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Bitcoin Live Blackjack Online: top guide in 2022

Playing Blackjack is fun. But playing online live Blackjack is the ultimate experience as the next level of social gambling is all over the internet. On this guide page, we have listed some of the best cryptocurrency casinos games you can play at.

Where Can I Play Live Blackjack with Crypto?

Playing live Blackjack online with Bitcoin is the closest you will ever get to the actual feeling of enjoying the experience at an offline casino with cryptocurrencies. But with over 500 iGaming platforms, it’s difficult to find a legitimate site to play at. So our have listed for you some of the top-rated Bitcoin casinos where you can find them to play live Blackjack. But besides reviewing the casinos, we also want to give you a general guide on how to play Blackjack with live dealers to increase your chances of winning at any crypto gambling platforms you chose to join.

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Apart from listing casinos, we have also discussed some of the different variants of the classic casino game that you can try out. Keep reading and answers shall come to you.

How to Play Live Blackjack

Bitcoin online live casino Blackjack includes an actual blackjack table, decks of cards, and a live dealer. So, there isn’t much difference between the online version and the land-based version. In general, online live Blackjack is a game that you play against the casino dealer. However, there may be up to seven other players in one session.

In online live Blackjack, the main aim is to get a better hand without going over 21. So, the best hand is when you get the first two hands dealt-value 21. In most Bitcoin live Blackjack casinos, you will find eight standard 52 deck cards. Card numbers 2-10 are usually their face value. But the ace cards have a value of 1 or 11, while face cards are worth 10. 

So, once you have made your deposit at an online casino and selected to play live Blackjack, you can follow these easy steps;

  1. Step – Place a bet on who will win.
  2. Step – The dealer will then deal a single card face up (one card face up).
  3. Step – Then begin dealing from the dealer’s left.
  4. Step – The live casino dealer will deal another card face down to them and face up to the players.
  5. Step – Then, the full value of your card will be shown on the screen.
  6. Step  – If the total value of your hand is 21, then you have a Blackjack meaning it’s a win for you.
  7. Step – If the live Blackjack dealer doesn’t have 21, another card can be dealt.
  8. Step – If you initially had two cards of the same value, you can split the cards and have two different hands. You should note that when you split the cards, each will have its own bet that is equal to your previous bet.
  9. Step – After every player makes their move, the dealer will flip their face-down card. If the value of the dealer’s hand is over 21 or the value of your hand is closer to 21, you win the bet. But, if a ‘PUSH’ occurs (both you and the dealer have the same value), you will get your initial wager back.

As a live Blackjack player, you have numerous opportunities to increase your chances of winning. So, we have reviewed some of the basic rules, features, and hands you will encounter when playing at online live casino sites:

  • Bet Behind – This type of Blackjack bet allows you to wager on other players’ hand while waiting to take a seat at the casino table. In some of our recommended cryptocurrency casinos, these bets are unlimited.
  • Double Any 2 – this type of live dealer Blackjack rule gives you more freedom to choose since you can double down if you happen to have two cards.
  • Double 9-11 – for this rule, you are allowed to double down only when you have numbers 9, 10, or 11. So, your wager is doubled, and you can only receive one extra card.
  • Side Bets- this is one of the best opportunities available for you when playing online live Blackjack. This is because they are bets placed on specific outcomes and have huge prize offers attached to them.
  • Hit Split Aces – just as the name suggests, this live Blackjack rule usually means that you will be given one more card when you split two aces. 
  • Resplit – for this rule, you can split again if you happen to split two similar cards and still get another identical pair.
  • Surrender – going by its name, this live Blackjack rule allows you to give up your hand before it’s your turn to play. So, it means you will get half of your stake back.
  • 10 Card Charlie – this occurs when you get a hand that contains ten cards or more. But it’s very rare for this to occur. However, if it happens, you will automatically win the game or walk away with huge prizes.
man live dealer at blackjack table dealing cards to players

Different Types of Blackjack Live

The best Bitcoin casinos offer your multiple variants of live Blackjack to cater to every player’s preference at the iGaming platform. The game rules are a bit similar. So, you are still going to have an amazing live casino Blackjack experience when you play any of these eight Blackjack variants.

Classic Blackjack Table Game

Blackjack is the most popular casino game played on a live gambling platform. This classic table game has numerous variants like Pontoon, American Blackjack, and Multihand Blackjack Pro, which we have discussed in the live casino versions down below. 

Classic Blackjack is a table game with 8-52 card decks. The game has simple rules that you must follow in order to win big. But the first thing you should note is that all the eight decks should be shuffled before they are dealt. Also, the dealer does not get a hole card (face down), and they must hit on a soft 17- a hand with an ace that totals 7 or 17. If you hit Blackjack during the first round, the Bitcoin casino will payout at the odds of 3:2. NOTE: there is a minimum bet that applies on Classic Blackjack Tables, but more betting options will be available for you as the game progresses.

Speed Blackjack 

If you want to play some quick Blackjack at a seven-player seat table, then Speed Blackjack is the game for you. Just as the name suggests in live Speed Blackjack, the cards are dealt faster. So, the quickest player will be dealt the cards first. This reduces the waiting time since the slowest player will be the last to receive the cards. The rules that apply with Speed Blackjack are the same as the usual Live Dealer Blackjack. The only difference is how fast the first player deals with their cards.


Very similar to Spanish 21, Pontoon is another popular variant in Bitcoin Blackjack casinos. What makes Pontoon different from the other variants is that the player can only hit when there is a total of 15 or more, and the dealer wins all ties when they hit on soft 17.

Blackjack VIP

There isn’t much difference between the Blackjack VIP and the common Live Blackjack. But, the amount you can bet per hand in Blackjack VIP is relatively higher. So, if you are a high roller player, you can wager up to 5,000 per hand. Apart from that, as the name suggests, you will receive VIP treatment when you play at this live casino table.

Infinite Blackjack 

Developed by Evolution Gaming, Infinite Blackjack is a live casino game where you are not required to wait for a seat. This is because every gamer starts out playing using the same two cards. Also, the game is played using eight decks, and the dealer should always stand on 17. Apart from that, Infinite Blackjack has the Six Card Charlie rule and four side bets, each with a different RTP.

European Blackjack

Another popular variant is the European Blackjack. This live casino game differs from the rest because the dealer does not check for Blackjack when displaying a 10 or an Ace. Apart from that, you cannot split value cards- 4, 5, or 10. Another important difference is that the dealer should stand on soft 17 but draw on 16.

American Blackjack 

Just like the European version, American Blackjack is also popular among online gamblers. But the difference between the two versions is that for American Blackjack, you play with six decks which are reshuffled after every completed round. Also, unlike the European version, the dealer will get two cards at once-one card face down (hole card) and the other card face up.

Multihand Blackjack Pro

In Multihand Blackjack Pro, the number of hands dealt by every player can be between one and five. However, for the dealer, it’s only one hand. Like the Classic Blackjack game, the number cards in this version are valued according to their face value. But the picture cards are usually valued at 10, while ace cards can be valued at either 1 or 11.

Optimum Strategy in Blackjack 

Like any other Bitcoin casino game, online Blackjack has strategies that may come in handy when playing at a casino. In Live Blackjack, there are different strategy charts. The most common one is the Blackjack basic strategy chart or the optimal strategy. You should, however, note that this strategy guide is just the tip of the iceberg. You will need more than just mastering the chart to beat the odds of winning in a live casino Blackjack game.

The optimal strategy in Blackjack usually depends on the set rules of the game you are playing. In most cases, the different strategies usually rely on a very important rule- does the Blackjack dealer HITS or STANDS once they have a SOFT 17?

The Blackjack basic strategy chart has a specific layout with red, orange, green, and yellow boxes. If you are not a visual person, then pay attention to this next part. The Blackjack basic strategy chart uses these phrases, which may help you when playing at a live casino;

Surrenders: in online live Blackjack, you can only surrender once you are dealt the first two cards. Also, you should note that you cannot surrender if you have a hit card.

  • 16 surrenders against the dealer and 9 through Ace. Otherwise, you shouldn’t surrender but instead return to hard totals.
  • 15 surrenders against the Blackjack dealer 10. If not, don’t surrender.

Splits: as stated before, you can only split if you have two-10 valued cards. Some of the things to note are;

  • Always split the aces
  • You should never split tens
  • Always split 8s
  • Two 9’s splits against the dealer 2-9, apart from 7, if not, STAND
  • Two 7’s splits against the dealer 2-7, if not, HIT
  • Two 6’s splits against the dealer 2-9, if not, HIT
  • Two 5’s doubles against the dealer 5 & 6, if not, HIT
  • Two 4’s splits against the dealer 2-7, if not, HIT
  • Two 3’s splits against the dealer 2-7, if not, HIT
  • Two 2’s splits against dealer 2 -7, if not, HIT

Soft Totals: in layman’s language, a soft total in online Blackjack is any hand with an Ace being the initial two cards. You should also note that the Ace counts as 11;

  • A,2 doubles against the dealer 5-6. If not, HIT
  • A,3 doubles against dealer 5-6. If not, HIT
  • A,4 doubles against dealer 4-6. If not, HIT
  • A,5 doubles against dealer 4-6. If not, HIT
  • A,6 doubles against dealer 3-6. If not, HIT
  • A,7 doubles against dealer 2-6, hits against 9 through Ace. If not, HIT
  • A,8 doubles against dealer 6, if not, HIT
  • A,9 stands always

Hard Totals: in simple terms, a hard total in online live Blackjack is any hand that does not start with an Ace. It’s also described as an Ace that is already dealt and is only counted as 1 and not 11;

  • 8 always hit
  • 9 doubles against the live dealer, 3-6 if not, HIT
  • 10 doubles against the live dealer, 2-9 if not, HIT
  • 11 always doubles
  • 12 stands against the dealer, 4-6, if not, HIT
  • 13 stands against the dealer, 2-6, if not, HIT
  • 14 stands against the dealer, 2-6, if not, HIT
  • 15 stands against the dealer, 2-6, if not, HIT
  • 16 stands against the dealer, 2-6, if not, HIT
  • 17 and up, it always STANDS

Alternative casino games

Not all gamblers online prefer playing this casino game, there are other people that love more other casino table games or else other live casino games such as:


Is the Live Blackjack rigged?

No. But, most players may think that live Blackjack is rigged when they lose a game. However, all of our recommended Bitcoin live casinos are legitimate operators. In fact, whenever you play at these online live Blackjack casinos, you are either playing against the computer which randomly generates the results or an actual casino dealer. So, you can be sure of fair play whenever you play at these casinos. Apart from that, all of our recommended crypto casinos are regulated and licensed by reputable gaming commissions.

Can you count cards in Online Live Casino Blackjack?

Not really. The online live Blackjack is almost similar to the land-based version. But in live casino Blackjack, the dealer places the cut card after 80% of the cards. While in online live casino Blackjack, the card is placed after 40% of the cards. This reduces your chances of counting the cards before the dealer reshuffles them.