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Bitcoin is certainly the most well-known cryptocurrency around so no surprise that there is an infinite array of betting games that offer this payment method. Mostly these are your standard casino games which we all know and enjoy, however, there are also a number of games that are for those of us with a slightly more curious palate. These are particular bitcoin provably fair games and can only be found on dedicated Bitcoin gambling sites

Hi-Lo is certainly one of these! 

Popular also as a drinking game, Bitcoin HiLo is a very simple and fast-paced game in which the player has to guess whether the card dealt next will be lower or higher than the one on the table, and all you need is a deck. Despite these simple rules, it is very a captivating and exciting card game for both expert gamblers and particularly good for casino beginners.

The fast-paced gameplay and element of decision-making make it an exceptionally captivating game to play as it entices players to develop their own strategies. It also enables the players to decide when to take their win which is among the unique features of this card game. 

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Best sites to play Crypto HiLo

With your ability to choose your own odds for each card, and to book potentially big wins when the cards line up in your favor, hi-lo is certainly an entertaining game.

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Whilst many online casinos offer Bitcoin Hi-Lo, not all are created equally. As such, you need to choose where to play carefully. Playing it with crypto offers great advantages:

  • The first is anonymity. Hi-Lo does not require registration, you play via a unique URL, and any uncashed funds are returned to your wallet after 30 minutes of inactivity. Most Bitcoin casinos require nothing more than an e-mail address and they do not ask for location information or backup documents at all. This means you can play from anywhere in the world in complete privacy.
  • The Second is Low fees. Regular casinos have transaction fees for payments – which are not present at BTC casinos. This allows Bitcoin gamblers to enjoy lower house edge games (since the casinos are not passing on their costs to players). You’ll also avoid those irritating fees, for example, 5% on US credit card payments to offshore casinos, combined with extra fees for withdrawing your own winnings. This lack of transaction fees means you can deposit and cash out as often as you like with no restrictions.
  • The final benefit is the Provable Fairness. If you have ever wondered whether casinos are truly fair then this could be a big factor for you. Even if you are not inclined to check the results of the deals, knowing that you could do still provides that extra peace of mind.

In order to identify the best crypto gambling sites, we could possibly recommend we established strict criteria with security being at the forefront of our concerns. With a panel of experts, we were able to identify reputable, licensed casinos with a very solid player protection system and these are the only ones you will find on our list.

In addition, we also tested the game modes on offer, considered the various variants which are available and, more generally, the overall portfolio of games. On our recommended sites you will find exclusive bonus opportunities and pay-outs so head over here for all the details.


The sheer simplicity of the game crypto Hi-Lo enables it to be a game for anyone and everyone. With the ability to choose your own odds for each card and to book potentially big wins when the cards line up in your favor, Hi-Lo is certainly a great game.

Additionally, playing a Bitcoin game enables you to remain entirely anonymous and to rest assured that your odds aren’t being manipulated and are 100% random. How? Well, the seeds and hashes that are verified with each bet are published and can be seen by everyone, exhibiting maximum transparency. 

The odds you will thus come across are, in fact, reliable and objective also because Bitcoin casinos are audited continuously.     

Don’t worry though! You don’t have to learn any difficult maths like you used to solve in school to figure these out. All that will be asked of you is an awareness of the numbers and their connections in different games. Remember that even if you have the worst luck, you can still become a millionaire while playing games at online casinos. Plus, if playing Hi-Lo with Bitcoin you’ll enjoy many advantages casinos are able to offer over other currencies.

Almost everyone dreams about becoming a crypto millionaire while playing online casino games and there are plenty of examples of gamblers who have been able to earn millions this way! Live the life you’ve always wanted! You can secure your financial future and you will find that you have more time for other activities that are important to you. Who knows, you may even become a celebrity one day! 

In all this, never forget that it’s a game and it’s meant to be fun. If the fun stops, stop playing!

What Is High Low (Hi-Lo) Crypto Card Game

The Bitcoin Hi-Lo card game is an incredibly simple game to play. After reading this article you will up to date on how to play, what are the best strategies to adopt, and where to find the best sites to guarantee your safety and fun!

How to play

When it comes to Hi-lo the name says it all. You will be dealt a card, this card will be facing up and all you will have to do is decide whether you believe the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the one shown. In this game, as in most other card games, King is considered the highest card, and Ace is the lowest. 

Basic Rules

As you guess correctly what cards are coming up next, round after round, you will collect these cards to make up a streak. Your payout will then be multiplied on this basis therefore the profit will be greater the more card you are able to guess correctly.

Game features

Naturally, the same basic rules apply to all Hi-lo game modes on different sites, however, different casinos may choose to offer different options when it comes to specific features of the game. 

For example, some casinos might offer different options when a King or an Ace are dealt. Similarly, the options of betting on a card turning out to be the same as the one already dealt, as opposed to saying whether it will be higher or lower, may also vary from casino to casino. This particular feature will generate a very generous pay-out if you were to guess correctly.

Most casinos will also offer the option of betting on multiple outcomes. For example, betting on a card being either lower or the same, or higher or the same as the one previously dealt. This way you will have higher probability of winning the round.

Another interesting feature of Hi-Lo which is common to all game modes on different sites, is the pay-out. The pay-out is actually calculated on the basis of the probability of the specific outcome.

For example, if a deuce (2) is dealt and you bet that the next card is going to be lower (Ace) and you are right, your pay-out would be substantially higher than if you would have had an Ace to begin with and you would have bet on higher being dealt next.

Naturally, the best scenario is that of accumulating a streak of wins. Not in the least because in Hi-Lo you are able to easily cash out anytime as your profit will be based on the multiplier of the last card you were dealt. This is a truly great feature!

Bonus Games

Though the basic rules of the game remain the same, you are likely to find slightly different bonus features in different casinos.

As mentioned above, some casinos may only offer more a traditional approach to Hi-Lo betting which would only include the option of betting on the outcome of a card as being higher or lower than the one dealt. Others will also offer the option of betting same or even same+higher/lower

These bonus game options will make your experience all the more exciting and they will give you an advantage over the house! Could it be any better? Let’s take a closer look at these bonuses.

  • Betting by card range: in this variation, you will be able to bet that the next card will fall in a specific range, for example between 3 and 10. Or that the next card will be a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace in which case you will be betting on JQKA.   
  • Betting by color: this is a great variation that enables you to bet on whether you believe the next upcoming card will be Black, therefore Spades ♠ and Clubs ♣, or Red, therefore Diamonds ♦ or Hearts ♥.

Sadly, not all casinos offer all the wonderful variations, it is therefore important that you give your site of choice a test spin to establish whether you like their take on this amazing game.

Probabilities and RTP

Though you may already be familiar with this term, for the sake of all our beloved readers, we will remind you that RTP is the abbreviation for Return to Player, which is the percentage a player can expect to be rewarded from a specific Hi-Lo game.  

The RTP is expressed as a percentage and is calculated on the likelihood of winning a specific game based on previous wins. Thus the higher the percentage, the greater the chances of winning over a long period of time. The RTP of Hi-Lo is generally in the range of 96% – 98% depending on the specific game. This means that if the RTP of that Hi-Lo game you like is 97% then you can expect to win €97 for every €100 that you bet over a long period of time. The latter must not be forgotten as the reward is effectively random.

The RTP is also greatly useful to calculate the house edge, which is the mathematical advantage casinos need to ensure a profit in the long run and we all know that over time, the house always wins. So, if the RTP of a specific Hi-Lo game is 98% that means that the house edge will be 2% as that is the percentage difference between 98 and 100. 

Now, we are all attracted to high RTP values stated in the game rules (which we advise you always read carefully), however, this may not always be the best strategy as if you are an occasional Hi-Lo player then an RTP isn’t actually that indicative and you might be more inclined to choose a game based on its aesthetics or other. On the other hand, if you are a frequent gambler then the RTP represents a crucial metric when choosing which game to play.

Strategies to maximize your winnings with Crypto HiLo

Where there is no magic formula, there are definitely some strategies that you may choose to adopt in order to better your chances of success. For starters, we have seen in the section on Bonus games, how having a wider array of betting options can directly affect your chances of winning, therefore one strategy which stands out is that of choosing casinos with a wide range of Hi-Lo game modes. 

Despite whether you are down to take big risks or play it safe, implementing any of the strategies below (and above), will result in being potentially profitable and certainly entertaining.

Hi-Lo Strategy 1 – Aiming for lower pay-outs

Betting low amounts but consistently is the key to this strategy. Over time, playing consistent low amounts means that you wouldn’t risk missing any card and would therefore be betting on the higher probabilities and lower pay-outs.    

With some casinos allowing you to skip the initial card, this strategy can be easily applied and prove to be greatly profitable.

Hi-Lo Strategy 2 – Aiming for higher pay-outs

This strategy comes with a slightly higher risk but it is doubtlessly worth it. It basically consists in waiting out a few rounds, and collecting as many cards as possible until you hit that big win you were aiming for. Persistence is obviously key here. 

If, for example, you win 4 cards in a row with the lowest probabilities, the multiplier on your pay-out will be much higher and consequently, you will win much more.  

Needless to say, as this is a higher-risk strategy, you will always have to take into consideration your individual situation and just how much you are able to risk. 

Hi-Lo Strategy 3 – First card hunt

In order to adopt this strategy, you must first ensure that your casino of choice offers the option of betting the Same even when an Ace or a King is dealt. For this strategy to work, you must, in fact, first, begin with an Ace or a King and bet Same your aim to find a 12x multiplier. If you are hit with one of these two cards your pay-out will be great and you will still make a profit if you are hit with either one within 12 rounds.

Another version of this strategy can be played by having a Queen or Deuce as your initial card. This will increase your chances of winning but it will also lower your pay-out and, once more, this strategy can only be adopted if the casino you are playing at offers the option of betting Same+Lower/Higher.


Whether you are high risk, high reward kind of player, or the low risk more steady kind, Hi-Lo has got some for just about anyone! With its simplicity and variety, there is no getting bored, from casino to casino you will find a vast array of game variations to satisfy your every whim.  

Though it’s fast-paced your sense of empowerment with Hi-Lo is close to no other game in the casino world, you will have direct contact with the dealer, strategies which you can adopt and adapt with your personal touch, and all along tons of great opportunities to win. 

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