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The Magic of the Classic Craps Game enhanced by Crypto

When it comes to famous live dealer casino games, Craps is among the most popular games. After all, this has been the main standout game in most gambling houses, widely portrayed in numerous movies, advertisements, music clips, and almost everything you could think of. 

That’s understandable, considering the electric atmosphere that always looms over the Craps table. Players are shouting loudly, holding significant amounts of money, while all eyes are on the dealer when he throws the two dice. 

For many years, going to a land-based casino has always been best if you truly want to experience the magic of Craps. However, that’s not necessary anymore as the pioneer of live casino games – Evolution Gaming, has created the perfect Craps game everyone can enjoy from the comfort of its home.

The Introduction of Live Craps with Bitcoin

As more and more players can now enjoy the exciting game of live Craps, the headline has been steadily growing in popularity. However, there is a significant problem. Most beginner users don’t understand the game rules well enough, and it’s tough to pick up on them, considering the lightning-fast gameplay. 

At their core, the rules are pretty simple once you get the hang of them. Once that happens, numerous opportunities will uncover in front of you, genuinely showing you just how incredible of a game Craps is. For you to do that, we will explain everything about crypto craps in the following lines. 

But why bother learning the rules of a game like Craps? Well, with an RTP of 99.17%, this is one of the industry’s theoretically highest returning casino games. 

smiling Dealer live craps and green betting table

And if you add a decent strategy to the mix, Bitcoin Craps can prove to be one of the most profitable games you have ever tried, especially if you exploit one of the exclusive bonus offers provided by us from some of the best Ethereum casino sites

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How to Play Live Craps? 

Most beginner players are scared once they see the live Craps game in action. The quick pace and flying bets left, and right are not something you can get accustomed to in a few minutes. 

Live Craps betting table

But don’t worry. Once you go through the simple rules, you can begin enjoying the game to the fullest. To start, we need first to review the two types of stages in live Craps with bitcoin.

The Come Out Roll

You can think of the come-out roll as the first roll in a game of casino Bitcoin Craps with live dealer. The main objective of this throw is to determine a point number so the game can move on to the next stage. The possible point numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. However, this is also the unique roll where you can try and snatch some profit before the real action begins. 

There are only two available bets on this phase of the game: the Pass Line and Don’t Pass. The two bets are straightforward, and they pay 2x your initial bet. You will win with the Pass Line bet if the numbers 7 or 11 come up. 

With the Don’t Pass bet, you will lose if 7 or 11 are one of the numbers. The winning scenario is if 2 or 3 are one of the thrown numbers. In case the thrown number is 12, your bet will be voided. Once a point number is rolled, we can move to the next live Craps stage. 

The Point Roll

After a chosen point number exists, you should look for that particular number and obviously the other crucial number, 7. If you want to play a fundamental strategy, you can just bet on Pass Line or Don’t Pass and get winnings at even odds. 

But to make your game a bit more exciting, you can consider placing additional bets on the individual numbers from 4 to 10. This will provide you with significant winning opportunities without too much risk, especially if you double bet the point number and win from it. 

Roll Number History

When it comes to live Craps online and many other casino games, most players actively use all the available information to make their predictions and wagers. That’s why it’s great that the live Craps game has a roll number history that every player can immediately access

latest result craps game

With just a glance, you can see all the information that concerns you, which might help you make the correct prediction that can potentially bring you some significant funds. 

The Exceptional My Numbers Feature

Even if you got the hang of the essential Evolution live Craps rules, you might still struggle to calculate how much you can win. That’s relevant, especially if you place both one-roll bets on individual numbers and multi-roll numbers like the Pass Line. 

However, Evolution Gaming had thought of that, which is why they added an exceptional feature that shows you all the betting options you had covered and potential payouts for each selection. Even as a beginner, you can play live Craps online like a pro, starting today! 

history of results craps

Live Craps RTP

One of the main benefits of the live Craps game is its higher RTP percent. With a value of 99.17%, live Craps should be one of the games that players should expect to pay relatively well in the long run. 

With such a high RTP percent, you can easily enjoy the game even with a shallow bankroll while still providing good enough winning opportunities. 

Ride the Crypto Wave and Bet Live Craps

Many players underestimate this fact, but the live Craps headline must be primarily available on some of the best crypto casino sites

This will allow you to fully engage with the game while holding some of the digital coins with tremendous potential, like Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. So no matter the player you are, this can also be considered an excellent investment. 

Best Bitcoin Craps with Live Dealer Sites to Play at

One thing that makes live Craps suitable for new thrill-chasers is that you don’t need a significant bankroll to try and bank the biggest profits that the game has to offer. However, that’s if you want to play basic strategy and rely heavily on luck. 

To be profitable with live Craps, you need to prepare a better strategy and a deeper bankroll to complement it. But if you are hesitant to deposit some serious funds before you are thoroughly familiar with the game’s rules, there is a more pleasant path you can take. 

Our site is one of the leaders in the crypto gambling space, which is why we have established connections with many of the leading gaming sites in the industry. As such, we provide our readers with unbiased reviews of the grandest platforms and exclusive bonuses that can quickly kickstart their gaming experience with games like bitcoin Craps. 

How Much Can You Win With Live Craps Online USA? 

Live Craps online is not like most casino games where you can expect to bank in enormous winnings in just a few minutes. Quite frankly, the biggest win you can make from the live Craps game stands at 30x. Without a doubt, that’s by no means terrible, but compared to other casino games, it’s indeed on the lower side. 

But as the game has a very high RTP, its potential winnings cannot be underestimated, and we will give a true example of why this is the case. 

Live Dealer Craps smiling

You can check out a player that started a live Craps game with a decent bankroll of close to 1,700. After a few hours of playing through a large array of decisions, implementing proper strategy, and some luck, this particular player had completely crushed the game, while having fun while at it! 

table of Craps game casino

As you can see, after just a few hours of playing, his whole bankroll skyrocketed more than 10x, and that’s not so unusual, considering how the player was constantly banking excellent winnings by covering most of the betting options on the table. 

Although you might not consistently be winning, as long as you are calm, collected, and follow a decent strategy, you will have a good chance of achieving great results with the game of Bitcoin Live Craps. 

Is Live Craps a Game Worth Playing? 

Live Craps is one of the games every player should try at least a few times. Evolution Gaming has done a tremendous job in providing players with the electric atmosphere of the actual Craps game, immersing them in an outstanding experience in the comfort of their home. 

The good thing about live Craps is that the game has a very high RTP percent, and in theory, you will get most of your bets back in the long run. However, as you saw in the example above, once you gain some experience and better understand the rules of Crypto Craps with live dealer, you can develop your winning strategy. 

Live Craps Green Table

With the many available betting options in the game, this won’t be too challenging, and the process of creating a winning system like that creates another layer filled with excitement and thrilling emotions. If you have any questions about the live Craps game or want to exchange some tips with other game lovers, we strongly encourage you to engage with our comments section. 


What are the odds of online Bitcoin Craps?

The online Craps odds go up to an RTP of 99.17%, making the game one of the highest returning options in the gambling industry.

What are the max and min bets? 

The minimum bet in live Craps is $0.50, while the maximum is $5,000.

What is the best strategy to win at Crypto Craps online?

One of the best strategies you can try to execute in live Craps online is covering most of the table, profiting off of the one-roll number bet on individual numbers.

Can you play Craps gambling game with cryptocurrencies? 

Of course! Almost all of the reliable crypto gambling sites we present on our platform have the live Craps game available in their lobbies. Especially those that have integration with Evolution’s games.
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