Bitcoin Live Casino Guide with best sites inMay 2022

Bitcoin live casino games are becoming quite popular at many gambling houses online. Be part of it and get in real-time the best bonus offers.

Bitcoin is still ruling the roost as the most popular cryptocurrency. Its success has made many online casinos accept Bitcoin as the preferred payment method among many cryptocurrencies. As a result, many Bitcoin casinos are turning up with each passing year. But the success of Bitcoin is not limited to this only. An integral and perhaps the most important section of crypto gambling sites, live dealer games, can also be played with Bitcoin. Live dealer gambling with Bitcoin gives traditional live games a whole new dynamic.

On this page, will delve deeper into the nature of Bitcoin live casinos and everything related to it, including the most played casino games. So, without further ado, let us proceed.

What Are the Top Live Casino Crypto?

When you have to choose the right crypto casinos, several factors come into play. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of live casino Bitcoin where you can play quality games.  

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What Are the Most Played Live Casino Games with Crypto?

With the increasing popularity of live casino games, more and more games are coming to the live dealer version. But given the popularity of bitcoin slots and table games, the most played live casino games with crypto are among these only. Let us explore some of them:

Monopoly Live

Based on the popular Hasbro board game, Monopoly Live is its casino version. Evolution Gaming launched the game as a variant of the famous Dream Catcher. The live dealer game brought Evolution Gaming a prestigious EGR game of the year award in 2019. The game has top-notch 3D graphics with augmented reality that drives players in for an entertainment round. The RTP of Monopoly Live is 96.23% while the maximum you can win from the game is $500000. The advantage of playing Monopoly Live with Bitcoin is that you can play the game anonymously with a low transaction fee.

Live dealer and live monopoly wheel stopping at 4 rolls

Lightning Roulette

The game Lightning Roulette resonates with classic Roulette to a great extent. Here, you stand a chance to win a handsome fortune. The prize amount of the game can range anywhere from 5x to 500x of your total bet. The rules of the game are pretty simple. Make a guess on the number that will show up on the roulette wheel. If the number shows up, you win the round, and the respective sum is paid out to you. You can place different types of bets in the game like straight-up bet, split bet, corner, line, and street bet. 

Lightning live roulette gameplay casino game

Blackjack Live

The game of Blackjack is all about getting close to the ideal number 21. In Live Dealer Blackjack with Bitcoin, you can interact with the live dealer and get the feel of being present in a land casino. Although Blackjack is a pretty simple game to play, there are different versions of the game which you can try out in the live version as well. Some of them are Speed Blackjack, Blackjack V.I.P., Infinite Blackjack, European Blackjack, and American Blackjack. There are many top-rated Bitcoin casinos where you can easily play Blackjack Live without needing to give in your personal information.    

man live dealer at blackjack table dealing cards to players

Live Roulette

Bitcoin Live Dealer Roulette is not much different from Lightning Roulette except for the fact that the latter has lightning speed and higher payouts. The game of live Roulette comes in different versions, the most common being European Roulette. In European Roulette, there are a total of 37 numbers on the wheel, whereas, in the American version, there are 38 numbers with an additional zero. Another popular version of Roulette is French Roulette which is quite similar to the European version. But here, La Partage and En Prison give additional advantages to the players. All these versions can be played with a live dealer and using cryptocurrency. 

live Roulette wheel

Live Baccarat 

Bitcoin Live Dealer Baccarat is all about making the right guess between the dealer and the banker. There are different betting options in the game, and you can even choose some side bets. The payouts in the game are pretty easy to remember. Betting on either the banker or the player will give you a 1:1 payout, whereas a tie will reward you in an 8:1 ratio. What makes Live Baccarat all the more interesting is the introduction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are many crypto casinos where you can play Live Baccarat using Bitcoin.   

Live dealer at baccarat online table in red

Lightning Baccarat

The gameplay of Lightning Baccarat with crypto is not much different from the regular version. What makes it lightning is the high level of bonus and payout it consists of. For the rest, the game follows a rule similar to Roulette. An important thing to keep in mind while playing live lightning roulette is that betting on the banker involves a small commission fee. The lightning experience of Baccarat gets elevated to the next level with the use of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency helps you in making instant deposits and withdrawals without running the risk of any privacy compromise. 

table with 4 cards on lightning baccarat

Crazy Time 

Crazy Time crypto brings together a perfect blend of Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. As a money wheel game, Crazy Time has a massive winning potential with four bonus rounds. However, the most interesting part about the game is that it assigns a multiplier value to your bet, which can go anywhere up to 160000 x of your bet per spin. The game has everything you would expect from a money wheel game. There are enormous bonuses, Entertainment, and elaborate bonus rounds to keep you going. With the easy use of Bitcoin, the game becomes all the more interesting. 

Live dealer presenting Crazy Time Evolution casino game

Cash or Crash

Evolution Gaming’s Cash or Crash has made quite an impact in the live dealer gaming industry with its high RTP. The theoretical Return to Player of Cash or Crash stands at a whopping 99.59% (the highest in the market). The gameplay of Cash or Crash is pretty simple. 

cash or crash live dealer presenting the game

Among the three options, you can choose anyone:

  • Continue with the present win amount 
  • Collect half of the winning sum
  • Continue playing or collect the sum 

The high RTP of Cash or Crash promises players of high returns, and when this factor is combined with the high volatility of Bitcoin, one can only imagine the returns.   

Live Craps

Bitcoin Live Craps is Evolution Gaming’s one of the finest productions. Shot in exquisite studios, Craps enjoy considerable popularity in the U.S.A. One of the reasons behind Craps’s success is that the game is quite easy to play. All you have to do is predict the outcome of the two dice rolls. If you get it right, the bet pays out, and if not, it is forfeited. The luxurious setting of the Live Craps with a charming live dealer is surely making an impact on the player. And if you play the game with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, you can play the Live Craps from anywhere. 

smiling Dealer live craps and green betting table

Mega Ball 100x

Live Mega Ball 100x is Evolution Gaming’s live casino game which looks quite like Bingo. It follows simple gameplay: the players have to set a value to their cards and purchase the desired number that can go up to 200 per game. Twenty balls are drawn, and if they match the numbers you choose, they are marked off. It is all about making as many lines as possible. The game can give you a multiplier anywhere from 5x to 100x. The specialty of this live casino game is that you can easily play it with Bitcoin, and if you go lucky, this can result in bringing massive returns. 

multiplier megaball live dealer 100x

Live Poker Games

Poker is one of the most popular card games, along with Blackjack. And if you play it with a live dealer, things go all the more interesting. What makes poker so interesting is that it can be played in many ways, and there are many versions of it. Among different live poker games, the most popular poker versions are: 

Live Extreme Texas Hold’Em Poker 

Live Extreme Texas Hold’Em Poker is a blend of Casino Hold’Em and Ultimate Texas Hold’Em. The minimum bet you can place in this game is $0.5, while the maximum goes up to $1000 or the equivalent in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. The game is all about placing a bet and then getting a chance of revising it upon the show of hands. If you fold, you will lose out on your money. The highlight feature of this card game is that you do not have to play against multiple players. It’s your hand with one other hand, and that’s that. 

Live Casino Hold’Em Poker

Live Casino Hold’Em Poker is among the simplest poker games. With the live version, you can sit right across the live dealer and compete against it. It is all about who makes the best five-hand card. The one to do it takes away the game and the money, of course. Hit well on the flop, and you can land a good opportunity. When betting with Bitcoin, you do not have to weigh anything extra in your mind. Bitcoin will give you the additional advantage of playing Live Casino Hold’Em Poker at a fast speed. 

Live Caribbean Stud Poker 

In Live Caribbean Stud Poker, you have to place a bet and a bonus bet. You can raise the bet after the cards are shown or go for the option of the fold. It is all about beating the dealer. Playing the live version of Caribbean Stud Poker gives you the additional advantage of experiencing fair gameplay with no chance of the game being rigged. Add cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as the payment method, and you can further ensure your safety. 

Live Triple Card Poker

The Live Triple Card Poker game is played with the standard deck of 52 cards. A collaboration of Evolution Gaming and Scientific Games, this live poker variant will give you a feel of actually being in a land casino in the presence of a live dealer. The objective of the game is pretty simple: beat your opponent (live dealer) with a three-hand card. Bitcoin is the ideal payment method to play this game. This is because you retain your anonymity in an online casino by choosing Bitcoin, as it does not reveal your personal information to the casino. 

Live Deal or No Deal Casino Game 

Evolution Gaming’s Live Deal or No Deal Casino Game was created in collaboration with Endemol Shine. It is a 24×7 game, so you can play it anytime you want. The live game is divided into three rounds: first, you have to go through the three-reel bank vault spin that uses RNG technology. The money you accumulate in this round carries forward to the top-up round, where a random multiplier gets added to the total between 5x and 50x. And with this, you finally enter the Deal or No Deal main game. The gameplay here is quite easy, to sum up: predict whether the money in the briefcase is higher than the bank dealer’s offer.    

Dream Catcher

Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher is a live casino money-wheel game. It is shot at the state-of-the-art multimedia studio, which implies that the game will have high-quality graphics in the store. The gameplay of Dream Catcher is built around predicting the number that will show up on the wheel. The payout is based on the corresponding number. 

Blonde woman presenting Dream Catcher Live casino game show

For instance, if you bet on the number 2, the payout for it would be 2x. There is also a bonus spin segment where you can win a multiplier of either 2x or 7x. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the fold, you can take your winning to the next level. 

Lightning Dice 

Lightning Dice is Evolution Gaming’s continuation of the Lightning series. Just like Lightning Roulette, here, you can expect the game to give you great bonus rewards. In fact, in this Dice game, you can expect a maximum of 1000x multiplier. In the game, the presenter will throw three dice in the ‘Lightning Tower’. The dice keep on tumbling down the tower all the way to its base. The part you have to play in the game is just to predict the outcome of the dice before it hits the ground. You can bet on any of the 16 bet spots or even in all of them with the option of ‘bet on All’. 

last results table lightning dice with live dealer presenting

Super Sic Bo

Based on the classic Bo game, the Live Super Sic Bo game is rendered by Evolution Gaming and uses RNG technology for the roll of dice. The gameplay here is very simple, but the rewards are quite lucrative. The live game is shot at a studio that will remind you of a classic oriental setting. In the game, you have to predict the outcome of the roll of three dice. The multipliers in the game can take a total of 1000x of your Stake, which is quite substantial. With the use of Bitcoin, you can ensure that it won’t take long for the withdrawal to take place. 

blond girl live dealer presenting at super sic bo table

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Get on the journey with the Spanish explorer Gonzo in his quest to find a lost city. Developed by Evolution Gaming, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is one of the most popular slots ever made. It is a mix of animation and a live dealer. An interesting thing about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is that it is the first casino game that you can play in Virtual Reality or V.R. mode. Coming to the gameplay, in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you have to pick hidden treasures by selecting stones on the wall. The Prize Drop feature adds more excitement to the game, where you can get 20,000 winnings from a single stone.

Why Choose Live Casino Over Normal Ones?

There are several advantages of playing BTC live casino games over normal ones. Some of the reasons are as follows: 

Experience of a Land Casino

The greatest feeling of playing a live casino game is that it reminds you or gives you the vibe of being at a land casino. We have seen actors in many movies visiting casinos and making an impression with their classic moves. It is understandable that most of us cannot visit casinos for various reasons. This makes live dealer casino games the perfect alternative to experience a land casino. Live casino crypto dealers will make you feel like you are in a live casino interacting with them freely in a game or playing against them. 

Transparent and Fair 

Unlike slots and other games that run on some gaming mechanics, the dealer features many live dealer games. You also get to see with your eyes the entire process, whether it is shuffling, spinning, or the roll-out of the dice. This is not to suggest that technologies like RNG are rigged, which they clearly are not. It is just for most players looking at everything makes the process more transparent and fair.     

24×7 Live Availability 

Many people have the misconception about online live casino games that it has a set time to play the games. This is not true at all. While there are live dealers in this category of casino games, they keep changing at regular intervals. Consider this as having different shifts. But as a player, this means that you get to play the game anytime you want. 

Interaction with Live Dealers

The gaming experience becomes enhanced when you can interact with the live dealer. This does not mean that you can freely chat with him. But it always feels good to send cues to the dealer who responds to it. From time to time, the dealer might even drop a reply to your non-instructional message.

Despite having several advantages, live casino games have two downsides. They are as follows: 

  • There is no demo version of these games. So, it means you will not be able to play live casino games for free either. For players who want to learn or experience the game without staking their money can watch video tutorials. 
  • You need a high-speed internet connection with these games as their charm lies in the graphics and sound. A weak mobile network can mar your gaming experience.      

Where Is the Market of a Live Casino Going?

While online casino games have been enjoying considerable success over the last two decades, the igaming industry felt the need for an improvement. This came about with the innovation of live dealer games. One of the reasons for its imminent arrival was the rapidly improving technology which made it possible for high-definition streams on both desktop and mobile phones. 4G and HTML5 technology are the two leading forces responsible for this. 

It is true that the cost of production of a live casino game is way more expensive than a mechanized slot or table game. However, the considerable success of live dealer games is encouraging many operators to bring in more and more live games into the fold. With the introduction of the 5G network, one can only imagine the rapid strides the live casino games market will be making in the coming years. Users will always be more inclined to play online games that give them a virtual experience of a land casino. That’s why V.R. technology is gradually getting deployed in many casinos.  For example, Evolution Gaming has launched a VR game for their live casino offer, read more about it here.

Therefore, as far as the market of live casinos is concerned, they are very likely to increase their business, especially with the help of advanced digital currencies like Bitcoin.

What Other Games Do Players Play?

Apart from the live casino games, players who use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can try different gaming options as well. Some of the popular games from different categories you can try are: 

Table Games 

A Bitcoin casino hosts classic casino table games like:

  • Blackjack: Blackjack is a pretty simple game to play. The target is to make it to 21 or closer to it than your opponent. Whoever is able to achieve this feat wins this round. 
  • Roulette: The game of roulette is played in different variations. The most common among them are European, but many online casinos also have American and French roulette. Although the basic concept remains the same, the house edge and the total numbers on the wheel differ. 
  • Baccarat: In this game, you have to place a bet on either the banker or the dealer. If you pick the one with a stronger hand, the payout is made. There is also the option to bet on a tie.

Bitcoin Games

Crypto casinos besides enhancing privacy, anonymity, and security brought a new trend in the casino industry. They basically created a blue ocean market (as said by this Wikipedia article) where customers can enjoy a new level of gambling. The following is a list of the most played bitcoin games, if you want to see all of them click here:

  • Crash casino game: If you want to win great rewards by playing a simple game, then Bitcoin Crash could be one of the options. Just cash out before the round crashes, and you can take away the money. 
  • Crypto Plinko: The ball drops from the top and goes all the way down. It could land anywhere and your target is to see it land on the multiplier that pays a substantial amount. The higher the better. 
  • Bitcoin Dice: Bitcoin Dice is normally played with two dice. The outcome after the roll is the deciding factor whether you win something from your bet or not. 
  • Mines: The game of Mines is an interesting addition to the Bitcoin games. Here, you will have to mark as many mines as you can before the time runs out.
  • crypto slots: an important thing to note about Bitcoin slots is that you should go for the ones that are provably fair. This will help you verify the authenticity of the game by assessing the results with the help of third-party software. 

Slot Machines

The popularity of slots is well established among players. The simple gameplay and attractive themes are the two biggest reasons why people prefer them over other casino games.

In case you do not get a provably fair game, you should rely on it on the basis of the game provider. For instance, a slot from Big Time Gaming or Playtech is something you can totally rely upon. Plus, recently we started adding the demo version of your favorite games, go and play slot for free here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online casinos have real dealers?

Absolutely, yes. When you play a live casino game in an online casino, you get to witness live dealers who keep changing shifts at regular intervals.

How can I play online live casino games?

Go to the online casino you prefer and select a live casino game of your choice. Hit the play button, and you will enter the lobby. The option of bets will be there, and you can select a payment option (even a cryptocurrency, if it is supported), and the game will commence after that.

 I have an issue when playing live casinos. What can I do?

It is always advised to play a live dealer game at a reputed online casino. Proper licensing or provably fair technology will ensure that the game is transparent and safe. You can also take help from the customer support team if you face any issues.

Do I need specific requirements to play at a live casino?

It depends on the casino you are playing. Some casinos go through a detailed KYC process, while others let you in with minimal identification. If you use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you can play anonymously, and your privacy will be maintained. 

What is the best Bitcoin coin live casino?

There are many top Bitcoin live casinos where you can play your favorite games using Bitcoin. Some of the casinos where you can get a satisfactory gambling experience are Betfury, BitStarz, Stake, and BitDice.