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Play Live Caribbean Stud Poker against the dealer

This page is going to explain all about Caribbean Stud Poker Live, by the time you are finished reading you will know how to bet and play and fold or raise. The nice part of this is Caribbean Stud Poker Live is this is not automated as a program would be, this makes you see no one is cheating you out of the money that you are going to be playing is played, for fairness and hopefully as fun.

Live dealer in caribbean stud poker

I also like how you get cards 5 in this stud but have to play betting or raising and even folding if you do not like your hand. Just as I like to tell my readers don’t put rent money gambling or you might not have a place to live, that can be a very bad time to skip the streets and gamble responsibly.

Caribbean Stud Poker Live Winnings

This video is where a guy is betting and showing you how it works as well as seeing you can win this kind of money in the short term, just remember guys in the long run the casino will win. The big flashy stuff at casinos did not end up free. But as a remark to gambling responsibly you can still win some money to have a party a new book or something you would rather have, just don’t count it to be the whole income you will earn for the rest of your life.

I have played the Caribbean before, it can be very nice or mean I won money on it and it did very well for me, hope it does well for you players as well.

How to Play

The main rules are you place the first bet and a bonus bet if you would like you to get the cards then you can raise your hand which puts you over into the next part of the game. Then you see if the dealer qualifies you to win if the hand you have beats him or is not qualified the lowest hand to qualify is Ace-King high.

If the hand doesn’t take an Ace or King, you are not getting paid extra just the normal pay. When I am playing at casinos I love to have fun and try different slots, a real 3D slot guy but one time I was playing poker and a type of this game was there to play and I played it.

The people that can play are whoever is on at the casino, but it looks like you are playing heads up with the dealer when playing Caribbean Stud Poker Live so you can just have that for you. To gamble in this game you are playing against the dealer’s hand no other players and the qualifier is to have an ace and a king-high, meaning high cards or any other lower or top hand meaning a pair or two pairs and so on.

Treat this game fun and check it out I really like this game myself, still more of a Lightning Baccarat fan than this because I love to play it at my places I bet.

live dealer-in-caribbean stud poker drawing card

To qualify for the 5 bonus 5, +1 for the dealer and you to both make out the 10 card count makes 3 of a kind or a better hand than that. Also to get a bonus bet you need to make an ante bet that is doing rather well.

The minimum is not much but $1 chips are played so it depends on what table you get on that has this kind of game on it, one place for example Stake.com.

That is all you need to know about the bonus and how to start up playing that is more of the fun part and here coming is more of the technical aspects of the game which will include payouts and % to win.

Where Can You Play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

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I also suggest playing at Stake.com it is a lively place where you can earn thousands by slot, by the roulette wheel, or any of the other games you choose to pick. I would also recommend 7BitCasino which is the place I have played and I don’t always win but I would definitely recommend it because it is a very fun game. Good luck at these casinos.

How Do You Win at Caribbean Stud Poker Live

If you are not running with a decent pair or two pair the strategy I suggest is not to keep calling on all the other bets that you have. The dealer gives out payouts and makes sure you qualify in a hand if you will be playing with that. I suggest getting a pair or trips or most of the cards 3-4 for a flush that is one of my strategies, all this advice here comes directly from me to you.

The last tip is that you should bet low and win big at first and slowly move forward and one more piece of advice don’t spend too much money on gambling if you can’t afford it, go ahead and just play for enjoyment that is what it is made for but sometimes people need help contact family or responsible gambling on the site that tells you their number and stops.

Live Dealer in caribbean stud poker winning hand

What Are Payouts and RTP

Now that you know all about the different bets here are payouts and what pays so you won’t have to not have to see the betting numbers here we go. Play results, play bet, and 5+1 bonus.

  • Play Result: Dealer does not and you qualify 1, Dealer qualifies you win 1:1 WIN dealer qualifies and you lose then you lose all your current best. Dealer qualifies with you tie and pays nothing it is a push. Player folds and that means you don’t gain money at all and lose both bets you would have put up.
  • Play Bet: Royal Flush is 100 to 1 odds meaning you get paid out 100 x. Straight Flush 50 to 1 50 x, four of a kind full house pays 10 to 1,flush 7 to 1 payouts 7x, straight 5 to 1 pays 5 x. Three of a kind 3 to one 3 x. two paits pays 2 to 1 2 x your bet and a pair or lower that win is 1 to 1 so 1 x your bet.

5+1 BONUS Royal Flush to 1000 x 1 bet payout, Straight Flush 200 to 1 bet payout, four of a kind 100 to 1 bet payout. full house pays 20 to 1 flush pays 15 to 1 straight pay 10 to 1 three of a kind 7 to 1. These are all the payouts that are in the game I will let you know on this page also what the chance of the money going back to the player if you are going to be playing these games I hope you won’t skip my strategies as they could work to make you good money and some wins hopefully.

The Return to player

Payouts above have all been mentioned the return to player is 96.30%. You can expect to see the paragraph above where all this is explained just remember casino games are not all going to payout gold and there should be some times that you do good winning, but don’t expect always to win because that can make you sad and broke if you were to spend too much money why you are at the online poker games. I think these games are cool and you can tell how much you are going to win well with that said, I hope you have a good game at every game you are ever played, good luck.

Other Related Live Poker Games

There are other Live Poker games you can choose and here is some information about them so you will know what you are doing in the first place. Here are a few for food for thought. Here are the ways to play and games I am going to tell you about under this paragraph.

  • Live Extreme Texas Hold’em – This game is made by Evolution and it is a great place to play if you know what you are doing. Here goes the best information on it the dealer gets a hand and you have to beat the hand, and now the extreme part is where you got less than 3% of casino edge so you could be doing well in this game, go ahead and check it out.
  • Live Casino Hold’em Poker– This is Texas Hold’em and the only different between players and wins they are all gone, you bet against the dealer and hope to get enough pairs or other hands that will allow you to win. Good luck in this great live casino game.
  • Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker – This is great game when you hit the bonus and then the slot pull will tell you how or what you won for getting to that game could be good could be bad but for one thing it is very fun to play.
  • Live Triple Card Poker – Live Triple Card Poker is great you get three cards after you bet and then after that happens you see who wins and loses very fast game and not hard to play, I have played it before and I hope you get a chance to as well, one time when I was in Las Vegas I played and my friend sat in front of me got a straight flush, good game player.