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Figuring out a new game can be hard, some things are not easy to get any kind of bet win. In most Live Craps Online, the player gets to have a staff at the casino roll the dice, the next is another to control the stick. To bet on this game you bet an amount you are comfortable on the numbers or exact way dice rolls, the way this happens is cool but if the wrong number hits you can lose rather big money in a short period of time. When working and then playing at a casino just remember don’t take your mortgage cash into a Live Craps because then you can lose and it’s called craps out.

How To Win Live Craps

Here I will explain the exact rules, they are when the dice roller hits 2 or 3 or 7 or 11 or 12 the round is over. However, if you are able to make it to the next betting round then a 4 or 5 or 6 or 8 or 9 or 10 you will get another dice roll until the number 7 comes to hit. I wish you the best of luck in the Live Craps dice rolls.

I have played this game once but only took a part in the double bet area that pays well… but I lost so it didn’t work for me. I often try casino games that are new to me, this is because then I will be having fun not trying to hit the lottery just because I wanted to have gambled with real money.

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Place to Play Live Craps

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Bitcoin craps are just like playing for BTC or Bitcoin the same thing, it’s a form of money and if you would like to do this you can check out review. This online casino is not only the Bitcoin live they let you play and see what you are doing, with this and how much Bitcoin you are earning in the top bar. There are not many people who would go along and want to use this. Although there is a very large crypto world that loves to do this because they either trade or mine in Bitcoin.

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Getting a Bonus At Live Craps

The bonus you can get is possibly by sign up reward or playing bonus if where you are playing has either of those options. Just make sure to bet small and work it up that is the way to go. Another way to win is to bet on the numbers that are not the out numbers shown above and you will be having a wonderful time playing at the casino. Just check out for the best online craps for real money.

smiling Dealer live craps and green betting table
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Online Live Craps

The game Live Craps online is a game where you get a chance to go multiple chances to win if you don’t run into a bad roll in the middle of a session which could have paid you well. There are however if you lose a 1 time bet you have to place a new one to continue paying.

You can achieve money in the short term even money for a long time in the good but overall the casino will beat you so make sure not to take the rent money to the Online Live Craps, which is because without internet you won’t even be able to get an email off, much less try to gamble more.

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Craps Live Winnings

This guy is winning after winning here:

You can see in a small number of bets, you can win a good amount of cash that helps make the game more fun also doubling their bankroll is what they are doing. There is what is really nice so check it out, maybe you can double up as well. This video also shows many ways of how to play and a bit more into play tables for the craps, the reason is if you don’t understand how to play.

If still confused or need answers you can whisper the support or the dealer if he would answer for that.

Just remember in the long run the casino wins but in the short term you can gamble for fun, knowing this helps you not lose a ton of cash you could be using on something else.

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How to Play Live Craps

To play craps has been explained above but this is the number list the picture that shows you to know what would you win on certain bets, I again will be explaining furthermore on the bet types in just a minute and for now. The game is shown what single bets you can make in the hope of a large crypto balance or cash whichever you play.

Game Features of Live Craps

The game features are multiple games wins, without having to put more money down or single bets that can reach to winning as well. Playing Live Craps you should expect to lose in the long run but for quick wins, you can hit that even a whole night of wins. What do you think would happen if you could win every money in the casino to win all games, there wouldn’t be a casino that is why the house edge always make sure you lose in the end, but from me, I wish you the best of luck in this game and any other games to decide to play while you are at the casino.

Live Craps betting table

Bet Types

Here I am going to explain each of the types of bets that go along with the dice rolls that you will get in Live Craps so here is that information:

  • Pass Line is a 1 to 1 payout if the number 7 or 11 hits on the first turn which is called Come Out roll next turn as well. Simple yet sweet a 1 to 1 bet is very nice if you are able to place a bet on that and win large.
  • Don’t Pass 2 or 3 or 7 is 1 to 1 and at this point you are getting 1:1 but have a new bet where you are choosing, good luck friends.
  • Come bet is 7 or 11 come point if this happens and you get to continue to be playing as well.
  • Don’t come bet is when 2 or 3 or 7 after the first roll. Pays 1 to 1.
  • Take Odds bet is when bet has no house age here the odds are 2:1 these numbers that need to hit for that is 1 points of 4 10 3 2 5 9 6 to 5 to 6 and 8.
  • Lay Odds is from point is 4 or 9 5 or 9 5 or 6.
  • Place To Win place 4 to win place 9:5 5 to win 7:5and place 6 to win pays 7:6
  • Places to lose Don’t pass or Don’t come bet 976 to 949 pays out 1:1.
  • Hard Ways 6 or 8 has a house edge of 10 to 1 9 to 1 9.09% House Edge Hard 4 to 10 at or 1 7 or 1 11.1% house edge.

One Roll Bet and Payout

One Roll Bets are here for you as well as payout here we go:

  • Field bet 3 or 4 or 9 or 10 and 11 1 to 1 payout 5.5%  house edge
  • Field bet 2 to 12 payout 2 to 1 5.5% house edge
  • Seven 5 to 1 4 to 1 16.9% house edge
  • Craps 8 to 1 7 to 1 11.1% house edge
  • Craps 2 35:1 payout 30 to 1 house edge 13.9%
  • Craps 3 17 to 1 payout 15 to 1 11.1% house edge
  • Craps 12 35 to 1 payout 30 to 1 has a house edge of 13.9%
  • Eleven is on next roll pays 15  to 1
  • C – E 2 3 12 and 11 pays out C 3 to 1 E 7 11 to 1.
Live Craps Green Table
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Craps Strategies for Live Craps

My strategy for this game would be betting the come line, then also putting bets on doubling and when winning enough. Then I would move up to place more money on the come and numbers and hope I wouldn’t get hit by a 7 on the board which is where all players lose their bets. This is my own strategy I hope you enjoy it, I will as well. Also if you are playing casino games like this it can get very exciting don’t go too crazy or you might end the fun being broke, good luck to all you gamblers out there.

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Other Games Similar To Live Craps

There are many other games to play and it is helping to understand the other games as well as the fun to have with them. This kind of fun can make it a happy time to gamble all around and just hit, although when you cannot just sitting at one machine where you could lose. Anyway here is the next games you could be playing right now at an online casino:

  • Lightning Dice: Lightning dice is a rolling game where you predict the number that comes out and if you do you are able to win, if you dice is matched to the number of a roll you then win the Lightning Dice number. This game is cool and fun to play and is part of Evolution gaming.
  • Lightning Roulette: Lightning Roulette is basically regular Roulette but if your number becomes a lightning number it will pay you what it shows on the field for the game. But if it doesn’t and you are still on a number that pays that works too, best of luck in this lightning fast casino game.
  • Lightning Baccarat: This game known as Lightning Baccarat there are numbers come out with cards just like normal and when you hit your card with the same. This so being the number to win or in your hand with a winning hand then you win a bonus predetermined showing where you can see when looking at the screen where you are playing Lightning Dice.
  • Mega Ball 100x: How to play this game is simple as buying the amount of cards you want to have with you, and then you win money by the rows filling is the more you do that to rows. The way to get good is when you spin the wheel from 5 x to 100 x your winning bet will be paid, so now you know how to play Mega Ball 100x.
  • Live Baccarat: Live baccarat is just a way to play baccarat if you think that computerized is cheating and even some think live baccarat is cheating, you can see all of the game and know the cards are coming down right from hand and realize it is not cheating. If you think that it’s cheating be smart and don’t play a cheating game, although is not.
  • Live Roulette: Live roulette shows you the wheel and the ball dropped and this is something like Live Baccarat. Through the dealer you are going to see the game played out so there is no point in thinking of faking the ball stalling or even cheating in any way, because the casino doesn’t have to cheat to win they have house edge.
  • Live Blackjack: Live Blackjack is a game based and total rule agreed to the regular Blackjack and allows you to have fun watching a real dealer. The dealer the cards it can be fun and exciting just win good and have fun lose some and skip out that’s what I would do if I was playing this so take that tip from me.
  • Super Sic Bo: First of this game is betting throwing dice or a live dealer throwing them and after roll you either lose or win the winnings that are provided for you by your gambling. To play you predict the dice roll number and see what kind of bet you want and how you will win, enjoy and good luck.