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Technical Table Information

Dead or Alive Slot MachineInsights
RTP (return to player)96.8%
Casino Software provider:NetEnt
Release date2019
Maximum Multiplier12,000x
Volatility: (low, medium, high) High
Winning Lines:9
Min bet: 0.09
Max bet: 18
Provably Fair (yes/no)No
Jackpot slot (yes/no): No
Technology (for example HTML5)HTML5
Theme slot (adventure, Egyptian, Aztec, animals, Christmas, etc…): Cowboys
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Description of the slot 

The slot Dead or Alive is based on western, and winning is fun, but there is high volatility. When you know that it can take an extended amount of time to win, but when you win, it is a big win; volatility means there is not a ton of wins all the time, but big wins some of the time.

You will learn how sound, features, and audio builds up to this fun game, Dead or Alive. You are about to get an idea of why it’s fun because of big prizes, and the look of this game and the sound is good. Dead or Alive’s benefits will be discussed as you continue reading.

Design & Audio

The design of the game is a cowboy/western type of game. The music is good with the slot and the overall design of these matches, don’t forget the central part of this game, which is good at making big money sometimes, but on that the other times not.


The bonus is 12 free spins or lowers; to get it, and you hit three scatter symbols. The scatters are guns, and it will show you how much you get paid more symbols higher win. The dual pistols are the scatter symbol.  When understanding bonuses are good free spins, here is a tip, they could not pay at all.

Paying and not paying is fun, but you could get lucky, and I hope that is the thing that you would like—people playing gambling on sites but never want to win more money. Gambling can’t be a way to make money because it doesn’t always happen; count on it for a good time.


Learning this game is simply by practicing, whether it would be play mode or not. Expect a win and try different tactics, such as changing bet size and number of spins.  How much can be earned by this game is 12,000 x bet amount so, if you want to know the max amount of your bet, the time it by 12k.


The theme to this is western and has all kinds of western symbols. To get 3 of a kind is to get the money earned because it changes how much it’s going to make based on what symbol it is. Everything matches everything else, all and all a great way to gamble.


The volatility is how hard the game can be to win big. Also, this game in specific has high volatility, which means it will be harder to win, but when you win, you are getting a reasonable sum of cash. I like playing games like this but, if you think you would give it a try and see if you could do good at high volatility wins. Good luck!


slot gameplay of dead or alive getting 3 scatters to get free spins
winning round on Dead or Alive slot machine

About the casino software provider

NetEnt is the gaming provider that provides many slots and can be found in many casinos; they are coming out with awesome games with interesting, designed scatters. I like Dead or Alive because the gun revolver looks cool.

I think that would be a good reason to play and that it can hit a good number win due to the high volatility. When you get a chance to try it out, make sure to bet and have fun, and win because that is the main exciting thing about gambling.

Final Considerations

Based on our matching system, it is three because it’s not exclusive, and it doesn’t have a buyable bonus, and that is what you can get it. Just think about this when you hit a large scatter, it can pay much higher but doesn’t always.

I know this game is good, so I suggest it, but that is great. If you have your favorite crypto slots, you might want to let this one be given a chance so you can watch this one being one of your next favorites.  Play safe, of course, but it’s your money, spend it how you want it.

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These are good slots of NetEnt has, and I have never had several spins that make me angry. That is one last tip from me you should not be angry to lose because make it like pizza night. This means just what you want to set up for a deposit. Lastly, make sure you use a bonus on any casino if it is there.

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