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Most players are constantly chasing the games that provide the highest possible payout when it comes to online casino gaming. After all, games with tremendous potential winnings can change your life for the better, in case you are that lucky. But aside from that, most users are gaming online for the thrilling experience and exciting moments that come with it. 

The beauty of online gambling is when monstrous winning opportunities and an exciting experience get mixed into a game that has it all. And without a doubt, one of these games is the newly created gaming headline Cash or Crash live. So many things make this game unique, and it will undoubtedly become the favorite one for most players soon. 

Generally, the only analog of Cash or Crash is its large wheel where a total of 28 balls are mixed, with one getting drawn each round, just like in a lottery. With each successful round that passes, the winnings of players increase until the moment comes when the progressive jackpot crashes. For now, you should know that the maximum amount you can cash out is the uncomparable 50,000x your initial bet! 

But this is not even what makes the Cash or Crash game unique. Due to its incredible design and gameplay, this is one of the casino headlines that can guarantee you constant cashouts. How is that possible? Well, the RTP percent of the game stands at 99.59%, making it the highest returning one out of all the live casino games in the industry. 

cash or crash live dealer presenting the game

Our Cash or Crash In-Depth Review 

Well, the Cash or Crash game is a newcomer to the gambling scene, so we are here not to leave a stone unturned, providing you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy the game to the fullest. Additionally, you know you can always count on our site to provide you with other in-depth guides, unbiased casino reviews, and numerous exclusive bonuses to exploit. 

We already feel the 50,000x multiplier is probably wandering around in your head, so let’s not lose more time. Let’s learn why Cash or Crash is the best new live casino game you can enjoy at the moment. 

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How to Play Cash or Crash Live? 

At first, the rules of Cash or Crash might appear a bit complicated. However, most players need just a few game rounds to understand how everything works out, especially after going through various scenarios. But you don’t need to do that. In the following lines, we will uncover everything you need to know about the game. 

We already mentioned that the Cash or Crash game is very similar to lotteries, due to how the numbers are drawn. But the main difference lies in the types of balls and the general game rules. 

Cash or Crash Types of Playing Balls 

The first thing you need to learn about this game is what types of balls are available. There are a total of three: Green, Red, and Gold. We will look out for the Golden ball later. For now, let’s focus on the other two types. 

In the container, you will find 19 Green and 8 Red balls. The rules of Cash or Crash are simple. There are 20 rounds and a progressive jackpot table that increases players’ winnings after every Green ball that is drawn. 

As the game and winnings continue to increase with every drawn Green ball, they will quickly crash down when a Red ball is drawn. In that case, the round ends, and players lose all their accumulated amount before that. In other words, you lose everything if you do not cash out before the next draw of a Red ball. 

It’s as simple as that, but the game becomes much more exciting when the Golden ball is drawn. 

Golden Ball Shield Feature

In the standard Cash or Crash game, the round ends immediately after a Red ball is drawn, losing all players the winnings they had accumulated up until that point. But when the Golden ball is drawn, a whole new array of opportunities open to the users. The feature of the Golden ball creates a shield against the Red balls. 

shield round cash or crash

In other words, after the Golden ball is drawn, players have one opportunity to slip up and even if a Red ball is drawn, the streak of the progressive jackpot won’t end. 

Instead, players will be granted the opportunity to collect their accumulated earnings, continue playing for the grandest prices, or take half of the amount and continue with the other half. This gives you an excellent freedom of choice, allowing you to bank some winnings much more consistently, especially when compared to other casino games. 

Cash or Crash Live Multipliers and Payouts 

You already know that your winnings in this game will increase after every round, which is highly likely, considering the Green balls are more than two times higher than the Red balls. 

With that in mind, let’s check out just how much your winnings increase over the course of the game. One thing to remember is that the following multipliers increase immediately after the Golden ball is drawn. 

Round NumberStandard Multipliers Multipliers After Broken Shield

As you can see, with each passing round, the winnings become more and more significant. But around the 5th round, you already multiply your bet almost four times. Considering the high chance of this happening, we can say there isn’t another game quite like Cash or Crash at the moment. 

Available Previous Game Statistics 

The only thing we found out as standard in Cash or Crash is that there are available statistics of how the previous rounds went. By using the power of the recurring trends, you can make solid predictions about how the future game rounds can potentially turn out. 

Of course, this will all be based on pure chance, and it can’t be used as solid evidence that something, in particular, might happen. Still, it’s a beneficial tool, especially in games of chance like these. 

As you can see, aside from the information where the previous rounds ended, you can also check out if the shield feature is activated. 

smily live dealer presents cash or crash

Diving Deeper Into the RTP of the Cash or Crash Game 

With an RTP of 99.59%, Cash or Crash is undoubtedly the highest returning live casino game in the industry. However, before you explore this headline, you should know that its RTP fluctuates depending on the size of your bets. Although the max multiplier of the game is set up at 50,000x, you can only win up to $500,000. 

So, if you are betting with more than $50 per round, you will experience a bit lower RTP because your winnings are capped at $500,000, even if you reach the final round. Still, if you are a player who likes to cash out constantly, this won’t be too much of an issue. 

Enjoying Cash or Crash with Cryptocurrencies

This headline from Evolution Gaming is very new, which is why the game is available mainly in the various reputable crypto casinos. This provides players with fantastic opportunities to use the best crypto platforms in the industry and gamble with digital currencies like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more! 

Best Cash or Crash Crypto Sites to Play at

As an established platform in the crypto gambling industry, we have established excellent connections with some of the best gaming platforms over the years. Because of that, you can always find exclusive offers that are not available anywhere else on our site. 

This will allow you to get your hands on enormous bonus funds, even without investing too much. After all, there isn’t anything quite like playing with the casino’s money, right? 

Cash or Crash Biggest Wins

It’s one thing talking in theory about the biggest multipliers in a game like Cash or Crash. However, it’s a different story once you experience the thrill and hopefully monstrous profits that come with a one truly successful round at this new exciting game. So let’s check out some examples of that and breathe inspiration into your imagination. 

winning round at cash or crash

As you can see, one player was able to bank $2,000 in a few minutes from a bet of just $250. That’s undoubtedly a great profit, but there was quite a bit of disappointment in the user as he cashed out too early. 

Make sure you are securing yourself profits on the way. Keep it fun.

If he were to stick around to the 11th round, he would have gotten $9,000! But that’s a hypothetical situation as you can never be sure when the Red ball will come and demolish all your accumulated earnings. So, just like the case with this player, sometimes it’s better to bank on your profit and move on. 

mega win cash or crash

But with the Cash or Crash game, winnings like these are just the iceberg’s peak. If you have the nerves to stick around as the multipliers become more significant, you may achieve incredible wins, even with relatively low bets. 

This was the case with one player who had nerves of steel, and even when taking half of his winnings on a few occasions, he still ended up with a fantastic profit. 

And that was a fantastic win of over 34,000€, from a bet of just 250. If this is not a tremendous return, we don’t know what it will be. As you can see, this particular game ended in round 15 out of 20, so with a little bit more luck, this player could have banked more than 100,000. 

cash or crash game live

Not bad for a few minutes of playing time, huh? But aside from the winnings, one of the best things about the game of Cash or Crash is the thrilling experience players get, especially when we get into the latest rounds where the potential profits get sky-high. 

Keep in mind that in the long run, the casino game will eventually make you a loser. As these games are created to make the casino platform win. Even if the RTP is up to 99.59%. There is still no positive expected value, so if you keep betting for thousands of times you should expect to have less than you started (example of 100$ in the end you will have 99.59$).

Is it Worth play in Cash or Crash Live? 

Evolution Gaming created one of the most profitable live casino games ever. Cash or Crash combines everything you might look for in a casino game. Its rules are simple, the potential winnings are monstrous, and the pressure increases on the higher rounds, making the game exceptionally exciting. 

And on top of that, players can constantly cash out their winnings after every round, if they prefer. This creates a game that has a balance between the chance of taking down significant amounts while at the same time providing users with constant profits. 

If you have any questions about the game or want to share a new success story with it, do not hesitate to contact us through the comments section. Our team awaits your input! 


Is Cash or Crash rigged?

Cash or Crash comes from Evolution Gaming, the best live casino game provider in the world. Thus, this particular gaming headline can’t be rigged.

What are the max and min bets? 

The maximum bet at Cash or Crash is $25,000, while the minimum goes as low as $0.20.

What is the best strategy to win at Cash or Crash?

One of the best strategies you can implement on Cash or Crash is to take half the amount of your winnings when your bet is covered and aim to take a more significant amount on the way up.

What are the Cash or Crash odds?

The unique thing about the Cash or Crash game is that your winnings can range from as low as 1.2x to up to 50,000x.

What is the Cash or Crash RTP?

The Cash or Crash RTP stands at 99.59%, the highest in the gambling industry.

Where can I find Cash or Crash live stream? 

You don’t have to spend time looking for a stream like that. We have researched it for you so that you can check an available stream directly here on our page.
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