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Most players who visit CryptoGamble.tips already know about the Crash crypto game. But, we need to assume that not everyone knows about it. Thus, we’ve created this page about the Crash gambling game, explaining what it is, how to win, and some simple strategies you want to follow to increase your winnings – or minimize your losses.

Also, believe it or not, the crash money game will remain a popular game in crypto casinos in the upcoming years. Perhaps this is the reason for the emergence of many crash csgo sites. So, without further ado, let us proceed.

Best Crash Gambling Sites in September 2022

If you are looking for the best Crash gambling with real money sites, you came to the right place. Some of the top platforms to play Crash are as follows:

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screenshot of the crash game on BitDice casino

What is Crash Gambling?

One of the most straightforward ways to put it down is:

The original Crash Gambling is a simple game that involves a line; that line continues to grow obliquely and parabolically (see picture below). At the beginning of the game, the player bets, and with every second that passes, the multiplier increases starting from 1x upwards. The game of chance for the player to win needs to cash out at any time before the line crashes to get the best, which will be multiplied by that specific number displayed. If time passes and the player waits too much, the line will crash to lose the bet.

screenshot of BC.Game's crash game

For example: “I bet 10$ at the beginning of the round. Now, the line reached a 2.09x multiplier; therefore, I will win 2.09 x 10$ = 20.9$. IF, and only IF, I get out from the game”. Meanwhile, on the other hand, if you keep waiting, there are two possibilities:

  • the line (or any representations of Crash) will keep going up and you can win bigger.
  • the line will explode, and your bet is lost.

Features of the game

Auto bet is one of the best features in Crash. You can perform numerous tasks from this option such as –

screenshot of the automatic features on crash game
  • On Loss Tab: By selecting this, you automatically cash out of the game as soon as things start going unfavorably.
  • On Win Tab: As soon as you make a profit in the game, the Auto cashout “On Win” feature will cash out and help you make a profit no matter how small.
  • Return to Base: If you set the same amount for both “On Win” and “On Loss”, you have to select the option called Return to Base.
  • Limiting Max Bet Size: By choosing this option, you can ensure that the Auto bet option does not set an unfeasible maximum bet size.
  • Stop Betting after a Limit: Stop betting after a certain number of wins or losses that have taken place.
  • Automatic Cashout: Refers to the decision to leave the game as soon as it reaches a specific multiplier. 
screenshot of the crash game on BetFury casino

Game Odds and RTP

The crash gambling game is defined as a game of chance based on pure luck, unlike crypto Blackjack. The return to player (RTP) usually ranges between 97 – 99%.

Casino NameRTPLink to play
BC.Game99%Try their game
TrustDice98.5%Try their game
Stake99%Try their game
Roobet98%Try their game
BitDice99%Try their game
BetFury99%Try their game

Who created this Bitcoin Crash game?

The founders of bustabit invented this game, and we think they deserve an honorable mention from us.

screenshot of bustabit the original crash game

Lately, crash gambling sites have started to give them different themes according to their designs. The game at the end is straightforward and doesn’t need thousands of words to describe it. I am sure you will have so much fun with it as many people love this crypto crash game.

Play the Crash Casino Game for Free

The main Crash Gambling Strategies

Here is the list of ideas for possible strategies you can employ in Crash to enhance your profit-making chances. You can check this complete guide on betting strategies that can also apply to this game.

Automatic Cashout

Set a cashout amount you would like to withdraw from the game. The automatic cashout feature will take you out of the game as soon as the multiplier reaches that number. Setting a low cashout limit will give you frequent wins but a low amount. A higher cashout limit will give you greater rewards, but winning won’t be that frequent.

screenshot of windice casino with crash game

The Martingale Strategy

No matter how complex this strategy sounds, many top players use it. If you lose a round, you keep increasing your bet at a fixed rate in this strategy. And once you land a win, you revert to your base bet with which you started the game.

Fibonacci Sequence

In the Fibonacci sequence, you add the two previous numbers like a multiplier in Crash. If you lose your bet, you increase the betting amount according to the sequence, but if you win the bet, you go two steps back as given in the Fibonacci sequence.

Anti-Martingale Strategy

This strategy works as the reverse of the Martingale strategy. According to the anti-Martingale strategy, you should increase the bet and decrease it when you lose. Here both winning and losing streaks are involved.

screenshot crash game on bitsler.com

Tips and Tricks to be a better player

The Crash is a game of pure chance, and therefore the player can make no definitive strategy about it. But there are a few tips and tricks for Crash gambling real money, which you can use to increase your odds in the game. They are as follows:

Use Bonus to Minimize Risk

Crash requires you to place a bet that gets forfeited if you don’t win. There is always a risk in the game. But to mitigate the risk of losing, you should take advantage of the bonus offers given in the game. The bonus can place a free bet in the game without risking any money from your side.

Use a Betting System

You can use the betting system strategically to your advantage, and you can choose the maximum win and loss amount to set a goal for yourself. In this regard, the auto bet and Auto cashout can come handy.

Low House Edge

It would help if you went to an online platform for Crash where the house edge is low, significantly improving your chances of winning the game. A low house edge means that the risk of the game crashing at 1.00x will occur once or twice in every hundred rounds.

Among cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin remains the most popular one. As a result, there are many Bitcoin casino games that you can play using this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Poker

Among card games, Poker rules the roost. There are countless variations of bitcoin Poker, among which Texas Hold’Em and Omaha are some of the most popular and globally played games. Bitcoin Poker is a game where luck and skill play an essential role. You can play this game instantly without signing up by using your Bitcoins. However, some websites might require your KYC.        

Bitcoin Dice

The game of Dice has pretty straightforward gameplay. You have to predict a number above or below the number that shows up after the dice rollout. If you guess it correctly, you win the game. If not, your betting amount is forfeited. Bitcoin Dice’s advantage is that the game is safe and transparent, and the deposit and withdrawal method is quick.   

Bitcoin Roulette

In Bitcoin roulette, you have to predict the number on which the ball will land. There are different versions of roulette, and the most popular ones still the classic ones with live dealer.

The game is of high variability but can land good fortune for you. The advantage Bitcoin Roulette offers is that it is a provably fair game so that you can enjoy the game without any apprehension.

Bitcoin Lottery

The game of lottery does not demand much from the players. You have to choose a number that stands the chance of showing up after the roll. In some versions of the lottery, you can bet on more than one number. The results are announced at regular intervals in a day, so the players get plenty of opportunities to win the game. The Bitcoin Lottery can give you ample rewards because of the lottery size and the currency’s volatility.

Bitcoin Slots

The game of slots is quite popular in online casinos. They work on RNG mechanics, and all you have to do is place a bet and spin the wheel. If you form a winning combination, the respective payout is made to you. Generally, you have to register at an online casino to play slots, but many Bitcoin slots can be played by directly placing a bet through your crypto wallet.

Bitcoin Keno

The game of Keno resembles a lottery to a great extent. Here you have to wager on numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Once the bet is placed, 20 numbers are drawn randomly. Depending on how many numbers a player is marked to be shown, the payout is made. The higher your marked numbers, the higher the bet. Bitcoin Keno comes in handy here as you can quicken up the process with blockchain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money with Crash Gambling sites?

If you are wondering if Crash Game is profitable you have to keep in mind that this is another casino game. Basically, it means that you can still make money out of it but not in the long term as the house will always win. In fact, the average house edge is about 1 or 2 %, it depends on the crypto casino, and as you could imagine your return is about 98/99%. Thus, in the long run of bets, you will lose because there, not a positive Expected Value (EV). The concept of EV can be applied in gambling as well so you just need to take the information of the article and apply it to the bitcoin crash gambling game and you are good to go.

How can you play the crash casino game for free?

There are crypto casinos, such as BC.Game, Stake, Paradice Casino, and others that offer you the possibility to sign up for free and use either games without deposits. Otherwise, on our page we added the ability to try it with a demo version.

What is the difference between the Bitcoin Crash Gambling game and the CSGO Crash Gambling game?

In the bitcoin crash game, you have the opportunity to deposit cryptocurrencies and bet with them. Meanwhile, on the CSGO crash game, you have at your disposal also your CSGO skins, which you can either win or buy with real money.

What are the main strategies to win at the bitcoin Crash Gambling game?

The three main strategies that you can utilize during your game are the MartinGale, the Anti-Martingale, the Paroli system, and the automatic cash-out tool that each game has at any crypto gambling site.

How to Play Crash Gambling in the US?

US players to play crash need to use a VPN. Or look for the alternative called “aviator” in the regulated online casinos.
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