Bitcoin Lighting Baccarat: Chasing an Enormous 576x Multiplier! 

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When it comes to online casinos, card table games will always be the most popular among players. However, there are still some individuals, especially newcomers, that may struggle with the complex rules of some card games. But when it comes to the classic live dealer Baccarat, it doesn’t matter what your experience with online gambling is. 

Lightning baccarat Logo

Why do you think that is? The Bitcoin Baccarat game is very similar to the ever-popular Bitcoin Blackjack, but its rules are even more straightforward to learn. Most users who have never played Lightning Baccarat, or any version, before can get the ball rolling and genuinely enjoy the game after a few playing rounds.

The Most Exciting Lightning Baccarat Game Ever

There is just one thing better than the classic Baccarat: the modified version of the game from Evolution Gaming – Lighting Baccarat. What makes this particular casino headline so popular is that the foundation of the classic game entirely remains. 

But aside from that, there are enormous winning opportunities that can present themselves out of thin air while you enjoy one of the rounds. They can bring your initial bet back 512 times or even more! 

Of course, there are some specifics around the payouts of live Lighting Baccarat and how the game works in practice, but we are here to uncover them for you! Our team here at Cryptogamble always strives to provide our readers with practically usable information instead of plain theory without any foundation. 

So, if you want to learn how to win in Lighting Baccarat and exploit the game’s features, you are at the right place. Moreover, you should be aware that all the crypto gambling sites we present on our platform will provide you with exclusive bonuses, significantly increasing your chances of success with the game. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it. 

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How to Play Lighting Baccarat?

The rules of the Lighting Baccarat may be pretty straightforward, but you can’t play the game if you don’t go over them at least a few times. That’s why we will cover everything in detail in the following lines. 

1. Ultimate Goal and Card Strength

What makes Lighting Baccarat unique is that the player and the banker should strive to take their hand strength as close to 9 as possible. Whoever is closer to that number after the draw is finished wins. The interesting thing about the game is that all cards above 10 bring 0 points. 

The only exception is the Ace, which brings only 1 point. Aside from that, all cards from 2 to 9 are added with their numerical value. There may be cases where your score will go above 10; when that happens, your score is determined with the second part of the number. For example, if your total card points equal 16, your playing score will be 6. 

2. Card Drawing Scheme

Lighting Baccarat is fully automated, but you should know the unique card drawing scheme to prepare your Lighting Baccarat strategy better. 

Particularly for the player’s hand, everything is quite simple. If the player’s hand strength is between 0-5, a third card should be drawn. At a score of 6 or 7, the player stands. While if the score of the hand is 8 or 9, no additional card is drawn on either hand and the results are revealed. 

But things can get a bit messy when it comes to the banker’s hand. So we will attach a table from Evolution’s game rules that show all possible scenarios and when there should be more cards drawn in a game: 

Banker's hands on Lightning Baccarat Game

3. Betting Options 

Another thing that makes the Lighting Baccarat more exciting than the standard casino game version is the additional available betting options. Generally, there are only three betting options in Baccarat. But with the Evolution Gaming version, they are a total of five. Of course, the standard betting options in Baccarat are the Player, Banker, and the Tie. 

table of baccarat

However, with the Lighting Baccarat, players can now try and exploit two more betting options. They are the so-called Player Pair and Banker Pair. Essentially, with these bets, you want to see that the player’s or banker’s first two cards form a pair. 

As the Lighting Baccarat is played with more than 6 card decks, the chance of a pair is not that low, and the odds for these selections are standing on at least 10x, which provides a fantastic opportunity. 

4. Lighting Multipliers and Potential Payouts

There is no doubt that the lighting multipliers and the enormous potential payouts are among the things that attract so many players to Evolution Gaming’s Lighting Baccarat. But you might be wondering, are they genuinely providing such an exciting gaming experience as portrayed in theory? 

bankers winning 1980€ at lightning baccarat

The answer is a definitive yes! First of all, the lighting multipliers can potentially return your bet up to 512x. But if you indeed come across a multiplier of such caliber in a game, you have a much more significant winnings chance, especially if you had placed a bet on the Player or Banker. 

With the “Pair” bets, the roof of winnings is even more significant, sitting at 576x your initial bet. This information will probably excite most players, but the real thrill of the Lighting Baccarat is that you never know when the lighting numbers will show up! 

There are guaranteed available multipliers in other casino games from the Evolution’s Lighting franchise. But with the Baccarat, this is not the case, which creates quite a bit of tension when you are playing.

Additionally, when a multiplier appears, the excitement is much more significant. This creates an intense yet exciting environment that stimulates you to play for longer and chase these enormous potential amounts. 

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If you have some experience with various casino games, you know that bankroll has a significant impact on your chances of leaving the online casino with a win. This is because a bigger bankroll can sustain the tests of variance in these games, which often almost guarantees you will have much more stable results. 

This will allow you to enjoy the games like Lighting Baccarat longer and wait for the moment when the exciting multipliers appear in-game. 

But if you are reading this, you don’t even need to make an enormous deposit to ensure you will have a deep enough stack. That’s because you can find some of the best crypto gambling platforms in the industry on our site. 

And as a reward for being one of the leading portals for information about crypto gambling, these sites always provide exclusive offers and promotions for our readers! 

You can check out all of the available crypto gaming sites and bonuses below, choosing the one that fits your best.

Possible Winnings with Lighting Baccarat

In theory, everything sounds fantastic, but you are probably getting impatient to truly understand how much you can win by playing Lighting Baccarat in practice. We had decided to put that to the test and went on to explore how some players were doing on their Lighting Baccarat journey. 

Aside from the standard multipliers in this Baccarat game, there is a unique set of Lighting Numbers on the screen you can check out at any time in each round. If one of these numbers appears as part of any hand, the particular selection payout multiplies immediately. 

Table of lightning baccarat

With this feature, the game becomes even more exciting, providing you with many opportunities to cash out hefty amounts consistently. But how does this work in practice? Let’s check that out together. 

bankers winning 4654€ at lightning baccarat

As you can see from that particular hand, the player had its standard playing round, while all of a sudden, a lighting number appeared, making the potential payout from the banker bet 8x. 

This was indeed the winning bet, banking the player close to five thousand in seconds. You can see how easily you can bank on significant profits like this, and that’s not even including the most significant multipliers that the Lighting Baccarat provides. Here’s an example of what happens when you have the luck to encounter these in-game.

player winnning 2238€ at lightning baccarat

With a bet of just a few dollars, you can check out how this particular user could bank in more than two thousand dollars by wagering on the Player Pair bet. As a pro tip, you should always look out for the “Pair” bets as they payout well and can receive a multiplier of up to 576x. 

Of course, these were selected winning scenarios, so you can’t expect to be profitable with Lighting Baccarat all the time. It’s best to take the game slow until you are familiar with its rules and dynamics. Once that is aligned, you can begin to increase your bets and chase the most significant profits. 

table with 4 cards on lightning baccarat

It’s always best to not get too invested in the game and keep things light-hearted, having fun with the exciting experience that the Lighting Baccarat provides. 

Is Lighting Baccarat a Good Game to Try? 

Lighting Baccarat is one of the best games you can try out immediately, even as a beginner player or someone who has never played Baccarat. The game’s rules are elementary, and even after a few hands of playing, you can begin to build your own strategies and understanding of the game dynamics. 

Lightning baccarat table with woman in red presenting

With the fantastic presentation of the game, the fun hosts, and the additional betting options in Lighting Baccarat, Evolution Gaming again doesn’t disappoint with a top-notch live casino gaming headline. The famous lighting feature in the game will allow you to dream for winnings of up to 576x your stake, and the best thing is that you never know when a multiplier is coming, which builds quite a bit of tension, increasing the general excitement of the game. 

No matter your background or gambling preferences, Lighting Baccarat is definitely a game you will enjoy playing, even in the saturated gaming field in 2022. Have you tried Lighting Baccarat already? Let us know in the comments below! 


What are the best sites to play live Lightning Baccarat? 

Some of the best crypto gambling sites to play Lighting Baccarat are BCGame casino, Fairspin casino, and Trustdice casino.

Can you bet on every number on Lightning Baccarat?

Unfortunately, you can’t bet on every number on Lighting Baccarat. You can only bet on the winner of a particular hand or bet if there will be a pair.

Is Lightning Baccarat rigged?

Of course not. Lighting Baccarat comes from the pioneer of live casino headlines – Evolution Gaming. All the games from the provider are live streamed directly and the live dealer is 100% transparent in every move they do to avoid cheating the game for the player’s advantage.

What are the max and min bets? 

In Lighting Baccarat, you can usually bet between $1 and $2,500 per hand.

How much can you win by playing Lightning Baccarat?

The maximum win you can achieve with Lighting Baccarat is 576x your initial bet amount.
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