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Play Bitcoin Dream Catcher Live Casino

While playing games online there is one thing that is a must and that is the safety of the money you are going to be playing as well as your personal information. There are many places like this but don’t forget to read about crypto casino reviews on or other sites like ours that will show you if a casino room is on the up and up. After that, catch up and win some bucks. I like casino games with spins and that is exactly the way it is at from 1:1 to 70x multiplier. So, welcome to Dream Catcher Live casino game guide.

Blonde woman presenting Dream Catcher Live casino game show

Dream Catcher Casinos with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

A place to play Dream Catcher lives casinos is right here check this out and see which numbers are perfect for your gambling needs yourself. Again, here they are:

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The Basics of Dream Catcher Online Wheel Game

The Dream Catcher game can be played, all you have to do is bet on the wheel, and if the spot where you picked comes up you win! A few of these wins and you will be having a great time, especially if you were to hit a 70x win, everyone would love that. One thing to note is this is not a computerized slot, it’s a Dream Catcher live casino game. The hostess or host is there to show you that this game can be played only fairly which brings good time and safe money when the bets are going on.

Again quick info just so you remember the game is played by putting out your bet on a chosen wheel number(s), then the reel spins and your number is placed by the wheel. The bets you can play at this game are from $0.10 to $1,000, these kinds of sizing make it fun to play you don’t have to bet the house but you are at a casino so you should bet something.

Remember in gambling though that you don’t want to spend more than you are comfortable with or you could be losing life monies and maybe should call the responsible gambling number because that will help you from gambling all the time.

Quick Strategies To Play Responsibly

There are big winners and here is one

Casino Daddy won over 8,000 pounds. This one of the dream catcher casinos gave him a ton of money, even though the bet was good 20 x7, that is dream machine money right there, most people would be jumping out of their chairs – he just yelled in enjoyment, pure joy.

Also, everyone wants to know how to win so I got a few ways to show you. First being 2, 10, 20, there are ways to make your casino wallet not empty so quickly. 2 covers 15 different sectors, and the 10 and the 20 catches 2 sectors. The wheel with this strategy gives around 38% of filling the wheel with it but don’t be mistaken that it is winning all the time it is though above 1/3rd.

Dream Catcher wheel with final number 20

The next strategy is the simple 5 strategy and it works like this putting your cash on the 5 carries 14 different sectors of the wheel. That doesn’t seem much but the win could make it even with a certain strategy casino on this Dream Catcher. This is a 25% win with a 1 in 4 chance to win that seems good to me and a bet I would suggest is to try this instead of the 2, 10, 20.

Loss of money should always be a sector that you should pay attention to when you want to play seriously gambling. Remember again that gambling is a fun thing to do and should not be how you pay the bills unless you get lucky then you are able a month or two but saying don’t expect a lifetime, even poker pros go broke.

One of the game features you should know when you are going to be playing Dream catcher online at a casino there are 6 different spots for the money  1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40. When gambling a ton of people keep up large money and this can really give you money and a fun wheel, in my opinion.

I love this wheel game, betting higher and higher on these strategies. And use lower bets first and then last one, betting 20 and 40 which you could lose quickly but you would gain much more if you got the good spot to be in. The 7 x multiplier is nice too but the probability to get is very low, when you do, expect good returns.

Dream Catcher Amounts for BONUS

The bonus game is when the Dream Catcher wheel hits 7 x multiplier you get a chance for up to 14x on 2 bet amount bet 70x on bet amount bet 10 140x on the amount bet 20 and 280x on 40 on amount bet. Then the wheel can bring more x multiplier amounts like first bets 7x bet and 2x bet multiplier.

To increase your bets even more a quick thing you can do is just times 7 x then + 2 x for a total of 9x bet that is part of the bonus game it is not easy to get to it, but it is wheel worth a large part of your betting game.

Dream catcher wheel with blonde woman and multiplier x2

7 x 2 x 7 reaches the Dream catcher and brings another value into it if it’s 1 x that not great but you can win even more than that when playing this online casino game. The requirements are hitting 7 then another multiplier 2 and then 7 that is how you get the Dream Catcher online casino hit.

Ok, now I will breakdown the sectors for you for each number and without further ado here you go:

12 sectors pay 1:1, number 2 on the wheel is 2:15, five 5:7, 10 is 10:4, 20 is 20:1, 40 is 40:1 the two times and the 7 x award only has 1 each on top of the wheel so its rare to hit it would seem but people get lucky and get this Dream Catcher for this online wheel game all the time. Responsible gambling hits this seems like a table wheel I would like but just take a step back if you lose too much so you can still afford to play live and not be homeless, which is not something we want to do.

Other Great Casino Live Games

There are other live casino games I would love to tell you about so here we go:

  • Crazy Time Is a wheel-based game you are able to bet on the game and when the prize hits you get that prize one bonus game on it is Cash Hunt you get that and you get winnings even over 250 times the amount you bet. I would rate this not hard to learn to play and good odds to win but when the bonus game is activated.
  • Lightning Roulette there are two numbers picked that are lightning numbers and their amount to win is from 50x to 100x. I believe some roulette pros would love to jump on this heck I might grab some deposit and do this myself.
  • Bitcoin Live Monopoly is another spin wheel game you can get 4 or 2 spins on these when playing and then it takes you to a mini-game and it is with the dice rolls you get a live board for Monopoly there are x times your amount like for example 20x 180x and 750x. Not a bad classic game brought to the light inside this new spinning game.
smiling Woman dressed in red with the Live monopoly wheel and Mr Monopoly taking notes
  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt: This is an online live bet the bets are 1 x 2 bet 6 x bet 28 bets. This is a great online wheel game live casino. If you wanted to try a brand new live game then you should definitely try out this game.
  • Live Deal or No Deal is a game where you spin to get numbers and when you do you are able to pick open briefcases to see if you win or not one of them I saw was 30k or 300 there is a large variable but not a bad thing its great time to win a large number.
  • Lightning Dice You are able to bet 7k on one single bet at the online casinos live game section and that seems a bit steep but that if your reward for doing one of those. I am not a high roller like that but there are some that want this game and it is really worth a shot.
  • Mega Ball 100x: This game is a bingo-type of game when you play it you can purchase cards and when winning this you will get a prize if it calls your number based on what you are picking and what you are playing this can great for all the Bingo lovers
  • And other classics, such as Bitcoin Live Blackjack, Bitcoin Live Roulette, Bitcoin Live Baccarat.