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Cash or Crash Stay in If You Dare

You are going to learn the tips and tricks about this game, also BIG wins, and with lots of information. While you keep reading, will provide you information on how to play, how to win, and detailed descriptions of the other games which can be seen at the bottom of the page. Playing live games may take a bit of learning but the experience can turn very profitable and fun.  When you need to win, the best thing to do is to come prepared by that I mean, I know as much about the game that you are going to play, whether the game is a slot machine online, or classic table games, or any other casino game.

cash or crash live dealer presenting the game

Where to play and enjoy this new live casino game

There is a large list of live casino games here. You have to know that Evolution is the creator of Cash or crash and tons of casinos are on the list to play this game. These are the reviews that players usually want – it is full of information and helpful bonuses to go along with it on the list. You are looking for a player giving you reviews about the game and that is exactly what is required for you as well, to help you find out, what you will be needing further.

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BIG Wins on Cash or Crash 

The big wins found are great, also the way you can take half of the total money and keep continuing seems exciting to me, and I am sure for you as well. The way to reach that high is to bet an amount and when you get to a large offer to win, then, you can take half of it and continue to move up, but it is totally based on no reds showing up.

I would say the best rounds in the entire game would be the time where you get the yellow shield, with the yellow ball, it is simply the best. The reason they are cool and amazing rounds is that you are still able to get hit with 1 red ball and continue. Of course, you can miss two in a row, but the tip I just gave you should help you pick whether you are going to start winning a huge bet or not.

So just keep in the green, avoid red and get a shield of yellow, so you can maintain a big win and that is the way it works, also if you are a high number up and want to just get some cash back, you can take half or even full, it is your choice at cash or crash live game.

smily live dealer presents cash or crash

How to play

There are 3 options while playing Cash or Crash, which are to:

  • continue with the current win amount,
  • collect half of the win amount
  • keep playing or just collect all.

The way to play this game is with some intuition and luck to get the balls to come out, the style of playing is different and will be a good outcome eventually.

The tip from us about this game would be that you should try to take big halves sometimes because then you can keep playing and keep some winnings to afford future bets. Also, adding to this point, when you hit the golf ball, you can hit 1 red ball without losing. So, best of luck to you on this great Evolution game.

There are 19 green balls, 8 red balls, and 1 yellow to play in this game. It is called the gold ball increase payout which is amazing. The fun part is, with so many green balls you have some money going back to your account rather than losing but 1 red means, you are out of the game, and don’t forget that.

What is the RTP and what are the multipliers?

The RTP is the return to the player, firstly the RTP is 99.59%. This is the highest one I believe I have ever seen and this is such a great news for the gamblers which means more money. The bet is up to 50x times the bet which you made in the first place. This game is from Evolution, the highest bet is 1000 to play and the lowest is 0.10 which is the minimum amount to get started. There is also a live dealer, which you can chat with while playing Cash or Crash and interact with them for more fun!

Interesting Bit for Cash or Crash

An interesting part of the information about this game is the review you have read so far, and the important aspect of this game is betting with small bets, then getting it to half – taking half and continuing, can make you a ton of money. That is one way to earn extra on this Evolution game, you could try high bets for faster cash but make sure to win and be safe for not losing all your bankroll in the game.

Keep in mind that in the long run, the casino game will eventually make you a loser. As these games are created to make the casino platform win. Even if the RTP is up to 99.59%. There is still no positive expected value, so if you keep betting for thousands of times you should expect to have less than you started (example of 100$ in the end you will have 99.59$).

I think laying a $20 or $10 bet is a good start, some players may not be able to do this but there is nothing wrong about starting shorter either. With big bets like $20 and $10 you have a chance to win $1,000 to $500 and those are great prizes to get, but not easy to get in many places.

Wish you the best of luck in choosing any strategy!

cash or crash game live

Why Live Game Shows are Better

In my opinion, live game shows are better than the traditional slots as they are more of a face-to-face interaction rather than just staying glued to a game board. More chat, more fun because you could joke, just remember don’t be rude, as this could cause you to get banned. Also, there are gamblers that think that it could be good luck with certain dealers and game show hosts, well maybe there is, that is a way you can win.

Another way to win is to get a deposit bonus for your casino that you decide to play on, and, that way you can have more money to play with. You don’t have to worry about your cash, just going away as fast, and honestly, for me, it’s more relaxing when I am playing like this – because it did not limit to what I deposited, in fact, it’s MORE!

Strategy and Gambling Tip for Cash or Crash

Gambling for money is what many of us want but we don’t realize that a proper plan can help to win, well, at least not for all of us. Let me tell you, I would leave the game or at least cash out some after I doubled up. The best part of this is taking half out of double up, you can always redeposit if you lose but the chances of gaining extra money is possible.

Make sure you are securing yourself profits on the way. Keep it fun.

One more tip on winning more is that don’t be too greedy when playing, it could leave you with nothing. After I win a big amount sometimes, I go up in my bets meaning higher bets, which could leave you to a quickly lost bankroll.

One last tip, make a strategy that works with your plan as well. You can always follow ours, but in the end, find what works for you.

Other Live Games to Check Out

  • Live Monopoly:  The game show Live Monopoly has different bets 1 bet, 2 bet , 5 bet, 10 bet, and 4, and 2 different types of bonus round. One bonus round you get 2 rolls and the other 4 rolls. This game show host game I always bet 1 on all because you only lose $5 a bet and have a chance for everything else. That is my bet though, which is $1 a bet.
  • Crazy Time with crypto: This game host wheel spinning game had 4 kinds of bonuses one is Coin Flip, Crazy Time, Pachinko and Cash Hunt. The games mentioned are all different types. Cash hunt is a multiplier with 108 random numbers. The Coin Flip you get a multiplier and that is what x your bet it will be to win,  for example $1 bet 10 x multiplier would be $10 and $50 bet for 10 x would be a $500 win.
  • Dream Catcher: To place the bet on Dream Catcher you can have all 6 options or any of the 60 of options that you would like. The first bet 1 which pays you 1 x your bet, 2 the same 2 x your bet, 5x your bet,10x your bet,20x your bet, 40x your bet.
    These bets you don’t have to pick each one you can pick one, two or 3 or even 6. Suggest you use a bankroll and try to hit 5 and 10 and 20 if any of those hit you will have a win on your side over the amount of what you bet. There is also a bonus to get 7x or a 2x bet while you play which can really ramp the wins, on profit.
  • Deal or no Deal:  Deal or no deal is a game hosted live game, you must get past the first part where you get all the gold to the pointer. Then you can pay your bet amount to make the amounts in what you win higher by betting a bet for each roll. Highly suggested by me. Then you can see how much you are going to win when the cases are opened. I often do decently at this game, just do a bet to multiply prizes on the numbers you feel are right and you will be winning cash if your big numbers are picked first.
  • Lightning Baccarat: Lightning Baccarat is basically regular baccarat but with a twist there are certain cards that come out and they can give you a multiplier if you hit one of them in your hand. You can bet a tie, but you are not able to bet both red and blue, I didn’t know that at first either, so now we both know. The multipliers do good but remember it multiplies you so low bet means low earnings.
  • Lightning Dice: In this game called Lightning Dice you get to guess what the dice number will be, and when you win you do. Like Lightning Baccarat there is a multiplier which is awesome. This game to me seems fun, but I would want to play too often. Playing this game has good chances, but nothing is 100%.
  • Mega Ball 100x: To play this game show, you must only have to buy a card. There are 200 cards available at one time, no more than is max. The card numbers are generated randomly. The purpose of this is to get lines as you get that you win something back. The amount that you bet matters you will get the money back at 1 amount you get that amount by more. The last ball is the Mega Ball 15 x multiplier which would times your bet times 15 up to 100x.

    That last ball out if you make the number to make a line makes it win the multiplier on the Mega Ball. This interesting game is a bingo-type game with cards, but no bingo hall is going to let you get 100x I don’t think on the last ball. Take time to play and enjoy this live game.
  • Live Craps: This game is Live Craps for the computer to play, but the different thing about this is it’s live. No more wondering if you can play fairly, this is ultimately the fairest. The reason I state this is you see the game rather than get out. Live Craps rules are the same rules as Craps. The table is good just to know the wins you can win look at the table.
  • Live Baccarat: Live Baccarat is the game where you pick the player, banker, and the amount you want to be on that. The highest number in the end is the winner. It is hard to suggest how to play this, but you can either use odds seeing what has come out or you can stick to player or bank. Make sure you are comfortable and can win a good amount. That is my tip to you when playing this form of Baccarat.
  • Live Roulette: Roulette is a game I am good at. Often I just bet on red or black, but there are two green bets too because that will let you win big when it is not red or black. Also betting on numbers and around numbers works out because if you hit the ones in the middle or the numbers itself you will win a multiplier of your bet, by picking that placement on the Roulette table.
  • Live Blackjack: Live Blackjack you can play, and this game will be the same as Blackjack, but you are going to see why that is fun, because you won’t be on a  machine blackjack because when people play that and say that it is rigged. Live can’t be rigged so you will have a chance to play more and win more, if that is what you believe.
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