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The search for the best, most engaging, and most entertaining Live crypto casino games is ending with this article. We will present you with Live Dealer Poker games. Our hopes go towards the direction that you’ll end up liking these games as much as we do.

Or better yet, as much as the millions of other people around the world, do. The good news is that you can start playing Live dealer poker on numerous crypto gambling sites. With our comprehensive guide, winning big in Live dealer poker has never been easier. We’ll reveal the basics, what you can expect, winnings, where to play, and much more. So, stick with us for a while. You’ll thank us later.

Work out the differences between classic Poker and Online Dealer Poker

Just to make things clear in the beginning. Playing classic poker is a lot different than playing the Live casino kind of poker. Mostly in terms of the way of playing.  The rules somewhat remain the same. As you may already know, playing classic poker involves playing against other players. In the liver version, you play against the house.

If you are a fan of faster-paced games then we surely recommend you play Live Dealer Poker. The classic version tends to last a lot longer and it might become tedious for some.

Same strategies in both classic and online poker live dealer

Poker is a game where good strategies and successful bluff win you a prize. This segment of the game has also been transferred to the online version. This means that you can easily try out some of the existing strategies you’ve used in the classic Poker to bitcoin poker as well. What else can you expect?

  • Checking – Keeping your card but passing the action to a player next to you with a chance to perform some of the other actions later in the round.
  • Opening – Starting the round of betting.
  • Calling – matching a previously made betting amount.
  • Raising – Do this in case you want to increase the ongoing bet. Others will have to either call, fold or re-raise it.
  • Folding – When you fold, you end participation in a hand and don’t want to continue. You won’t need to make any more bets

All of these features are translated between both versions of Poker.

No expected value in live poker

One of the crucial differences to learn for now is that when playing live dealer poker, a player does not have an advantage. This means that there is no positive expected value – EV, which is a long-term result of every decision you make during one poker hand. In poker, profit is everything. To get to profit, your decisions must be cost-effective.

EVs are important because they allow you to explore your strategies and take the most advantage of the current situation. Your goal is to perform an action that turns out the most beneficial. Every decision you make equals some sum of money you’ve brought.

In Live poker games there is no positive EV, it’s a loosing game as you are battling the house, and there is no ability or skills that will help win in the long term. You are just having fun here.

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Types of Live poker casino games

Certainly something that helps Poker stand out from the rest of casino games is that there is a great variety of titles to play. Nowadays you can choose between several variants of this popular casino game and try your strategy and luck. We are happy to introduce you to some of them.

Caribbean Stud Poker

In this variant a player and the dealer battle in a one-on-one contest. It is mandatory to place an Ante –  The first rule to have in mind is that players receive five-hole cards. All cards must be dealt face down. On the other hand, the dealer gets four cards placed face down, while the last one is face up.

The analysis of the hand starts in three, two, one… Raise your cards. What do you see? Do you think you have the best cards to win? If yes, then you need to place a bet twice as big as Ante. The other option is to decide to fold. Read more about Caribbean Stud Poker and prepare your bets.

Payouts: On the call bet, expect up to 100:1. On the ‘Bonus’ bet, the highest one goes up to 1000:1.

Casino Hold’em holds great payouts

For this classic version of poker sharpen your wits and get ready for a card clash. There are five cards in-game. The winner is the one who makes a better five-card hand.

At first, you are given two-hole cards face down, as well as the dealer. You are allowed to see your card, but not the ones of your opponent.

Three community cards are dealt with and placed between you and the dealer. With the two cards in your hand and these three, you now have 5 cards, and based on how well you assessed the strength of your cards, you will take the next steps. You will either call or fold. If you fold, you will lose the ante money. On the brighter side, you will save the rest of your money.

Check out the paytable at Casino Hold’em below, and for more information about Casino Hold’em, follow the link.

Straight or less1:1
Full house3:1
Four of a kind10:1
Straight flush20:1
Royal flush100:1

Try outplaying the dealer in Three Card Poker (triple card poker)

Again it is you against the dealer. Placing Ante bet is required here, as well. Now you will receive three cards, just like the dealer. And there’s a big catch here. This time your three cards are revealed immediately, while the dealer’s cards are not. The next steps are similar to the previous variants. You will need to decide what step to take next. Whether you will call or fold.

In this game, a lot of things depend on the dealer. If he’s got a weaker hand than a queen high, the dealer has the obligation to fold and you will get a 1:1 payout for your Ante. But other rules apply if the dealer’s hand is a king-high. Or if he has an even better combination. Please refer to the attached link about Three card Poker and check out more rules.

Extreme Texas Hold’em Poker for the biggest fans

It is probably redundant to say, but we will do it anyway. This is the most famous and most popular variant of Poker. Both bitcoin poker games and classical poker games. Maybe you’ve even come across Texas Hold’em Poker TV tournaments. Sometimes the rounds are spectacular!

This variant shares the most similarities with Casino Hold’em. The mandatory bet, ante, is involved after which you get your two hole cards. What is different is that you need to make your wager immediately without seeing the community cards.

In case you are not satisfied with your hole cards, you can perform fold. Otherwise, you can call.

When three community cards are dealt, we call it a ‘flop’. Now you can perform every action from call to fold, depending on your thoughts about the strength of your hand cards. When the fourth community card is dealt, that is ‘turn’ and everyone places their bets again. With the last community card, everyone needs to wager for the final time.

Learn more about Extreme Texas Hold’em and win the best bet in the next round.

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If you are already warmed up enough from reading the article, let us help you whoop it up a little bit more by informing you that there are many great bitcoin poker sites you can visit. Check them out on our website and see for yourself what amazing benefits all of them offer. They will welcome you with exclusive bonuses that you can find only on these crypto gambling sites. That’s their way to express their appreciation for every client. Rest assured that these websites are completely safe and malware-free. We tend to promote only the most trustworthy websites.

Winning big in Online Live Poker is not Mission Impossible

Have ever wondered why live Poker has so many die-hard fans? The answer is that many have won extraordinary sums of money and fulfilled their greatest desires. You can be one of them by sharpening your skills a bit more and knowing the rules through and through. Imagine yourself with the prize of your dreams and set that goal in front of you the next time you join the game.

Just be sure to understand that any Live Poker games are still a game of luck. And if the luck is not in your favor today, then don’t push it. Wait for the next opportunity.

Let’s conclude this hand of Live Dealer Poker

live poker dealer smiling because draw full house

Now that you’ve learned some of the most important features of bitcoin poker, and that you know the difference between several kinds of poker all you’ve got to do is pick the one that seems the best. Whether it’s the all-acclaimed Extreme Texas Hold’em Poker, Casino Hold’em Poker, or equally amazing Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker, we have no doubts that you’ll find your cup of tea.

Remember to pay attention to the rules of raising, calling, folding, or checking. Prepare your strongest strategy. Activate your poker face (literally) and see how wonderful coins multiply on your account. Hearing all about it will be our pleasure, so don’t be shy about sharing the positive news.

Otherwise, you can always try these Bitcoin casino table games:

Alright, the poker table is set. Ready, bluff, poker!


Where can I play live poker right now?

One of the best and safest places for playing poker is one of the featured casinos on our webpage. Please refer to them and choose the one you find the most appealing.

Is it legal to play poker online for real money?

Several American states such as Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, West Virginia, Delaware, Nevada, and Pennsylvania allow the players to enroll in legal online poker.
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