Plinko crypto game: your paintball flipper but vertical

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In the past months, the Plinko crypto game has seen enormous growth and adoption by gamblers. What a fantastic moment to be alive! This game offers such intense gameplay as high excitement for 1000x winnings. Let’s see now together more details about it and where we can all have fun.

Right below the list of crypto gambling sites, we are offering the possibility for you to try for free plinko gambling game before depositing and starting to play with real money. Wishing you our best luck!

Best Plinko Crypto Casinos in May 2022

The following is a list of crypto casinos where you can find Plinko. The casinos are categorized by our experience and rate by our system. Most of these gambling sites offer the same design as the famous Roobet Plinko.

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What is Plinko Gambling?

Let’s get straight to the point; plinko gambling is like a paintball flipper but vertical. These top crypto games, but not limited to gambling with cryptocurrencies, are to drop a metal ball from the top of the pyramid and let it go down until it reaches the bottom. If you avoid the metal ball going into the hole in the paintball game, in Plinko, you hope that it ends in the right hole with the highest multiplier (see image below).

Screenshot of Plinko game on

Have you ever wondered where the name Plinko comes from? Back in 1983, the host Bob Barker, from the tv show “The Price is Right,” explained that the name comes from the sound “plink” when the chip hits the metal spikes as it goes down the panel. 

Plinko was very popular before the advent of social media, as many people watched TV shows, including the one mentioned above, especially in the USA. 

Thanks to the advancements of blockchain technology in the casino industry, Plinko is now available on several bitcoin casinos. Offering the opportunity for people not only to watch other people play but to be the protagonist. Higher multipliers are possible in numerous new crypto casinos, meaning higher returns on your bet.

Play Plinko Gambling game for free

Try the game for free, thanks to Bgaming you are now able to enjoy this game in all of all the casinos that have this game house.

Pachinko: the Japanese version of Plinko

Simply, as the title of this section… Pachinko is the Japanese version of Plinko. Some of you could object to this sentence, but if you look at it from a different point of view, ours, you will see that more or less the same mathematics is applied here too.

Pachinko at luckyfish casino

The difference between Plinko and Pachinko is the slot game integrated with it. They are allowing the player to have a high multiplier up to 5000x. At the same time, the probability of hitting this is very, very low.

Plinko Probability of winning

The probability behind Plinko is not that complicated, but still, you will need to go into some formulas and economic theories. We believe this is not the place to go into them, but at the same time, we want to give you something. Below is the Sources and Resources section; you will find some interesting links which will help broader your research behind this matter. 

Plinko probability

Nevertheless, one central concept you should know is “Binomial Distribution. “

The binomial distribution is a combinatorial calculus tool that allows you to calculate the probability of success P (x) in N repeated trials of an experiment when the following conditions are met:

  1. each test has only two possible outcomes;
  2. the tests are independent from each other – See also Gambler’s Fallacy;
  3. the probability p of each test is constant.

The binomial distribution is a discrete probability distribution. As the number of positive tests (x) and the probability of success (p) vary, the distribution assumes a different curve.

Plinko Case is probability= 0.5 because the ball has a 50% probability of going either right or left, each row. 


Similar and alternatives to BTC Plinko

Sometimes we think our luck is over while we aren’t getting much out of a game… so it’s time to change. Here is a list of bitcoin games that we suggest you try as are good luck to be tried, especially when you start a new session:

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