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If you want to play one of the most exciting, versatile, and entertaining games the online environment has to offer, look no further than Crazy Time Live – a game that is bound to make your after-work nights fun and fulfilled. As a game that is full of bonus games and multipliers, Crazy Time Live Game can help you have a great time while you could get very lucky and hit a massive multiplier.

Just place your bet on the slots available and wait to see whether you will be the lucky winner. If you are wondering where to play Crazy Time Live, don’t hesitate to resort to one of the casinos featured by us. You’ll get access to reliable casinos that offer bonuses, multipliers, and endless entertainment.

How to play Crazy Time Live

If you have ever seen what the Crazy Time game looks like, then you have noticed that it revolves around a 54-segment vertical wheel. The wheel is then spun by a lovely presenter, and everyone is allowed to watch while the wheel spins, wondering where it will land. The objective of the game is simple enough – you have to successfully predict the segment where the wheel is going to stop.

With many multipliers and bonus games, Crazy Time Live is your chance to win BIG – crazy big. Perhaps that’s what makes the Crazy Time casino game one of the most exciting live games around.

The basic rules of Crazy Time Live

Don’t fret if you have never played or even seen what this online game looks like. Everyone can learn Crazy Time rules as they are rather straightforward. For starters, know that you have four number segments bet stops – 1, 2, 5, and 10. Keep in mind that you also have four bonus game bet slots at your disposal – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and, coincidentally or not, Crazy Time.

betting options crazy time

To win big time, all you have to do is bet on one of the available bet spots and wait to see where the wheel will stop. Simple, right?

But that’s hardly where all the fun ends with this game. Those watching a Crazy Time live stream will be able to notice a two-reel Top Slot mini-game that will commence as soon as the presenter spins the wheel. With the betting time over and the wheel on its way to make someone very happy, the Top Slot will do its magic – it will assign a multiplier to one random bet spot.

Now, if you are wondering how to win in Crazy Time, we suggest you hope and pray for the bet spot and the multiplier to align on a horizontal line in the middle of a Top Slot, and then hope that you were able to guess the winning segment. If you win with a multiplier assigned to your slot, well, we would love to be in your shoes – a nice payout will be on its way.

top slot crazy time

Unique game features

The numerous multipliers that significantly increase your cash payout are the most striking feature of Crazy Time Live. Many casino games offer multipliers and bonuses, but with its number of bonus games and multipliers within those games, Crazy Time definitely leads the way.

Besides, the addition of a presenter who will guide you through the game is what gives it that dose of reality. It’s almost as if the gigantic wheel was standing in front of you, right there in your living room, favorite cocktail bar, or your corporate office, as you can play Crazy Time Live no matter your location. Hey, the fun doesn’t have to stop regardless of where you are – the world is your oyster.

Alluring bonus games that await

Every live casino game has some features that the players are particularly fond of. When it comes to Crazy Time Live Game, we have no doubt that those special features are all the Bonus Games. Once a wheel stops on a Bonus Game segment, the players will have a chance to participate in:

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus game consists of a wall that has 108 random multipliers. Your job is to try and predict which spot has the highest valued multiplier, aim the cannon, and shoot – and all of this will be happening during the countdown. We suggest you act quickly and make sure that your time doesn’t run out.


This is yet another bonus game that features a wall with exciting multipliers. However, it significantly differs from the Cash Hunt game as it contains 16 random multipliers at the landing zone and a puck drop zone at the top. All you have to do is watch as the puck is dropped through different zones and see when it lands on your lucky multiplier.

Pachinco bonus game in Crazy time with live dealer

Coin Flip

We’ve all played this one before. But when playing Crazy Time Live, you can actually win big if you get it right. Both sides will be awarded a multiplier, after which the multipliers are revealed, the coin gets flipped, and you wait to see just how lucky you were.

Coin Flip Bonus game in Crazy Time live with dealer presenting

Crazy Time

A gigantic 64-segment wheel with three flappers is going to be filled with enormous bonus multipliers. You’ll have a time slot during which you have to decide whether you want to choose a green, yellow, or blue flapper. Avoid prolonging your decision, as you will automatically be awarded a flapper if the time runs out. Bear in mind that the Crazy Time game can bring you huge cash rewards as the flapper can stop at a double or triple segment on the wheel. That means that multiplier values will be doubled and tripled – how’s that for a prize?

Crazy Time wheel with all the multipliers

Crazy Time odds and return-to-player

The average of the whole game RTP is 96.8% that Crazy Time Live has when it comes to return-to-player or RTP. Now, keep in mind that the RTP will depend on the segment on which you bet. For your reference, the RTP percentages for different betting option are as follows:

Betting OptionRTP (%)
Cash Hunt95.27%
Coin Flip 95.70%
Crazy Time94.41%
Keep in mind that betting on different options at the same time could change drastically your RTP

If you want to play it somewhat safe and increase your odds of winning, it would be best to go for a bet with the highest probability of winning. On the other hand, they say that to win big, you need to risk big, and that same saying can apply here. If you take a risk and invest in a bet with a low probability of winning, you can walk away with a significant cash prize. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to go.

  • #1 – 20/54: The 1 which is the easiest symbol is drawn 37% of the Spins. 
  • #2 – 14/54: 25.92% of the Spins. Nearly one in 4 hits result in 2 in the long run. 
  • #5 – 7/54: 12.96% of the Spins 
  • #10 – 4/54: 7.4% of the Spins 
  • Coin Flip – 4/54: the least paying Bonus game has 7.4% of the Spins as a chance to exit
  • Pachinko – 2/54: 3.7% of the Spins 
  • Cash Hunt – 2/54: 3.7% of the Spins 
  • Crazy Time – 1/54: the highest-paying Bonus game has a 1.85% chance of spinning. 

Best Crazy Time Sites with Crypto

You have landed on just the right place if you have been trying to find the best place for playing this fun and interactive casino game. Crypto Gambling sites offers a rich selection of trustworthy online casinos that will make the experience of playing this game fun and rather special. All of them offer exclusive bonuses, giving you a chance to browse through our rich offer of crypto casinos in the search for the most enticing bonuses and opportunities.

Most importantly, all of these websites are reliable and safe. After all, you shouldn’t place a bet in a place that isn’t 100% verified and secure. With the following online casinos, you won’t have such worries.

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Crazy big winnings and rewards

Crazy Time Live is a game that is filled with special features. But the fact that you can win up to $500,000 is what seems to be one of its most striking characteristics. As a player of the game, you can watch it unfold, and you might even see someone win crazy big amounts of money. But only if you have placed a bet on the corresponding bet spot can you participate and win.

Knowing how much money is at stake, you will probably be trying to find the best Crazy Time betting strategy – and we don’t blame you. After all, it’s incredible to think how much you will be able to achieve with $500,000 in your pocket. That brand-new Lambo won’t be a dream anymore – it will be a staple piece of your garage. Many people have reported that the best strategy for winning at Crazy Time is betting on all four bonus fields with your initial bet. Try it and see whether it works for you.

And while it’s all fun and games while you are winning or playing it safe, you should always stop if you feel like the situation is getting out of hand. The goal is for you to leave richer, not poorer. So once your lucky streak ends, it would be best to disconnect and give it another shot the next day.

Betting Strategy 

Considering the volatility of the game, the best strategy, usually implemented by those that play the game regularly, is to spread out their bets all over the board, ensuring small winnings in most rounds, rather than betting big and losing big. This is the best strategy for short/medium term play time, as in the long term the casino, just like in any other game, usually has the upper hand. 

Plus, betting on the bonus rounds is key to be able to access them. If you keep on betting with high volume bets you could lose your balance before accessing those rounds. Bet small on all the bonus rounds and a small/medium bet on the most frequent number (usually 2).

Basically, having a reserved and low volatility approach to the game will, more often than not, result in small but regular winnings. 

To sum up

Crazy Time Live is an online casino game that can truly make you rich overnight – but only if you are one of the lucky few. In essence, luck is the determining factor when it comes to how successful you will be at this game. If the wheel stops on your betting spot that is enriched with multipliers, well, let’s just say that your life is about to get a whole lot better.

If you feel like trying other casino game shows, have a look at the following pages and guides:

Feel free to leave any comments and share your stories with Crazy Time Live. New players would certainly appreciate some input.


What are the minimum and maximum bets?

You can place a bet for $0.10, and you can bet up to $15,000. Keep in mind that the maximum and minimum limits can change occasionally.

Can you play Crazy Time in America?

You can play Crazy Time while stationed in the USA, and you can do so by joining one of the online casinos that offer this game.

What is the maximum win on Crazy Time?

If everything were to go perfectly, you could win up to $500,000 on Crazy Time Live.
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