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Bitcoin Dice Game: the most popular among players in 2022

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Most of you are probably aware that the Bitcoin Dice game has been around for quite a while, but the truth is that it’s the first-ever Bitcoin-based game to graze the world of online gambling. Even the best crypto casinos offering crypto games in the industry were established around 2014, but Bitcoin Dice has been actively operating way back in 2012. That’s how this thrilling gaming headline got very popular, and this trend is still continuing strong this year. 

On this page, you will find the main Crypto Dice Game rules, RTP value and sites to play at. Also, we included a short description of each crypto dice games you have in several casinos and compared them. Find Betfury, BCGame, Trustdice and Fortunejack.

With the numerous crypto gambling games being introduced lately, it might be tough for some players to find an alternative that is easy, profitable, and enjoyable to play. If you are looking for a simple yet entertaining game you can play and win big, then Bitcoin Dice is the way to go

But that’s hardly a surprise. Throughout the years, with the constant improvement of the crypto gambling industry, most games have introduced new versions with fantastic new designs. Now, across the various top sites, this has indeed been the case with Bitcoin Dice. 

That said, Bitcoin Dice is a game that can prove to be very profitable for players, especially when we consider the opportunity to win up to 99,000x your initial bet. Are you interested to learn how this is possible? Stick around and check out how to truly give yourself a shot at winning from Bitcoin Dice in the best crypto gambling sites in the industry. 

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The Best Bitcoin Dice Sites to Play in September 2022

Trust dice Logo
  • 50 Free Spins with code
  • Provably fair Games
  • Great welcome bonus
stake casino logo
  • 18 original games
  • Advanced sportsbook
  • Accepts 19 cryptocurrencies including the most popular ones
New Casino
kryptosino logo
  • Juicy Welcome Bonuses
  • 5000+ casino games
  • Fast transactions & low limits
New Casino
wildcoins casino logo
  • Huge library of casino games
  • Exclusive welcome bonus
  • Responsible gambling tools for users
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Even before you think of engaging with the exciting Bitcoin Dice game, there is something else you need to consider – the platform where you will be enjoying the game. Nowadays, there are plenty of gambling sites that offer Bitcoin Dice. After all, this has been the first crypto game online. These platforms often introduce interesting game variations, while some even go a step further and add some additional features to the game itself. 

This will often have a significant impact on your total winnings and general gaming experience. So, choosing legit crypto casino sites is essential. But here in crytpogambling.tips, that’s not a decision you will have to worry about at all. Our experts have already gone through the hassle of researching which are the best platforms that offer this game and where it’s the most optimal to play. 

Additionally, we have provided you with even more value, by establishing solid cooperation with these sites to hook  you with the most generous exclusive bonuses in the crypto gambling industry. So, go through our list of established sites and choose the one that will provide you with the most significant bonus offers out of all! 

Bitcoin Dice RTP in the Top Crypto Gambling Sites

The RTP percent will always be essential to every online casino game. This is why players should always be aware of it before engaging with a particular headline, even if it initially seems too attractive. 

Well, with Bitcoin Dice, that’s indeed the case. After some research, our team found out that the game provides players with some of the best returns in the gambling industry. Most Bitcoin Dice games have an RTP percent as high as 99%, which can’t possibly be compared to anything regarding gambling online. 

Together, we will take a look at the RTP value of the Bitcoin Dice game in some of the best crypto sites in the industry. This will further help you make the correct decision based on your preferences. That said, let’s dive straight into it.

Name Dice Casino SiteRTP – Return to Player (theoretical)Direct Link To Play
BCGame99%Visit Casino
TrustDice99%Visit Casino
Stake99%Visit Casino
Windice99%Visit Casino
Betfury99%Visit Casino
Bitsler99%Visit Casino
Fortunejack99%Visit Casino
Wolf.bet99%Visit Casino
Paradice99%Visit Casino
Bitdice99%Visit Casino
Bitkong99%Visit Casino
Crypto.Games99%Visit Casino
Duckdice99%Visit Casino
Primedice99%Visit Casino
Mintdice99%Visit Casino
Tower.bet99%Visit Casino

As you can see, all these incredible sites provide some very exciting Bitcoin Dice versions with different designs, and all of them have the highest possible RTP percent – 99%. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which one you pick. You will always be set up for an exciting and potentially highly-profitable gaming experience. The only differences are:

  • the graphics, design and style
  • the hosting casino platform
  • the community
  • the VIP experience
  • Bonuses, if any.

How to Play the Bitcoin Dice Game 

Exploiting a game with a high RTP percent is much easier than in general, but you still need to know the rules and come up with a proper strategy or two. Luckily, the rules of Bitcoin Dice are so simple that even beginners can get rolling after playing a few rounds. Let’s look at some of the most crucial game rules and mechanics. 

The Dice game is backed by provably fair technology that ensures that the game is fair and gives you the option to verify the results independently (see below the explaination about provably fair). Due to the sheer simplicity of the game, Bitcoin Dice can be found in many of the new bitcoin casinos.
  • No minimum betting limit 
  • It runs on provably fair technology
  • Low house edge
  • It can be played anonymously
  • Automatic betting and strategy setting
  • it can create addiction
  • it’s a losing game in the long run (even if low house edge)

Pick a Number and Roll Over/Under

The main concept of the Bitcoin Dice game is to determine if the next value of the dice will be over or under a particular number. Generally, this makes the game very similar to a coin flip, but the main difference here is that you have the complete freedom to pick the number borders you want to bet on. For example, you can pick the number 30 and then determine if you want to bet under or over this value. 

Depending on the probability of your bet coming true, you will get higher or lower odds. That’s how you can determine your playing style and if you will be chasing the higher potential winnings. After all, you can go as high as 9,900x

Selecting a Desired Win 

Most of the Bitcoin Dice games on the proper sites have a very interesting feature that can make the life of many players much easier. Sometimes, if you are applying a specific strategy or you just want to win a particular amount, you need to make some calculations or try to land the perfect number to bet on. 

But that’s where the “desired win” feature comes in handy. With this feature, you just have to enter the multiplier you want to win with, and the game will automatically pick a number, whether you want to bet on under or over. That’s how this looks in practice: 

Auto Betting

We definitely can’t say that Bitcoin Dice is a game for the faintest hearts, but specifically, for this reason, there is another feature that might be beneficial for some players. Do you know you can play Bitcoin Dice even without being present on your device? That’s possible with the auto-betting game mode that the most established crypto casinos provide. 

There are so many different specifics you can choose about your autoplay gaming session, making it completely unique for your betting style and preference. You can select the number of bets, add a stop profit and loss, select if you want to reset the game after hitting a profit/loss, or even increase after either scenario. The opportunities are literally limitless! That’s how you can make money without doing anything, and that’s pretty cool. 

Utilizing Hotkeys 

The hotkeys are another great feature that will make your gambling experience with Bitcoin Dice even more straightforward. Almost every Dice game in the best crypto casinos provides this feature, with its own set of unique hotkeys. These are basically a pre-set line of buttons you can press to activate a particular command in a snap. 

The hotkeys look like this and will further allow you to experience the full spectrum of emotions while you roll the dice as quickly as humanly possible! You can easily enable or disable the feature from the particular menu of the game. 

Live Game Statistics 

Everyone who has some further experience with online gambling knows that trends are a real thing, and sometimes the impossible becomes a reality mainly because of some crazy patterns repeating over time. Luckily for players, almost all Bitcoin Dice games offer live statistics where you can quickly glance at what other users are doing, as well as their results and payouts. From our experience, this proves to be the most crucial Bitcoin Dice feature of all. 

How does Provably Fair work in Bitcoin Dice Games

As other websites say more efficiently, at any given moment, any player can go and check throughout the system available on the respective platforms the fairness. 

In a simple formula given by Stake casino

fair result = operators input (hashed) + players input

We want to make it easier as much as possible. You can either verify the fairness on the platform you are playing or on 3rd party tools-websites with an open-source verification procedure.

If you have any questions regarding this, you can always email us or contact the support team of the crypto casino you are enjoying yourself at.  

Different Types of Bitcoin Dice Games 

Once you have decided to enjoy the Bitcoin Dice game, you are bound to enter a world of gaming diversity and exciting emotions. That’s because aside from the differences in design in the various platforms, there are different versions of the game itself. 

This is how you can guarantee yourself a completely new experience every time you enter the best crypto casinos. That being said, let’s check out some of the different Bitcoin Dice games you can enjoy. 

Blue Dice – Fortunejack 

The Blue Dice by Fortunejack is one of the most exciting Bitcoin Dice games, mainly because of some unique features and the enormous jackpot you can take down! One unique feature worth mentioning is the “splitting screen” option that allows you to play two dice games simultaneously. This will further increase your chances of taking down the jackpot that increases daily. 

Classic Dice – Any casino

The Classic Dice is basically the traditional version of the Bitcoin Dice that is usually offered in almost every online crypto casino. This version of the dice is the easiest to play yet is still profitable and comes with a very high RTP percent. The only difference between the various Classic Dice versions is the design. 

Ultimate Dice – by BCgame

The Classic Dice uses numbers between 0 and 100, which limits your winning chances quite a bit. But the Ultimate Dice by BCgame opens up a new world of opportunities right before our eyes. In this game, you can easily pick numbers between 0 and 9,999, which skyrockets your potential win to 9,900x! 

Hash Dice – BCGame

BCgame has again come up with an amazing variation of the Classic Dice game by introducing Hash Dice. If you are heavily into enormous potential winnings, this will definitely be the true game for you. 

In Hash Dice, you can win up to 99,000x your initial stake! Even in other games across the crypto gambling industry, payouts like this are nothing short of a dream. But here at BCgame, this is a true possibility. 

Space Dice – Betfury

The Space Dice by Betfury provides a very different perspective of how you can play the exciting Bitcoin Dice game. In this version, you can select to wager on a 3-point range that covers a set of numbers between 0 and 9,999. The smaller the range, the bigger the potential rewards. In case you are looking for some different types of Bitcoin Dice, this is a great alternative. 

How to Win By Using a Proven Bitcoin Dice Strategy?

Winning in casino games has always been a matter of preparation and the right knowledge. Even in games with the highest potential return of investment like Bitcoin Dice (99%), you can still do a lot to increase your winnings even further. And one of them is to use proven dice strategies. 

The good thing about Bitcoin Dice is that the games have a very simple mechanism, and you can implement almost every classic strategy to them. You might want to check out some information about working gambling strategies online, but some of the most popular include Martingale, D’Alembert, and the Fibonacci system. 

Is Bitcoin Dice Entertaining Enough? 

At first, Bitcoin Dice might not seem like the most entertaining game of all. Well, this might be true when it comes to the classic game. However, throughout the years, the best crypto gambling platforms in the industry have already come up with incredible versions of the game that will satisfy even the pickiest of gamblers. 

In these games, you can find immersive designs, unique gameplay, helpful features, and potential winnings that can go as high as 99,900x your initial stake! If you might be interested in this, trying out Bitcoin Dice is nearly mandatory. However, if you are more into games with a bit more action, our experts recommend checking out some of the following casino headlines: 


What is the maximum amount a player can win?

This depends on the type of Bitcoin Dice game you choose, but the highest your winnings can go is 99,900x your initial stake. 

What is the average RTP for dice games?

Bitcoin Dice is one of the games with the highest RTP in the gambling industry, with an average of around 99%. 

What cryptocurrencies can I use to play dice games?

Depending on your crypto casino, there are numerous cryptocurrencies you can use to play dice games. Some of them include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, Solana, Cardano, and more. 


Disclosure: Most of the links pointing to crypto casinos are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, CryptoGamble.Tips team will earn a commission if you click and join the respective operator and start playing.
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