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How to spend Bitcoin

What can you buy with Bitcoin?

In the beginning, Bitcoin was not so welcomed by the online market, but as one thing led to another, and Bitcoin got a positive response from the community, the use of this cryptocurrency increased. Over three years ago, people even started buying pizza using Bitcoin (we even celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day). But it is too early to say that Bitcoin will be used in restaurants or small shops, is it?

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Travelling and Tourism

If you are someone who loves traveling now, you could book hotels using Bitcoin. Expedia, one of the largest hotel booking apps, now offers users to book hotels by making transactions via Bitcoin. They are using Coinbase as a facilitator to help in the transactions. Also, you could book airline tickets by using Bitcoin. 

The site travala.com recently added Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies to its payment methods. This site allows you to book your next hotel or hostel.

Food Market

Although Bitcoin is not so common in the food market if you are craving for a pizza and you live in California, a service named Pizzaforcoins is accepting orders with Bitcoin as a payment method.

Most probably sooner than later also big players such as Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut and more will start accepting cryptos, why they shouldn’t?

Gaming Industry

You could purchase games using Bitcoins, Microsoft Xbox store and Windows store allow purchasing of games and movies by using Bitcoins. One important thing to note here is that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible so there will be no refunds when payment is made via Bitcoin. Or as you know, CryptoGamble.Tips help you to find the best bitcoin casino list available on the market and provide you with the latest news in the crypto gambling industry.

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Online Shopping

Online shopping is a market where Bitcoin is getting quite popular. A lot of online stores now allow purchasing using Bitcoin. When it comes to the tech industry, hosting websites like Namecheap also accept Bitcoins.

Shopify users can allow their own customers to purchase products by using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Digital currencies are going to be a mainstream thing in the future. The issues that are currently being faced by cryptocurrencies are being handled well by the community. In the future, we might see Bitcoins being used just as traditional currencies are used these days.