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Trusting anyone with your money is an arduous task, especially when you’re at the risk of losing it. To make gambling more fun and carefree for our visitors, we paid extra attention to those crypto casinos we would instead pass on.

Since some of the online casinos on the market are not what they often seem when first introduced to them, we felt obliged to share which ones will cost you the opportunity to live the luxurious life you deserve.

Casino that have been categorized as Blacklisted

For the time being we are adding to the list the following sites:

  • Casino Alpha –  They are not paying out customers and affiliates as well – or just a part of it, they will find bug excuses
  • Richprize – they are associated by the same people as the previous casino mentioned
  • – Doesn’t deserve your time and money, low rating and no improvement in the past years

How do we decide which Casinos don’t make the cut?

We are sure you are already aware that CryptoGamble has a strict rating system applicable to all the casino reviews, in which we go over the overall quality of the service and user satisfaction of the given online casino. Only those we deem worthy make the list of reliable crypto casinos. Those that don’t end up here, on the ‘’Blacklisted Page’’.

There are a few reasons the casino could fail our test and ultimately lose our trust. The reasons are vast, from not paying out or holding a sketchy license to slow depositing and withdrawal processes. We investigated all of these crypto casinos to minimize the chances of you getting scammed and hence maximize the odds of you winning big. We got you covered!

How can a casino leave the Blacklisted page?

We recognize that many casino operators take constructive criticism seriously and try to enhance their service and overall user experience. In order to leave our Blacklisted page, they will undergo yet another rating test from our side, and in case they pass with a satisfactory score, we will consider them as a valid and trustworthy crypto casino.

In order for that to happen, these casinos need to understand the importance of user satisfaction and trustworthiness. As we always say to our users, it is crucial to check and investigate who they’re putting their trust in, and we are doing the same. 

Fred Edwards

Fred Edwards

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