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CSGO Coinflip: find the best sites for your amusement

Gamers from all over the world are looking for CSGO Coinflip sites. We are here to provide you with a valuable list of sites, explain to you what is Coinflip game and why it is so famous among players, especially those that love to play CSGO.

Before getting into the wild, we must make a premise. We have made an analysis of all the CSGO gambling sites available on and found that only the following 3 crypto casinos are offering Coinflip as a game or a similar one. In some cases, they even call it by other names, such as Duel, or offer a similar game, like Rock paper scissors. Look below, check them all and find what suits you the most, you surely won’t regret following our advice.

The 4 best CSGO Coinflip sites

Below, you can see a list of the casino reviews which offer several crypto games you are looking for. These casinos are backed up by provably fair, the system that allows the gamer to have a fair and honest game.

CSGOEmpire CS:GO Betting & Gambling

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CSGO500 – Get 500 BUX upon registration Esports betting site and casino games

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CoinDragon – Crypto Casino Original Gambling games

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CSGOPolygon – BONUS CODE: CGTIPS CSGO Gambling site & esports

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The sites above have been throughout a selective process in our review. In fact, we’ve looked at categorised each one of them by respecting our ranking methods and review system that we’ve created at the beginning of our journey, make sure you visit our casino review page and the raking system methodology here. This makes it more clear, honest, fair and as objective as possible because we do not take any money for reviewing casinos.

Now, it is time to dig more and uncover things you weren’t aware of CSGO Coinflip game. Let’s go!

Where does CSGO Coinflip game come from?

In order to understand the game, we must go back in time and see its origins. Coinflip comes from the roman empire and was used both for taking quick decisions and as a game. By flipping the coin, you have 50/50 chance of getting either the heads or tails. By simply throwing the coin 100 times you can see that the probability of getting heads is the same as getting tails.

CSGO Coinflip game on CSGOEmpire

Back in the days was used also for other matters, but most importantly for games. In fact, people can bet on one side and win, or lose, by the outcome. Nowadays, gambling houses reintroduced this game to their fan base.

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What is CSGO Coinflip?

Coinflip game is a very simple game. Based on the information provided above, we can say that the gambling house, the online casino, host the game – so does he get a % for hosting the game – and allows players to enjoy this game.

Each side has to choose one of the two available options, can be a colour, a number or a symbol, and the system will roll the dice and give the outcome. The player that matches the same outcome symbol wins.

We must remind you that the game, as it is backed by provably fair, is an honest, secure and fair game. Also, we mustn’t forget about the percentage that the casino takes on each bet, which can be up to 5%.

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How to play CSGO Coinflip?

Several crypto casinos, see them in the top of the page list, offer this game. Each platform has its own style but in the end, the concept is the same. Below you can see some images representing Coinflip game.

CSGO coinflip game
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How to win at CSGO Coinflip?

Are you wondering about any winning strategy? Well… unfortunately here there aren’t available. This game, for the way is made, cannot provide strategies to players. The simple flipping the coin has its probability of winning and loosing (50/50) so it’s not like in other related games where you can apply a strong strategy and win more.

Remember that is a gambling game and all the games are made in a way for you to lose in the long run. So, in the end, no real strategy can make you a winner. Unless, you find a way of cheating the casino (please share with us :P) or a EV+ strategy which is quite impossible in casino games.

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Where to play provably fair games

The following is another valuable list of crypto casinos that offer an incredible range of games for all kinds of players. Don’t miss out all the fun, go and check them all for free!

GamDom Casino Top CSGO Gambling Site

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The links pointing to crypto casinos are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, CryptoGamble.Tips team will earn a commission if you click and join the respective operator and start playing.

CSGOEmpire CS:GO Betting & Gambling

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CSGORoll CSGO Gambling Site

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Duelbits Casino

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CSGO500 – Get 500 BUX upon registration Esports betting site and casino games

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Bitsler Casino & Esports Esports Betting Site

Crash, Dice, Roulette and more with Bitcoin and other 17 cryptocurrencies. Provably fair games.

Stake Casino & Sports betting Top Bitcoin Casino

E-Sports Betting and Gambling site and games are backed up by provably fair system.