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Is there anyone who doesn’t like diving into an exciting instant win online casino game? To be honest, there will hardly be anything better to do after a draining week of non-stop work. Then, what about some spinning of a large money-wheel online that leads to consistent returns? Well, welcome to the Dream Catcher live casino game guide.

Dream Catcher is one of the crypto live casino games that come from one of the best developers in the industry – Evolution Gaming. What makes it stand out is the fact there is always a very talkative and fun host that comes along with you through the ups and downs that the large live dream catcher casino money wheel brings.

Blonde woman presenting Dream Catcher Live casino game show

When playing Dream Catcher Casino, you will always find yourself on the edge of your seat. The thrill of watching the wheel arrow pass through the pockets that will return your bet 20-40x is nerve-wracking, especially when the wheel begins to slow down and you have a significant bet on any large selections. 

And if by any chance you have the luck to hit a multiplier after a significant bet, you better not have any heart problems as the potential winnings can get sky-high. 

In the following lines, you will learn how to take advantage of the opportunities that the Dream Catcher wheel game provides and some of the most secure crypto casinos where you can seamlessly do that. 

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How to Play Dream Catcher Live Casino Game?

We know what you are thinking. Before you even dream of winning something significant from the Dream Catcher game, you need first to understand its rules and how you can begin playing without making any significant mistakes. 

Well, that’s actually quite hard to happen as the game is elementary, and even complete newbies could get the hang of it after a glance at the rules. 

The live Dream Catcher money wheel is divided into 54 equal segments, separated by pins. Two of these segments have a unique multiplier value, while the rest are marked with the concrete numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 that you can bet on. 

Dream Catcher wheel with final number 20

The rules are simple. If the wheel stops on your number, the winnings are returned, matching the corresponding value of the number. So, if you bet on the number 10 and you win, you will get your stake 10x + the size of your bet (in case there weren’t any active multipliers). 

Game Multipliers – Your One Way Holiday Ticket

With its layout and rules, Dream Catcher will always be an exciting game that everyone should try at least once. However, the real action starts when the wheel randomly stops on one of the two segments with the 2x and 7x multipliers. 

Once that happens, your potential winnings will automatically be multiplied with the value of the segment, even before the round starts! 

That’s when you can only pray for the wheel to stop on your highest numbers the next round. But even this is not all. 

In the rarest of cases, the wheel will stop on the two multipliers back-to-back a few rounds, which can create monstrous winning opportunities by overlaying each multiplier’s value. 

So, for example, if the wheel stops on the 7x multiplier back-to-back, you will begin the next round with a fixed multiplier of 49x! There isn’t a limit on how much the total return could get up, so in Dream Catcher, we can say that sky’s the limit. 

But when there are only two segments with multipliers out of 54, you may not precisely fancy your chances of hitting them round after round. However, everything is possible in practice, and you should not underestimate the opportunity. 

You can check out a few particular rounds where scenarios like these were caught on camera. It’s visible how in the Dream Catcher game, even the smallest of bets can turn into a small fortune in a few minutes. 


Once you gain more experience with the game and you want to take it a step further, you can try increasing the size of your bets, which may lead to enormous wins if there is a similar lucky strike to the one above. 

Best Casino to Play Bitcoin Dream Catcher Live Game

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The winning opportunities that this exciting game provides may sound fantastic, but it will all be for nothing if you are not using a proper Dream Catcher casino. 

In practice, you can boost your chances of hitting a significant win from this game by choosing the right site where you can bet. And you can easily do that by going through the platforms we present on our site. They all provide new players with numerous exclusive bonuses and promotions, significantly increasing their bankroll. 

And with a more extensive bankroll, you will have much more freedom to try out different strategies and cover more betting opportunities on the Dream Catcher game console. And as all sites we present are among the best in the industry, there will be much more benefits to exploit on top of that. 

Just What Are The Possible Winnings With the Dream Catcher Game? 

If you really want to see success with the money wheel, you need to think of a unique Dream Catcher Live casino strategy. And according to the research of our experts, you should always be trying to cover as many of the Dream Catcher betting options as possible, spreading the risk evenly and waiting for that unique moment that will bring you the significant wins you crave for. 

Dream catcher wheel with blonde woman and multiplier x2

Some of you may think that the risk isn’t worth it, but how will you react if we tell you that it’s possible to win hundreds of thousands of dollars with just a single round? And what about if you are lucky and find yourself in a few of those situations? 

Keep in mind that the maximum bet in Dream Catcher is $5,000, which can genuinely make some winnings life-changing. 

To understand what we are talking about, you can check out a video below, where the total winning amount players cashed came out at around 3430x. So for some of them, this particular round brought in more than half a million dollars in winnings. Not bad for a few minutes of gaming time, right? 


As you can see, the live Dream Catcher game can bring you incredible profits, but this is if you are lucky. You must remember that games like these always come with a risk, and it’s not realistic to think that you will win every round. 

Still, you don’t even need to triumph every time to be profitable with Dream Catcher, but it would be best to take a break and re-evaluate your situation if the losses keep piling up.

Wrapping it Up

Without a doubt, Dream Catcher is one of those games that can literally turn your life around after one lucky win. The standard payout opportunities from the game are great, but the real fun starts when the multiplier segments get into play. They can bring your total returns to thousands of times your initial stake, which is not something you would want to miss out on. 

But this is not even the best thing about the game itself. Spinning the money wheel is very exciting and will consistently bring you even small returns, meaning that you will always have the chance to continue playing and have fun, especially after tiring days at work. 

If you have any questions about the Dream Catcher demo, feel free to leave a comment below. A member of our team will always get back to you as quickly as possible! 


How do you always win on Dream Catcher?

It would have been great to guarantee yourself a win from DreamCatcher every single time. But unfortunately, this is impossible, and it’s not something worth chasing. So instead, you can enjoy the game and develop some winning strategies over time as you get more experienced. This will allow you to get the best out of DreamCatcher and have fun while doing so!

What are the min and max bets on Dream Catcher?

The minimum bet you can do at the main crypto casinos is 0.10$. Meanwhile the maximum bet is 25,000$.
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