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Nothing screams more fun than a good game of Blackjack with Live dealer. If you’re one of the enthusiasts, then we invite you to check out this article. This text will include a manual on how to play the game better. We will also share a trick or two on what to pay attention to once you decide to get enrolled with Bitcoin Live Dealer Blackjack online.

Last but not least, we will include some applicable strategies of the game that will hopefully help you on your way to scoring a large win! You’ll be fully prepared after reading this guide.

A thing or two about Live Blackjack online

It is not a secret that Blackjack is one of the most popular online games. What speaks most about its popularity is the fact that in both the online and regular versions it is the most popular game after Bitcoin slot games. And it seems that it doesn’t have any tendency of stopping here. The reason, you ask? Well if we tell you many have managed to cash in enormous sums of money then we believe that you’ll be able to see the full picture.

Did you know that the original game dates back hundreds of years to the 1700s in Spain and France? Wow, that’s a long history of thrill, excitement, and big wins!

If you are new to the game of Live Dealer Blackjack casino, then you may have heard the game is also referred to as “21” or “pontoon”. The simple reason behind the reference “21” is because of its origins in the French language, where it is called “vingt-et-un”, meaning 21. Your goal is to reach a total of 21 or the number closest to beating the dealer.

One of the things many newbies ask when they decide to try their luck with Bitcoin Live Blackjack is whether the game is a bit of pure luck, or if skills play a role, too? At this point, we can honestly say that it is both. There are elements of luck. But, it is also essential that you brush up on your skills to get ready to play. Having more skills gives you more options. You will also make decisions easier. Whether you’ll hit or double down or decide to stand, is up to you and your understanding of the current situation in the game. And that is thanks to your skills.  

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Now, if you want to learn more of rules, betting odds, and strategies you need to skip the list of casinos.

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How to play Bitcoin Live Blackjack Online

To win the “Blackjack” means to reach a total of 21 with the cards you got from the dealer. It is important to note that no matter how many players are involved in the game you always play against the dealer. You should also know that the dealer doesn’t go over 17. Other basic rules to know are:

  • You can double down on two initial cards, but not after playing Split.
  • You Split in case you get equal card value and you can do it once per hand.
  • The dealer places one card on each Split Ace.
  • If you consider it necessary, offer Insurance when the dealer shows an Ace.
  • You are paid 2 to 1 for Insurance.

Card Value

A dealer uses 8 standard 52-card decks with cards from 2 to 10 having their face value. When it comes to cards showcasing Jacks, Queens, and Kings you get worth 10 for each. Aces could be either 1 or 11 depending on what is more suitable to the hand.

When dealt a soft hand, an Ace is worth 11.

How does the game begin?

After placing bets, the dealer gives one card face up to each player. The total number of players is seven per game. When all players are given their first cards, the dealer will move on to dealing one more card to every player, including himself. Every card is again faced up, except for the dealer’s.  Then you will know the total value of your cards. 

Should you purchase Insurance? 

You can choose to get insurance if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. This is done to prevent the dealer from getting Blackjack once he reveals his down-facing card. The Insurance bet and the bet on your hand are separate. The dealer then must check if he’s won Blackjack. If not, the game moves on. If it tunes out the dealer has Blackjack, the game is ended in a push. You get your bet back. – in the long term this is acutally a bad move as you reduce your edge.

Note: Insurance cannot be purchased in case the dealer’s upcard is either a face card or a 10 and the dealer will not be checking the downcard.

Should you Double Down, Hit or Stand?

You can improve the value of cards in your hand if the dealer doesn’t win Blackjack. The dealer will then offer a card to each player. You can Double Down if you didn’t receive 21 from your initial two cards and be dealt one more card. Until you are pleased with the value in your hand and decide to Stand, you can ask the dealer to Hit and be given an additional card. 

Splitting equal card value

It sometimes happens that a player gets two same cards. If that happens to you, you can decide to Split them and make two separate hands. The bets in these two separate hands are equal to your original bet. The dealer will add one more card to each hand after which you’ll decide if you want to Hit to be dealt one more card to each hand. Stand once you’re satisfied with the value. 

What to expect when playing Bitcoin Live Dealer Blackjack?

You already know that the value of your cards should exceed 21. When this happens, you lose your bet. The rule for the dealer is that he mustn’t get a value of cards more than 17. The dealer should Hit when the value of the card reaches 16 or less.

If both the dealer and the player get the same value, it is a tie and nobody wins, nobody loses and the player gets his bet back.

Remember: you get Blackjack only from the first two cards, and not if you hit 21 from a split hand.

Use the benefits of Side bets

Side bets can be played with your original Blackjack bet. This gives you an additional opportunity to win money even in case you lost your man Blackjack bet. A side bet called Perfect Pairs happens if you get any pair of face cards, two Aces, or two 3s. Each combination offers different payouts.

The next side bet is called 21+3 happens if your first two cards and the dealer’s upcard have a combination of:

  • Suited Trips include 3 Queens of Hearts
  • Straight Flush is won in case of numerical sequences of the numbers of the same suit – Jack, Queen, and King of Spades.
  • Straight side bet happens in case of numerical sequence but with different suits – 2 Hearts + 3 Spades + 4 Clubs.
  • Flush is a side bet without sequential cards in the same suit – 5, 8, 10 of Spades.

Chart Basic Strategy for Live Blackjack

Basic Strategy Blackjack
source: https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/blackjack-strategy-charts/

Payouts & RTP

Online Live Blackjack is an amazing game because for a Blackjack win you get 3:2, and for a winning hand 1:1, but in case the dealer got Blackjack but you opted for Insurance you’ll get 2:1. In percentages, that means that payout for Blackjack is 99.29% and for Perfect Pair bet is up to 95.90%, while for 21+3 is 96.30%. 

Placing bets

For each game, you will see the minimum and the maximum bet you can place. Stake Exclusive Blackjack can be from 5-50,0000 dollars. Not bad, ah? But it really depends on the table you are sitting at. VIP table can have min bet of 1000$ and win

Playing Live dealer blackjack with bitcoin

However, just like any other casino game, Live dealer Blackjack is never a guaranteed win. You can anticipate the outcome the more you play, but no one can promise you a 100% winning outcome.

Consider yourself invited for a game of Live Blackjack

We invite you to try your luck by following the guide and the rules you had a chance to learn by going through this article. You have a unique chance to join the group of many Live Blackjack winners. It will open the door to an elite club of the rich. Yours is just to pick a place to brag about it while drinking a glass of an elegant cocktail thinking about where to invest those sweet coins first.

Our suggestion is to first know how to play Live Blackjack backward and forwards. This way, you will be aware of all the signals. As well as more than just basic strategies. Moreover, your knowledge will give you an edge the next time you start playing the game. And finally, you will be fully prepared for every outcome. But more importantly, you will know what bets to place and possibly when is the time to stop and regroup for the next time. Keep in mind that your goal is to reach 21 or to be closer to 21, unlike the dealer. Going over the number means you’ve lost the bet.

In case you don’t feel that lucky at playing Live Blackjack with bitcoin

It is completely ok to feel sometimes let down by luck. It happens to the best of us. And once you start feeling this way, it might not be a bad idea to pause playing any casino game. Luckily for you, there are a plethora of other crypto live casino games to enjoy. For your reference, we’ll name just a few to tickle your fancy.

All in all, Blackjack live is intended to be a game that provided a lot of entertainment to its players. And a chance for winning grand prizes only justifies its reputation of being among the top most popular games at crypto casinos. Add the fact that the rules are easily understood and followed, and you got yourself a perfect game to play either by yourself or your friends.

We can’t wait to hear all about the best moves you made while playing Live Blackjack. Feel free to share the story with the community in the comment section.

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