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Traditional lotteries, or national ones, are games where players are granted the ability to select an X amount of numbers from within a certain number range, usually from 1 to 49.

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After the time limit for ticket purchases is over, a random draw is held, and players will then compare the numbers they chose or were given with the draw results. If the ticket numbers match the draw, players have hit the oh-so-desired jackpot, translating into millions in prizes.

Some smaller prizes are also on the line if the players got some of the numbers correctly.

This traditional form of lotteries is now migrating to the online cryptocurrency universe with cryptocurrency lottery websites.

These cryptocurrency lotteries, or Bitcoin lotteries, work pretty much as traditional ones do. Players will buy tickets and choose whatever selection of numbers they feel will be the lucky ones, or they can opt for an automatic selection that will randomize their ticket numbers.

The price of the tickets may vary from platform to platform, and some of them can even be purchased with fiat currency and have the payouts be in fiat as well.

For someone living in Europe, it’s the same as EuroMillions but without the hassle of having to go outside to buy your ticket.

Where to play Bitcoin Lottery?

Now that you understand more about playing the game, here’s a list of the best Bitcoin lottery websites where you can play it.

Before you do, though, remember that if you choose to play on different websites, you should always check if the provider is obliged to respect imposed regulations that will protect you from being scammed. One of the ways you can do this is to verify if the country you reside in has active rules that regulate Bitcoin gambling.

Also, remember to play with caution; online platforms, especially those that deal with incredible amounts of money, are sometimes targeted by hackers. To avoid losing your money, it is best if you can be aware of what’s going on on the main crypto gambling sites so that you don’t throw your hard-earned capital into the hands of a few dirty criminals.

What are the pros and cons of Bitcoin Lottery websites

The pros are pretty straightforward, Bitcoin lottery players will have the chance of winning amazing prizes without risking a high amount of money to enter the game, It’s straightforward to play, and even inexperienced players will be able to understand how to play pretty quickly, being an online game it means that you can play it from wherever you are so you’re not physically bonded to a specific place to play it, players can use their trusted mobile to play. Most platforms are entirely transparent and provide fair results. This last aspect is easily verified by using “Provably fair,” a tool mentioned later in this article.

The cons are the apparent chance of players losing their money; I mean, it’s called gambling for a reason and that some Bitcoin lottery providers are unregulated. You can combat this last con by verifying if the country you live in has some Bitcoin gambling regulations in place.

How to sign up and play

Signing up
Players wanting to enter the lottery will have to sign up to a platform that provides the game and become a member. Players sign up for the blockchain lottery system with the following information:
At first, you need to Sign up:
– Name
– Wallet Address
– Email Id
– Phone number
After signing up, players will regularly receive notifications about when they can purchase their lottery tickets.
Details about the ticket openings:
The platform admins will announce the ticket openings and deploy the smart contracts. These smart contracts contain pre-defined rules for the lottery game to bring fairness and transparency to the crypto gambling ecosystem.

Since the players can buy tickets using Bitcoin, their identities remain anonymous. The transactions stored on a public blockchain allow traceability and make it easier to resolve disputes or scandals related to lotteries.
Lucky draw:
A random number is generated and recorded on the blockchain, and since the number generator is based on the blockchain, the algorithm relies on recent random blockchain transactions. It pulls a specified amount and order of numbers to generate each winning number sequence.

Since no one is aware of the next transaction in the blockchain, this adds an extra layer of randomness to the selection process.

Once the random number is generated and matched to the player’s ticket number, they are awarded, and money is automatically sent to their respective wallets.
Players can trace back to history:
This last step is crucial and one of the aspects that differentiate Bitcoin lotteries from national ones.

Since transactions are recorded on the blockchain, players can trace back the history to know who had won the jackpot and if the commissions and wins are paid out as defined in the smart contracts.

Here’s a brief overview of how blockchain technology can improve the lottery ecosystem:
– It improves fairness with smart contracts.
– Privacy and accessibility
– Traceability

Once you’ve signed up, you’re now ready to play the game, and with Bitcoin Lottery, the procedure is quite similar, and I’ll explain it with a practical example.

  • The players buy a ticket, or more, using Bitcoin.
  • Those tickets will have a random selection of numbers from within the range just like any national lottery.
  • A draw then takes place that will decide the winning numbers.
  • Lastly the players holding tickets will compare their numbers with the ones from the randomized draw and if they all match they’ve hit the jackpot.

Probability of winning

Just like any other national lottery, the chances of winning the jackpot here are, to put it lightly, incredibly slim.

In a scenario where there’s a pool of 49 numbers from which six will be chosen or automatically assigned to a player, considering there is only one winner, the chances of you holding the winning ticket are 1 in 13,983,816, which is the total of possible outcomes.

In percentage, this translates into a winning chance of 0.000000000000511385722%.

To everyone interested in playing Bitcoin Lottery, be mindful that there are very few chances of hitting the jackpot and that it is much more likely for you to be crushed by a meteorite, become the U.S President, and even die by hot tap water than actually becoming a lottery winner.

Differences between national lotteries and Bitcoin lotteries

One of the biggest fears of any lottery player is questioning whether or not they’re being cheated at it. This is quite understandable considering that it is effortless for crypto casinos to make you lose through their faulty coding. There is a solution named “provably fair” in the bitcoin gambling casino.

What is “provably fair”?

“Provably fair” is a tool that allows players to verify every roll result to make sure they’re not being cheated.

This tool has several implementation methods, and I’ll explain what those are and how you use them.

  • Server seed – Provided by the gambling site.
  • Clientseed – Provided by your browser and adjusted by you
  • Nonce – A number that increases with each bet you make

In the first method, the player will get an encrypted hash of the server seed before starting gambling. Considering you get it in advance, the player’s website cannot change it later. With this method, you’ll not be able to calculate your roll results in advance because of the encryption it’s subjected to. Thus, you can only get it once you get the unhashed server seed.

The player’s browser generates the client seed, and the player can and should adjust this client seed before starting the game. By doing this, players make sure that the site is not aware of your clients in advance.

The nonce value will start with a 0 or a one once the initial bet is made, depending on the website, and after every bet, the nonce value will go up by 1.

How to verify your roll results

The unhashed server seed will never be given to the player in advance, resulting in the player’s ability to generate all future rolls and win every single time. So to use this method, the player should, after the gambling session, generate a new hashed server seed that will reveal the old unhashed server seeds that were being used for that particular gambling session. This will give the players the information on whether or not they were being cheated on.

  • Step 1: make sure the hashed server seed you got is really the hash of the unhashed server seed. Confirming that the server seeds match is very important because you might be given a random hash, which will allow the site to still create fake outcomes.
  • Step 2 : will task you with the generation of each roll result so that you can then compare them to the rolls you made on the website.

This isn’t an easy task, though, considering players make hundreds or even thousands of bets, verifying them all one by one is next to the impossible shore. Therefore you should use a “Provably fair” verifier. The creators of the tool have made verifiers for the most popular dice website, allowing you to verify the validity of the rolls very quickly. The only thing you need to do is provide the several seeds and the number of bets you made. The rest is up to the verifier, checking the server seed hash and giving you a list of all rolls.

This is one of the significant differences between national and Bitcoin lotteries. Even though the gambling model is the same, the certainty that you are not being cheated out of your money is crucial for the online platform that will have players swarm in.

It’s all about the transparency of what’s happening to your bets, and with this tool, that will be as clear as water.

You can find more information about this at, where you’ll also be given access to verifiers built for a variety of gambling sites.

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