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Monopoly live is a highly popular live casino game based on the iconic Hasbro board game. In partnership with Hasbro, Evolution launched Monopoly live in April of 2019 as a variant of Evolution’s popular live game “Dream catcher”.

Voted EGR’s game of the year in 2019 giving Evolution their second consecutive win of this prestigious industry award having taken the 2018 win for their innovative and highly popular live casino game “Lightning Roulette” and again with “Crazy Time“. Evolution’s release of Monopoly live has redefined live casino entertainment by combining live game action, augmented reality, and stunning 3D graphics to bring one of the world’s most popular board games to life.

Live Monopoly Game DetailsInsights
Return to Player (RTP):96.23%
Type of Game:Money Wheel with live dealer
Min bet:0.10$
Max bet:25,000$
Max multiplier or winning session:500,000$ or 10,000x
Bonus Round:Dice rolls from Mr. Monopoly

Meet the Monopoly live wheel

Placing bets and having fun are all great, but how can you truly enjoy it if you don’t get familiar with all the possibilities and choices the wheel gives you?

Segment on WheelPayoutProbabilityRTP
#1 (22) paying 1:140.7%92.88%
#2 (15) paying 2:127.7%96.23%
#5 (7) paying 5:112.9%91.23%
#10 (4) paying 10:17.04%96.02%
Chance (2)random cash prize or multiplier 3.7%N/A
2 Rolls (3)bonus round with random multipiers5.5%93.90%
4 Rollsbonus round with random multipiers1.8%93.67%
  • The huge wheel has 54 equal segments separated by pins and is spun by real dealers broadcasting live 24 hours a day from a studio in Latvia.
  • Bonuses and numbers are displayed on each of them with 23 grey sections. Logically, these have the lowest value.  
  • There are 15 fields with a value of 2 and they are colored in green.
  • Pink sections are worth 5 and there are seven of them across the wheel.
  • Blue sections hold the value of 10 and there are just four of them displayed.

1, 2, 5 and 10 

23 segments of the wheel are marked with “1”, 15 marked “2”, 7 marked “5”, and 4 marked “10”. These numbers represent the payout should you place a bet on them and the wheel lands on it. For example, if you place a bet picking “2” and the wheel lands on a segment marked 2 then you will receive a payout of 2 x your bet, If you bet on “10” and the wheel lands on 10 then the payout is 10 x etc. 


Should the wheel land on the chance segment Mr. Monopoly will present a chance card containing either a random cash prize or a random multiplier. If the chance card contains a multiplier then the current bets remain in place and the wheel is spun again, the multiplier will apply to any winnings on that spin. In the event of the wheel providing yet another multiplier then the multiplier is multiplied and will apply to the next spin of the wheel. 

chance at live monopoly bonus round

2 Rolls and 4 Rolls   

If the wheel lands on either of these segments a bonus round is activated. You must have a bet placed for the wheel to land on it though or you will not receive any prize for the bonus round. The bonus round is a visually impressive augmented reality mini-game in which Mr. Monopoly (Originally known as “Rich Uncle Pennybags” modeled after American Progressive Era businessman J. P. Morgan.) takes steps around a 3D Monopoly board collecting prizes, multipliers, and more in which all the well-known features of the classic board game are featured. A pair of dice are used to determine Mr. Monopoly’s walk during this round. 

How to play Monopoly Live

One of the reasons why many resonate so well with the game, besides nostalgia, is because of its very easy-to-understand rules. Everyone can quickly catch on to the basic rules from the first time they play. Besides, who wants to lose time on complicated and uninteresting games? Also, this game is so popular because of the realistic chances for multiplier wins.

A monopoly live host at your service

One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter a room to play monopoly live is that you are welcomed by a host. A host has the task of spinning the wheel. The wheel is vertically positioned and all players should see it clearly at the center of the screen. The wheel contains numbers and bonuses. Other than spinning the wheel, a host should not have any influence on the possible outcome of the game.

On the other hand, the host is there to entertain the players and have a conversation with them. Players and the host communicate live through a chatting application.

Every game starts only after the host spins the wheel. Then you wait for the wheel to stop at either a bonus or a number.

Placing bets

The time has come to place your bets, ladies, and gentlemen. Before the game’s host spins the wheel, all players must place their bets. The point of this part of the game is to make the best guess of what bet might win. That is, you need to try to guess what result the wheel will stop on. This way players win their bets and earn their payouts.

betting options available at Molopoly Live casino games

Another great outcome when playing monopoly live casino is when the flipper points to a multiplier that earns you a bonus. That’s when you earn the most. 

Best Casino to play Bitcoin Live Monopoly

The great news is that online Monopoly can be played on many crypto gambling sites. In case you’re not sure which sites are trustworthy, we’ll make it easier for you by introducing you to some of the most popular ones that we fully support.

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Chances for winning

You’re probably still reading this article just to get to this part. We don’t blame you. With a chance to win up to $500000 and an RTP of 96.23%, it is only logical why so many people choose this online game as their first choice. Combine that with amazing 3D graphics that are followed by augmented reality and you got yourself a game that is a guaranteed success.

Getting an opportunity for entering the world of the rich and famous can be fulfilled by hitting the best bet. Make sure to trust your instincts and place the best bet. The higher the number you bet on brings a bigger payout, but the chance of winning it is less.

Biggest Win

The biggest multiplier to date was 9600x which hit on 28/4/20. A 4 roll bonus round followed a 10x multiplier. If Mr. Monopoly had landed on Mayfair the multiplier would have been nearly 30,000x. There were 153 winners on that epic game which you can view here.

Live Monopoly Strategies to think about

It might not be a bad idea to think about certain strategies you want to apply before you start playing live Monopoly. Even if you can’t predict the exact outcome, having a strategy will keep you stay focused on your goal, and you can adjust it as you go.

  • Bet on numbers. To be sure of a win, place your bet on a number. Since there are more segments with numbers on the wheel than bonuses, the wager will likely stop on the number.
  • Bet on “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls”. You already know that this is where the real money cash in. If you opt for always betting on these options, you will eventually score big.
  • Know when to stop. If it doesn’t work, then don’t push it. There’s always tomorrow. You may have better luck next time. 

Having fun is a must when playing Monopoly live

Even though a lot of people choose to play online casino Monopoly live to earn some great money, it is still a game intended to have fun. If you are searching for a radical gambling experience, then this might not be a game for you. Simply, this game will help you take your mind off some problems and make you be in “the winner takes it all” kind of an attitude. And a positive attitude rockets you right where you want to be!

At the end of the day, Monopoly is mainly a game where luck plays a great role. This means that there’s no guarantee that you will come out as a winner. But that’s what makes it so exciting. The anticipation while the wheel is spinning keeps you at the tip of your fingers. Monopoly live big win is what everyone is looking forward to and expects will happen. The bigger the bet, the bigger the payout. Now the question is, how lucky do you feel today? Lucky enough to spin the wheel? 

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Advices from CryptoGamble

  • Start with little bets, so you can learn exactly how the game is performing so you can increase your confidence
  • be gentile with the live dealer as they have no real power in deciding on what the wheel will stop on and because it’s a social game where people can interact between them
  • there are some quite interesting winnings you can make, but make sure you only bet what you can afford


What is the minimum and maximum bets?

In Live Monopoly Casino Game the minimum bet is starting from as little of 0.10$ and the maximum is 25,000$ per bet.

What is the maximum payout?

The maximum payout of Live Monopoly is 10,000x or 500,000$ in one single game round.

What is a good Monopoly Live Strategy?

One of the strategies I would suggest using is to bet on each round you play, something on the 2 and 4 rolls. It’s one of the most important bets you make during this casino game show.
You could even bet on all the 6 options given, but this definitely will reduce drastically your bankroll, so I wouldn’t bet on all of them. One of the main bets I usually do is a bet on 2 (the number), 2 rolls, and 4 rolls. Basically, you can pay back the bets if 2 happen to come on the wheel, and you are covered in 2 or 4 rolls that happen to be on the wheel. The bets you do on 4 rolls should always be less than the bets you do on the numbers. While betting, make sure you keep in mind the probabilities of getting each wheel number or roll as could be fundamental in your strategy.
The final goal of live monopoly is to minimize the losses while having most of the time spent during the game.
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