Play Bitcoin Lightning Dice Live in 2022 – Prepare to Hunt That 1,000x Multiplier! 

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In the online gambling industry, there are numerous live casino games you can try. And when talking about betting opportunities like these, Dice is one of the most popular. Even in various Vegas movies, advertisements, and even TV shows, the Dice game is always the first to be portrayed. 

But this is not all that surprising. Everyone loves the game’s simplicity, and aside from everything else, most gamblers try it out just for fun. Well, in case you are a player who won’t just splash out his hard-earned money, and you want to chase some significant wins in the best live casino games, there is a better option that awaits you – Lightning Dice.

Simple and exciting dice game with electrifying multipliers

Evolution Gaming

What Should You Know About Lightning Dice? 

The particular game is called Lightning Dice Live. This headline comes from the pioneer of live casino games – Evolution Gaming, providing players with a whole new world of winning opportunities they can exploit. 

So, with the Lightning Dice set, you will be enjoying your favorite game of Dice, but with much more significant winnings opportunities. That definitely doesn’t sound like a bad deal. 

Are you curious now about how much you can win? The unique feature of the Lightning Strike Dice is that a few random numbers will receive a multiplier of up to 1,000x every single round! This game has so much potential because even the tiniest of bets can bring you back significant returns. 

But to be profitable with this game, you first need to understand its rules and how to play Lightning Dice. That’s precisely what we will cover today. After all, our goal is to always provide our readers with actionable tips they can use for them to truly have fun gambling online. Furthermore, unlike many other crypto sites, we promote only the best platforms that provide generous bonuses and a safe environment for online gaming. 

So, are you ready to continue reading and understand what you should do to increase your chances of hitting that 1000x multiplier in Lightning Dice? Then, let’s dive straight into it! 

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How to Play Lightning Dice? 

As we already mentioned, the uniqueness of the Live Lightning Dice hides in its multiplier feature. Aside from that, this casino headline reciprocates the classic Dice game you can find out in many land-based casinos. 

Evolution Gaming has found a way to make the game a bit more exciting by changing the way the three dice are thrown and adding a charismatic host to every game to keep the spirits high. 

At first, you might be taken aback by the large pinball-like box where the host throws the three dice, but after getting used to it, you will probably love this approach even more. 

After the three dice make it through the box, they fall on a platform where you can check out the winning sum. 

The possible winning combinations range from 3 to 18, and you can bet on each one. You are even allowed to cover all of the available betting opportunities, but we don’t advise doing that, as it is dreadful in the long run. Without active multipliers, the payouts from the various combinations are as follows: 

Betting table of lightning dice game
Betting option table of Lightning Dice Game

Aside from the standard betting on the sum of the dice, the Lightning Dice game recently introduced three additional options that provide players with a bit more freedom. (see image above)

No matter which betting selections you choose, if you cover the numbers with the most significant payouts, you will often be satisfied with the results. And let’s not forget even little bets can turn into huge payouts with the highest multipliers. 

Below, you can check out a particular round where this indeed happened:

After just one game round, you can see how the particular player turned his $1 bet into $500. You can’t get enough of the joy and the overwhelming emotions he showed. But if you take a closer look on the left of the picture, you will realize that one gambler, in particular, banked more than $10 million only from this round. 

Absolute madness. 

But in Evolution’s game, there are even more significant winning opportunities to be exploited. 

Everything About Lightning Strike Dice Multipliers

It seems that when the Lightning strikes in this game, players are always bound to bank some significant winnings. Although that’s partially true, to create a sustainable Lightning Dice strategy, there is one more thing you need to know about the game’s multipliers. 

Unlike Evolution’s Lightning Roulette and Lightning Baccarat, some numbers have restrictions about the multipliers they can receive in Lightning Dice. That’s because in the Roulette game, all numbers have an equal chance to come on, while in the Dice game, the middle numbers will come much more often. 

Let’s check out the possible multipliers for the various numbers in the game:

NumbersPossible Multipliers 
3 / 18 150x – 1,000x 
4 / 1750x – 500x 
5 / 1625x – 250x
6 / 1515x – 100x
7 / 1410x – 100x
8 / 137x – 50x
9 / 126x – 50x
10 / 115x – 50x

Even though the middle numbers will potentially receive much lower multipliers, they still present a tremendous winning opportunity, simply because theoretically, they will come more often. And if you get a 50x multiplier for this, it never sounds like a bad deal. 

Best Casinos to Play Lightning Dice with Crypto

Before you even think of diving into the exciting game of Lightning Dice, it would be best to keep in mind that to make the best out of the game, you need to use a proper crypto gambling site. Why is that? 

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Well, imagine that you are about to make a bet on one of the numbers, but the site crashes, only for you to later find out the number you were about to bet on came in with a 500x multiplier. It triggers a destructive emotion only thinking about this, right? 

That’s why you only need to use the best gambling sites in the industry. So, where to find them? Well, that’s easy. Our site is one of the best places online where you can find the most trustworthy crypto gaming websites. Aside from entirely safe and modern platforms, these establishments provide fantastic promotions and game variety. 

How do we know that? We have thoroughly tested them, bringing you only the best of the best. But the most useful thing is that we have established successful partnerships with some of them to provide you with hefty exclusive offers you can’t find anywhere else. Check them out below! 

Just How Much Can You Bank From Lightning Dice? 

We had already shared examples of how players hit some fantastic wins with Lightning Dice. But if you are a user who doesn’t want to invest too much in games of chance, you are probably only thinking about the famous 1,000x multiplier. So, is it really possible to hit this multiplier and bank some enormous winnings? 

Of course, that’s a rare event, but you can find quite a few players who were able to do just that and even record it on camera!  If that doesn’t look staggering, let us share one particular round caught on camera, which is so lucky that it seems the two players have used any Lightning Dice cheats. 

In the video, you can see how the two players managed to bank more than €35,000 after hitting both 1,000x and 100x multipliers simultaneously! 

As you can see, the opportunities that the Lightning Dice game provides are enormous, and you can definitely take advantage of them if you feel lucky. However, it would be best if you always remembered that chasing these enormous wins is mostly for fun, and you won’t turn out victorious all the time. 

The Main Lightning Dice Strategies

The following 3 strategies will help you in answering the question “how to win lightning dice” and provide some winning tips.

One way to maximize the potential of this game is by paying attention to the odds table and seeing what numbers are frequently coming than others. That’s how you can think of predicting and getting and edge. Play and bet those numbers. Remember that this strategy is to manage better the bankroll and keep on playing until you can hit a great jackpot.

PRO TIP: statistics of the game are a strong base on how to make a qualitative decision on which number to bet. So, make sure to see and analyze the betting history.

last results table lightning dice with live dealer presenting

Another good strategy I have seen using is betting always on the 150X multipliers with a lower bet than by choosing one of the final possible outcomes. This can assure you to keep playing and hit that big pot once in a while.

Lastly, you could do a combination of the 2 strategies mentioned above. Bet on most frequent numbers and a lower bet amount on the 150x multiplier. Hoping that the Lightning feature bomnus will bless you.

table with 3 dices from Lightning Dice

Is Live Lightning Dice Worth It in 2022?  

Lightning Dice is one of the games that have been created by using the traditional Dice casino game as an example. Only this fact could have made the game a fantastic option for all thrill-chasers online. However, when the game is created by the industry’s best live casino gaming developer, the quality is just on a whole new level. 

Evolution Gaming has done an incredible job in presenting the Dice game in the best light possible by adding communicative dealer and even chat features, making players genuinely experience the art of live casino gaming. Moreover, the unique multipliers in Lightning Dice really run the show, giving players the chance to return their stake up to 1,000x. 

Considering that Evolution Gaming recently introduced four new betting options in the game, we might see additional improvements in the future. But at least for now, it’s clear that the live casino game is one of the most exciting and simultaneously profitable crypto live casino games you can try in 2022.

Have you already tried Lightning Dice? Let us know in the comments below! 

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