Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt – A Profitable Adventure to Eldorado in 2022

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In the online gambling industry, there will hardly be a player who hasn’t engaged in one of the most exciting slots – Gonzo’s Quest. Coming in from a leading casino software developer, this has been one of the most popular slot games for years.

Although its theme and graphics are more than enough for a thrilling journey to the ruins of the lost city of Eldorado, some users might not be all that captivated by their winnings. However, this is all in the past. You can finally dive into the incredible winning opportunities you seek. Check one of the best live casino games from Evolution Gaming – Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

This exciting headline follows the theme and story of the original slot game with the same name. Still, the live casino features a combination of engaging hosts and graphics to provide you with a unique gaming experience! You might also get excited with the maximum win that can reach a colossal $1,000,000. 

What makes this game so captivating is the quick gameplay, which is even better when using the integrated virtual reality feature. So, are you ready to understand how you can find the hidden treasure in the city of Eldorado and bring yourself returns of up to 20,000x your stake? 

Using one of the crypto casinos on our platform will allow you to do just that. These sites provide players with the safest environment where they can enjoy online gambling to the fullest. And with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you can also enjoy hefty exclusive bonuses because of our close cooperation with these industry giants. Let’s learn a bit more about this new thrilling game. 

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live?

One way or another, most of you had already probably encountered Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game. But for whatever reason, you missed out on diving into the exciting adventure it provides. Well, you are not alone. No one would love to try out a game without knowing the rules first, especially when they seem complicated. But don’t worry about that, as we are here to lift that smokescreen and uncover everything about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. The game rules are pretty simple once you get the hang of the gameplay. 

Betting on Treasure Stones 

In Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you can take only six potential bets, and these are the various treasure stones. When you uncover one of these, you will be paid based on how valuable the particular stone is. The maximum stone payout is fixed at 65x, which is not too impressive, but this is without any active multipliers. 

As you will find out later, even the most common stones could end up paying out thousands of times your initial bet because of the exciting game features of the Treasure Wall. As a pro tip, you should know that it will always be optimal to cover all six treasure stones to ensure you are not missing out on significant winning opportunities. 

The Treasure Wall 

At the core of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game, there will be a substantial historical megalith that is divided into 70 equal stones. This is where you will choose which 20 stones you will place your bets on. 

Of course, these are always hidden before the beginning of the game, and you need to experiment with different cover patterns to give yourself the best chance of tasting the incredible potential wins with this game. 

For the most part, this will be entirely up to luck, but the experience of many players suggests it’s slightly better to choose a pattern that sticks all your treasure stones together. 

The Exciting Price Drop 

After all players place their bets, the host will give Gonzo permission to activate the Treasure Wall’s historical mechanism, which will enable the price drop round to start with full force. Two new lines will appear on top of the Treasure wall that will constantly move to introduce various treasure secrets that will quickly slide into some of the stones on the wall. This will increase their payout between three and 100 times! 

But this is far from all. This mechanism also often brings in a 2x multiplier that will spread to most of the treasure stones on the wall. By combining these two features, the payout of some stones can become genuinely significant, providing some players with incredible returns right off the bat. 

However, the re-drop feature makes some of the treasure stones reach that remarkable 20,000x payout. Just like with the multipliers, an additional stone may activate multiple rounds of this madness to drive the potential payouts to their maximum. 

Virtual Reality Mode 

To provide the most immersive gaming experience when enjoying Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, we highly recommend using the virtual reality mode of the game. This innovative feature will enable you to experience the world of the lost city Eldorado in a stunning 360-degree real-life experience. Of course, you will need a VR reality headset and a controller, but you might have to rush and get a set as the experience is indeed worth it!  

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Best Casino to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Without a doubt, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is one of the most thrilling gaming options you can choose if you are chasing some significant winnings. But to give yourself the best chance when enjoying this game, you always need to have an enormous bankroll at hand. But don’t worry if this sounds a bit intimidating. We have the perfect solution for you! 

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As we have been one of the trusted unbiased casino and online game review sites, we have established solid connections with the leaders in the crypto gambling industry. Because of that, you can take advantage of numerous exclusive bonus offers you won’t find anyone else on the web. You will set yourself up for an exciting and potentially highly profitable gaming experience by exploiting these various bonuses. 

Speaking of which, you might be wondering just how much you can take home when enjoying Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. We will satisfy your curiosity in the following lines. 

What is the Winning Potential When Playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

Out of all the different casino games we had already reviewed, we can’t miss mentioning that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt might be the most profitable one. While reading through the game terms and conditions, you can see that the mentioned maximum win from the game is 20,000x your initial bet. But is such an enormous amount truly achievable in practice? We decided to find this out for ourselves, as it piqued our interest. But first, let’s look at some more regular Gonzo Treasure Hunt rounds. 

As already mentioned, the best strategy with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is to cover as many legendary stones as possible to ensure you will have a shot at winning the most significant returns. Automatically this means a bit higher bets, but the good news is that you will mostly lose minor amounts, even in the rounds where you are not that lucky. Here’s a regular game for a player with a total bet of $140 on 20 different stones. 

The round was not that successful for the player, but he still managed to win an excellent $223.50, leaving him with a nice profit for a few minutes. But when luck is on your side, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game becomes significantly more profitable. 

This was the first playing round for one excited player, and he managed to 4x his initial bet, even without fully understanding the game! But once you combine your game experience with some strategy and more significant bets, the situation can genuinely get out of hand (of course, in a positive way).

The great thing about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is that every round can turn your world 180 degrees with the enormous possible winnings. That’s precisely what happened to one player enjoying his regular game with a small bet of 60 euros. 

But as the game progressed, it was getting clearer that everyone who had bet on this round would take home some enormous returns. In that particular player’s case, he managed to win close to 38 thousand euros, and the stones he won with weren’t even the ones that generally pay out the most. 

That’s because there was already 20,000x on the wall. Two other players got even better results, with one banking more than 200 thousand euros. It’s crazy when you think that returns like these are possible after just one Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt round. 

But not all playing rounds bring the same results, so you need to be careful when enjoying this game. Most of the time, you won’t face all that good results, but you will constantly be winning at least a part of your stake back because of the game’s design and gameplay. 

This will always be a great motivator for helping Gonzo in his exciting exploring journey, but it should also remind you to be careful and take a break when things are not going so well. 

Is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Worth a Shot? 

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is easily one of the most profitable games in the selection of live casino headlines at Evolution Gaming. The theme, gameplay, story, graphics, and sound effects combine for an exceptional online gambling experience, and when we add the newly introduced virtual reality feature, it gets even better. 

The maximum winning amount stands at the mammoth 20,000x, which is more than enough to encourage numerous players to chase these enormous winnings. But even that doesn’t matter much as the game is exhilarating, and almost every round provides an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

Once you get more experienced with this game and know its features as the palm of your hand, you will be prepared to try out various strategies and patterns that will keep you entertained for long hours. That said, do you have a favorite playing pattern you like to use when playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt? Let us know in the comments below! Otherwise try out these top 3 live games:


What are the min and the max bets? 

The minimum bet at Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is $0.10, while the maximum is $1,000.

What are the odds of the game?

The game rules state that the RTP percent of the game is 96.52%, which is higher than the average for the gambling industry.

What is the highest multiplier I can get on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

As we already mentioned, the highest multiplier you can hit on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt can reach up to 20,000x, guaranteeing exceptional returns, regardless of your bet size.

What is the best Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt strategy?

Gonzo’s best Treasure Hunt strategy is to chase the profitable rounds where re-spins and multipliers appear on the treasure wall. For that purpose, you always need to cover as much of the wall as possible, increasing your chance of getting significant returns from the higher multipliers.

Which casinos offer this game? 

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt comes from Evolution Gaming, a famous game developer. Thus, all the casinos that partner with Evolution will offer the game. To save time researching, you should know that most of the casinos we present on our site have integrated Evolution Gaming headlines into their gaming selection. Therefore, you can also seamlessly enjoy Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt there.
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