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The New Exciting Evolution Game

The new game of Evolution Gaming combines two of the company’s most famous live casino games – Monopoly Live and the Mega Ball 100x. On their own, these two games provide players with a unique gambling experience and significant potential winnings. But what can you expect from the new Monopoly Big Baller? 

As its name suggests, this is a game setup for all the bingo and Monopoly live lovers around the world. It combines features of both casino games to provide a whole new gambling endeavor filled with emotional thrill and potentially incredibly high winnings. The best thing about Monopoly Big Baller is that you don’t need any previous gaming experience. 

You can dive into the title and exploit its straightforward gameplay right away. But even though the game has only six available betting options and a decent RTP of 96.10%, there are still many things you can get wrong. So, in the following lines, we will dive deep into all the specifics around the new Evolution game and how you can play correctly to enjoy the best possible gambling experience, filled with joy and great winnings. 

How to Play Monopoly Big Baller? 

At its core, Monopoly Big Baller is a straightforward game. Unlike in many other casino games, you won’t need any advanced strategies or gaming tips you will need to implement to succeed. 

As a result, in the new Monopoly game, you will often not have too much influence over the results. But that’s actually a great thing as it makes the game very relaxing and a great option if you want to kill some time in front of the PC. Despite that, the winning potential is still exceptionally high. 

Before the beginning of each round, you will have the opportunity to place bets on six different selections. The first four are basically like traditional bingo cards, while the other chances are for the opportunity to engage with the bonus games of Monopoly Big Baller. We strongly recommend consistently placing a bet on these two, as this is where your most significant returns will be coming from. 

As you can see, the four bingo cards are different, and they fall into two separate categories. The first two cards are the so-called free space cards, while the remaining are the chance cards. All those share only one difference – their payouts. The free space cards payout between 2x and 40x per line. 

On the other hand, the chance cards pay between 2x and 200x per line. For that reason, you might want to bet a bit more on the second pair of cards. Of course, this will inevitably increase the total volatility of the game, but your winning potential will be much more enormous. 

Drawing Section and the Bingo-Like Cards

Just like with Bingo, there is a huge ball that will be drawing numbers you have to match in your cards to win. The main difference here is that after the beginning of each round, some of the numbers in your cards will automatically be perceived as drawn. In other words, you don’t have to draw them to win. This is a unique feature that helps players win more, significantly easier. You can check out how this looks in practice. 

If you are lucky, you will see something like this. So many spaces are already covered, and the round hasn’t even started! 

Number Winning Lines 

You shouldn’t be new to Bingo, so you probably know how the winning lines are formed. To win, you need to match five balls in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. 

In Monopoly Big Baller, each line you make will give you a payout of 3x your bet, which is always a great return as you can form numerous lines on your card. 

The Card Multipliers 

You should have already seen that out, but before the game round starts, some of the numbers in your cards will find multipliers. These multipliers can incredibly influence your winnings if you are lucky. 

The best thing about them is that they can come anywhere on the cards out of nowhere. Some of them appear on a specific number, while others cover a whole unique winning line. You can check out examples of that below: 

A few things to note are that these multipliers only become active if you make a winning line with the number they are on. Additionally, you must match all numbers on the specific line multiplier for it to become active. Therefore, the only scenario when you can increase your return regardless of the winning line is with the blue multiplier. 

This one becomes active for the card if you can make a winning line. If two multipliers cross paths in a winning line, they are added along one another for even higher winnings! Take the middle situation as an example. If the numbers 36 and 39 become part of a winning line, the total multiplier of the card will be 30x (20x+10x). 

Bonus Games 

The most exciting thing about the new Monopoly Big Baller game is the bonus games you can engage in. Of course, you will need luck on your side to grab the opportunity and enjoy these, but trying out consistently is worth it. How come? Well, the winnings you can get from these games can quickly go over 500x your initial bet per card. And the journey to those types of wins is always filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. 

You gain access to those bonus games when the machine draws all the numbers in one of those cards. With the first card, you can get three guaranteed rolls, while from the second one, they will be five. 

In a scenario like this, you will be taken to the interactive original board game of Monopoly and throw dice to determine your winnings. 

If you manage to roll doubles, you will get an additional throw for free! Every time you step on a particular multiplier, your bet on the bonus game card will be multiplied by that value and added directly to your winnings. 

With exciting gameplay like this, you can only submit to the game and hope to step on the highest multipliers on the board. 

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With the Monopoly Big Baller game, you don’t have too significant of an influence over your results. That’s why you should try to make a positive difference in other ways. One of those is to join the best possible crypto gambling platform where you will be enjoying the game. This will save you potential gameplay issues and provide you with the ideal gambling environment you need for an effortless experience. 

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So, you better take full advantage of them and enjoy some significant winnings from the Monopoly Big Baller game. Talking about wins, you are probably wondering just how much your returns can get when you play this new exciting Evolution headline.

Recent and Biggest Monopoly Big Baller Winnings

Monopoly Big Baller has a very decent RTP percent, which means you are going to be cashing out quite frequently, even if we are talking about tiny amounts. But that probably doesn’t mean too much for most players. Gamblers are usually after significant wins and thrilling experiences, which in this new game is abundant. 

Let’s check out some real-life examples of recent winnings in Monopoly Big Baller. And they are quite a lot, especially considering the game was just introduced to the portfolio of Evolution Gaming. 

When you bet on all the game cards, you always give yourself numerous chances for great winnings. That said, let’s go through a regular game round of Monopoly Big Baller. The player had an initial total bet of $1,600, probably hoping to get into the bonus rounds or something. However, luck wasn’t on his side, and he missed some great multipliers by a hair. 

Despite that, he could still make one winning line from his four cards, which had the minimum 2x multiplier, banking him $3,600 or almost three times his initial bet. Not bad for an unlucky round. 

As we already mentioned, the most significant wins in this game will always lie in the bonus rounds. One player made a quick profit in his first round by making a few winning lines in his cards. Although that itself was very good, he also managed to earn the opportunity and participate in one of the bonus games. Let’s see how that went. 

Long story short, after a few minutes of dice rolling, this lucky player could step on 50x, and later even 125x, getting an astonishing bonus win of $25,500! 

But even if you are a bit unlucky in the bonus games, you can still make some pretty good returns. For example, one particular player was engaging with more significant bets in the game, having a total of $300 in the bonus games cards. 

Unfortunately, his rolls began very slowly, and he wasn’t getting close to the biggest multipliers. Still, he landed on the chance field and found a fantastic card that resulted in 10x his initial bet. 

At the end of the game, his rolls were also terrible, but he still managed to bank in more than $11,000! It seems like once you get into those bonus games, the opportunities are just too good for you not to make some fantastic returns. 

And that’s especially relevant once you begin to play max bets, managing to cling to these bonus game rounds. That was the situation with a player who decided to increase his bets. 

In the first round, after doing that, he immediately earned the right to engage with the bonus game with at least five rolls! 

Although he didn’t have too much luck, and he only hit an 18x multiplier, he managed to bank in some monstrous winnings in just a few minutes. 

As you can see, you will constantly be cashing out when playing Monopoly Big Baller. However, to ensure you won’t miss out on the big winnings, you must always place decent bets on the bonus game cards. 

These two offer just too good a risk-reward ratio. But, for the most part, it would also be good if you could maintain that betting system, winning here and there from the numbers while purposely waiting for those bonus game rounds to come to you. 

Although the Monopoly Big Baller game can be enormously profitable, it still comes with certain risks once you hit a prolonged losing streak. The golden rule is always to have fun and when you feel things aren’t in your favor, have the guts to take a break. 

Will the New Evolution Game Stand Roughless the Test of Time?

The new pearl in the crown of Evolution Gaming didn’t disappoint players. Combining two of the company’s most popular games and adding only their best features into one was a genius idea. The result is a game that everyone can play. Monopoly Big Baller is already a place where the relaxing gameplay and thrilling experiences go hand in hand, no matter how controversial that may sound. 

The Bingo element in the game will satisfy all game lovers, while the bonus rounds will be more than enough for the thrill chasers to keep coming back for more. At the end of the day, Monopoly Big Baller is still a relatively new game in the gambling industry, but we believe it will get just as popular as the best headlines of Evolution Gaming. It’s just a matter of time. 

Have you tried this new exciting title already? Please share your opinion of it in the comments below. Any questions are always more than welcome by our team. 


What are the min and the max bets? 

The beauty of Monopoly Big Baller is that the game is widely available for all types of players. In addition, the minimum bet per round stands as low as $0.10, while the maximum reaches an astronomical $8,000!

What is the highest multiplier I can get on Monopoly Big Baller? 

The multipliers in the game add on one another, but the highest one you can get from one play is 500x.

What are the main features of the game?

The main features of the Monopoly Big Baller headline will always be the multipliers and the bonus game rounds where significant winnings are guaranteed!
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