9 Crypto Casino Faucet: get Free Bitcoin to play in 2022

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You will discover top crypto casino gambling sites that offer faucets as part of their Bitcoin casino welcome bonus. Sometimes Bitcoin casino free spins and Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus isn’t enough… Luckily, crypto casinos made offering free bitcoins to their users possible.

CryptoGames is pleased to introduce you to a list of the best casino faucets that enable users to play for free and try their games! Let’s get started.

9 Crypto Casino Sites Offering Faucet Bonus:

Each site you see below offers you a BTC faucet and lets you get some crypto for free. Do not expect to receive a million-dollar in crypto, but instead aim lower, per se between 20 satoshis every 20 minutes. 5000 satoshis can be given up to 60 times daily. Quite a nice deal, if you ask us.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Faucet Bitcoin

They are something relatively new, especially for those players that come from traditional online casinos. Bitcoin Faucet is a faucet that drops bitcoins and is a sort of bonus that casinos, and other sites, are giving to reward their users.

Where does come from the idea of a casino Faucet?

One of the main reasons behind the bitcoin casino faucet is, at least most of the time, for crypto casinos to give away bitcoins for free to attract new players and let them try to play to earn games with crypto.

The fundamental idea behind the Bitcoin casino faucet goes all the way back to the beginning of Bitcoin . Bitcoin faucet sites were born with the sole idea of spreading the word about cryptocurrencies, starting with bitcoins. With this method, the user could get into the digital wallet. At the beginning of the Bitcoin Era, spreading the buzz around this cryptocurrency was essential, and Bitcoin Faucet served its purpose.

Advantages of casino faucets

All things said, suppose we want to consider the advantages of using faucets at any bitcoin casino. In that case, we can come up with the possibility of trying their in-house games for free, letting you explore the casino and giving you a solid experience on their platform.

We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want a free bitcoin! Although we cannot provide you with one at the moment, we can offer you the next best thing. Check out our Bitcoin Casinos with Free Spins NO WAGER bonus page for an opportunity to get lucrative bonuses! Stay tuned for more crypto casino-themed tips and tricks!

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