there are several sites that allow you to get cryptocurrencies via cloud mining.

Basically, you invest capital and in x time you will get bitcoins or other cryptos. Not the best sustainable solution to earn money with this one, but it is still possible to have an edge and make some money. The estimated time to get something is from 6 months up to 2 years.

Get Paid in Bitcoin

Who wouldn’t like to be paid in bitcoin now that the value has increased, and most likely will increase even more?

Let’s discover how to get paid in Bitcoins or in other cryptocurrencies different than the ones we’ve already listed.

Create and Sell

Lately, people started to create their own brands, online shops, create Art via NFT (non-fungible tokens) and sell these goods to the open market by accepting crypto as a form of payment. At the end of the month, you will basically get paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

But not only, you can do consulting to crypto companies or start-ups (if you have any technical skill) and ask them to pay you in any form you wish.

We suggest you take the rabbit hole and follow new upcoming trends, such as NFT – use google trends for more information.

BitcoinTalk forum campaigns

If you are an active and talkative person, you can sign up to BitcoinTalk Forum, chat with new people and learn by expanding your comfort zone. The way this works is that you become a member (free of charge) and start being active by writing your own thoughts, helping out the community, and once reached the level of Normal user, you can start adding a signature. SPAM IS NOT TOLERATED!

Companies, crypto projects use BitcoinTalk as a marketing channel, and the people that feed the community are being paid in Bitcoin. Therefore the brands get exposure and you are being paid for the number of posts you do in the time frame your deal is about. Of course, don’t expect thousands of bitcoin but a couple of hundreds of $ in a month can be easily done.

Crypto Influencer

Influencer marketing is something that has been on the mind of lots of people. If you are into crypto and you like talking about it… you can create your own personal brand and then ask companies such as crypto gambling sites to sponsor you, or exchanges, or anything else that comes up to your mind. Sponsoring – influencer – is a well-paid profession.


So, these are the best ways on how to earn bitcoins today… We wish you to find the best possible program for you and make the money you deserve by the effort you will put into the project.

Do you have any other suggestions? We think so, there are endless opportunities out there. But share with us if you wish.

Well, we’ve come a long way until down here, right? We hope – I always say we but it is because I believe we are chatting :D, you and the team – that you found this guide interesting and full of resources. Please share with your friends!