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10 Crypto Games You Need To Try in 2022

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If you recently have been in contact with crypto gambling, you must know that there is a big difference between classic casino games and the new bitcoin games, also called crypto games. Thus, on this page, we analyze the most popular games featured on the leading crypto casinos and give you the proper context of the technology used behind these games. Let’s dive right into it!

Top Bitcoin Games Sites in September 2022

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And apart from these crypto games mentioned before, there are a lot more to explore on different platforms. Almost every casino tries to create something unique to attract more players with their games. 

We advise you to check our extensive list of the best crypto casinos and see by yourself what are the unique games you can find on the platforms mentioned and find the best one that fits your requirements, fun, and entertainment. Or else, you can check our bitcoin casino reviews page, where we explain how we rate them and analyze them for a better understanding.

The following is THE list for excellence, where you can find the most reputable and trustworthy crypto casinos that accept bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, and many more altcoins for your gaming time.

An introduction to a new era of games

Since 2008 we have seen an incredible spike of innovation within the gambling industry, everything thanks to Blockchain and all the benefits that come along with it.

The new era of bitcoin games born will revolutionize the gaming experience of all the casino players over the internet. Thus, a more substantial and cohesive community will grow within, and it will make possible the creation of a better and more positive environment. Nowadays, gamblers from different parts of the globe have issues while playing at any online casino, mainly due to obsolete platforms or poor user experience layouts.

But right now, a new wave of specialized developers are working toward a better future by providing better online crypto gambling platforms, such as BC.game, Stake, TrustDice, BetFury, and many more, that are focused on only one thing: deliver the best possible value to their players.

Best Bitcoin Games chosen in 2022

The following section groups all the best crypto gambling games that players love spending time with. Some of these games have a considerable history, and some are more innovative.

Bitcoin Slots

Slots are the main game that players play, period. No other game can create a significant relationship between the gamer and the casino. Each bitcoin slot that you can find in casinos is designed to engage with the consumer. Thus, keeping in mind the information we just provided, we’ve created a thoughtful page for bitcoin slots. We classify them by RTP, popularity, theme, and volatility and explain many different concepts that each gambler should be aware of.

dark version Bets.io casino
Slots from Bets.io

You can even try the slots that we review for free by playing the demo version. Our team made that for you; first, you gain experience and try the free version; then, you can pass it on to the real money slots version when you are ready.

Bitcoin Dice

One of the most entertaining crypto games that you can ever find. You have the adrenaline of the bet, and you will see that inside you will spark something that says that with mathematics, you can really beat the casino and bring home a good win. Playing Bitcoin Dice is a unique experience that every player has to try at least once.

As you can see on the best bitcoin Dice casinos page, you will find a very significant range of crypto casinos that offer this provably fair game. Most of them have a faucet, and this will let you test each casino without the need to deposit any real money. Otherwise, if you want, there is an entire page dedicated to bitcoin casino bonuses analyzing all the different types available.

Once you find the right casino, you will have the freedom to test and experiment with all sorts of strategies and feel the emotions, chills, and thrill that this game brings you. The following is a sneak peek of a dice game:

Dice game on BC.game
Dice game on BC.game


Since 1983 Plinko has made history through the American tv show (The Price Is Right). After being a huge success offline and with the table game, Plinko finally made it online thanks to the advancement of the internet. Due to the development of the Blockchain and the rise of crypto casinos, it is now available at its latest version: Plinko gambling, the provably fair game.

Plinko game on Stake.com
Plinko game on Stake.com

Crash Gambling

Like many of the provably fair games, Crash is a fun game! But what is it exactly? This particular game, called in different ways sometimes, is all about multiplying.

As you can see in the picture (below), there is a multiplier, and as it goes up, it gets bigger and bigger. But be careful because as the space shuttle can have problems and explode, the same can happen if you do not withdraw your bet!

Crash game on bitsler.com
Crash game on bitsler.com


This game is also available offline at the lotteries; you can now find it in the most modern online casinos, like the ones we present to you on the bitcoin Keno game dedicated page. This will be full of information such as the probability of hitting the jackpot, strategies, and exactly which crypto operators offer this fantastic game.

screenshot Keno crypto game on stake.com

Only the few crypto casinos that we will show you have Keno as one of their provably fair games, and it will allow you to enjoy your time and feel the thrill.

Crypto Hilo

Hilo, also known as High-Low, refers to whether the card is higher or lower than what you have on the table. This one is one of the top crypto games you can find together with the others mentioned above and below.

The Bitcoin Hilo game is a fun and straightforward game; it will give you excitement and tension simultaneously due to the game’s structure. On the Hilo provably fair game page, you will see all the strategies and probabilities you have when playing and the potential winnings you can have.

We advise you to go to the Bitcoin Hilo game guide page and discover more about where to try this game out!

Screenshot Hilo Crypto game on stake.com


For sure, you did try it on your windows when you were a younger boy/girl, and we are talking about crypto Minesweeper. It is the same game but adapted for crypto players with the possibility of winning money.

Screenshot Mines crypto game on stake.com

Get to discover more about the minesweeper crypto gambling game and see which casino you can play with juicy bonuses and with a high level of privacy.


Last but not least, we are also going to talk on the intended page about Wheel. As many tv shows around the world did a similar game, it was almost impossible not to have it in a crypto format as a provably fair game. The Wheel is quite famous in the gambling community.

Now available in crypto casinos, we review it all on the Wheel dedicated page. We advise you to try it out in the mentioned online casinos with this fantastic game.

Screenshot Wheel game on BC.game

The following is the list of the top 5 crypto casinos that accept all the provably fair games that we just talked about. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by contacting us! Or, if you have any contribution you would like to make, feel free to interact with us on our Twitter community!

Bitcoin Table Games

  • Roulette: A game that couldn’t be missing from this list of crypto games. Bitcoin Roulette is one of those games that will never die. Coming from hundreds of years of history and still, one of the main bitcoin table games ever played
  • Blackjack: same as the previous game mentioned, Crypto Blackjack has been an enormous game in its whole history. From people trying to count cards in land-based casinos to live dealer tables on online gambling platforms.
  • Baccarat: another of the major bitcoin table games that gamblers from all over the world love. In fact, we’ve created a crypto baccarat guide for those players that still don’t know how to play, and gathered a list of reputable sites with exclusive crypto casino sign-up bonuses.
  • Poker: has been one of the most played games, especially by the young generation, but not only. Plus, it’s a game that can actually make you a winner over a long period of time. Check our page for bitcoin poker sites and everything you need to know to start playing.

Coin Flip

One of the games is on the rise in popularity. Check the dedicated page on CoinFlip Game, or else if you are a Counter-Strike player, better check the best list of CSGO Gambling sites because they include most of the games mentioned above and more.


Every person in the world has dreamed of winning the lottery and the huge jackpot that comes along. With crypto and Blockchain, the process became more transparent and secure. Find the best crypto lottery sites on our custom build page and where you can get started.

What makes a crypto game different?

Crypto games are possible thanks to a provably fair system. An algorithm allows the player to check if a casino is cheating on them or not and provides a transparent way of verifying all of this.

You might be asking: “How is that possible?” It is possible thanks to a mechanism that casinos are offering on their platform, which makes it simple to check if the game is fair with the user.

Blockchain-based platforms are built in such a way as to not leave any possible way for the casino or for the player to cheat, even if they would love to. Above, you can find bitcoin casinos that offer these fantastic games, which we will uncover in the next section.

Provably Fair Technology in casino games

When it comes to online gambling and casinos, many were hesitant to get involved due to the prevalence of frauds and scams that had given the space a bad name.

Older platforms were notorious for unfairly manipulating games in favor of the house, disrupting randomization models that would cause users to lose more often. In extreme events, completely neglect and refrain from distributing winnings to the player. 

However, due to a recent turn of events, online gambling platforms have been rebranded and repurposed, prioritizing users regarding security, winning odds, and transparent processes.

The online gambling community has started to flourish, and much of it is due to the decision to utilize Blockchain and cryptocurrency as a core fundamental feature of multiple platforms. Many new crypto casinos also got into the market, bringing innovation and value to all the players around the world. 

The Transition

Modern online gambling has made this transition by buffing protocol through the implementation of the Blockchain and the immutability it provides; many of the top cryptocurrency platforms nowadays have elected to pursue a decentralized model in which users are placing bets in the form of some of the world’s most prestige cryptocurrencies. Amongst them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, providing an advantageous and revolutionary edge over their traditional online casino predecessors.

Advantages of Blockchain

The Blockchain provides a transparent and unchangeable database that showcases undeniable proof on whether a transaction has or hasn’t occurred. In the event of winnings disputes and improper allocation of rewards, the casinos utilizing a distribution per their choice of Blockchain will elect to disclose all transactions that occur on the network. 

These timestamped transactions will invite open identification of pseudonymous wallet addresses, and it will be straightforward to prove whether users are owed money in any dispute. In addition to increasing efficiency and reducing fraud, the security of the Blockchain helps provide a failsafe environment, in which one administrative key could put the funds of many in jeopardy. 

Once transactions in the Blockchain have been executed, they cannot be changed, manipulated, or corrupted, and miners will verify transactions without a bias, prioritizing the integrity of the content with the transaction and ensuring it is accurate. 

Transparency and immutability are essential in building trust between different players and platforms to implement security measures. Many of these businesses are starting to value their clients and are willing to turn online bitcoin gambling into a rewarding business approaching exponential growth.

The Conclusion

As Bitcoin and Blockchain garner traction and get closer to mainstream adoption, we can already see the initiatives companies are taking to transform and improve the status quo. 

Many online crypto gambling platforms offer a fresh atmosphere and enticing aesthetic attributed to increased security and transparency compared to traditional platforms. 

Whether a beginner or veteran gambler, transitioning from fiat gambling websites to utilizing crypto offers nothing but benefit; by choosing the right platform and a game like dice, Keno, or plinko with a favorable house edge, many crypto gambling platforms are providing immense returns to those ready to pursue the endeavor.

Disclosure: Most links pointing to crypto casinos are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, CryptoGamble.Tips team will earn a commission if you click and join the respective operator and start playing. For more information, visit Disclosure Policy.
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