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Megaways Slots: Win Mega Prizes in June 2022

(Megaways slots are the advanced version of regular slots. Continue reading to know more about it and how it works.)

Bitcoin slots in casinos have become a phenomenon of their own. Most of the iGaming industry game developers are, therefore, specifically dedicated to creating slots of top value. The usual mechanics of the slots would run in 243 ways to win, consisting of 5 reels and 3 rows. While the fixed pay lines give players a good deal of certainty, it is about time to bring something new and far more innovative in the slots machines. And with this approach, Big Time Gaming created Megaways slots.

In the Megaways games, the pay lines increase to a great extent. But how good is it for players, and should one play them over traditional slots? To answer all of this, will provide you with a piece of detailed information about Megaways slots.

How Do Megaways Slots Work?

In the traditional slots, you would usually get 5-reels or 3-reels with a fixed pay line. Megaways slots brought a new change into the slots scene with their innovative technology. Here, instead of 5-reels, players can play on 6-reels. Also, the symbols on each reel can vary. They can go anywhere from 2 to 7 symbols per reel.

Consequently, the pay line increased in the Megaways slots. For a 6-reel Megaways slot, you can get up to 117,649 ways to win. The revolutionary aspect of the Megaways slots is that there is no limitation to the pay line. The varying pay lines can change the payout in a particular spin. An important thing to keep in mind about Megaways slots is that to win, you have to land a winning combination on adjacent reels.

Big Time Gaming, based in Australia, was the driving force behind Megaways technology. Bonanza was one of the first popular slots that had the Megaways mechanic embedded in it. And since then, the popularity of Megaways slots has increased radically over the years.

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How to Play Megaways Slots?

Step by step process
Choose Your Favourite Megaways slots
There are a large collection of Megaways slots available out there. To start playing, you first have to decide which slot you would want to go ahead with. Many slots come in both traditional and Megaways versions. So, depending on your performance, you can pick a slot of your choice.
Try Megaways Slots Free Play First
There might be a case that you would want to try a Megaways slot you have not tried before. In such a situation, you can try the slot’s demo version before the actual real money version. The demo version does not charge you any money, and you can play the game without even needing to log into the website.
Choose a Legal and Licensed Megaways Casino
Megaways slots are available on many online platforms. These platforms could be either genuine or scams. The best way to decide if the casino you are playing the slots is by going through its licensing status. A legit online casino has been licensed in its name by regulatory bodies like Malta Gaming Authority, U.K. Gambling Commission, Curacao eGaming, etc.
Check the Games Paytable and Special Features
If you choose a Megaways slot based on how well it pays, you must find more about its payout and other special features. Besides the payout, there are also special features in the slots, such as free spins, bonus rounds, etc, that can play an important role in deciding the game.
Choose Your Bet Size and Get Spinning
Once everything is settled, all you have to do is choose the size of the bet. Players who are new to it can start with the minimum bet size and gradually increase their bet. Just place the bet and click on the spin button. You are ready to go.

How to Choose the Best Megaways Slots?

Several factors make up for the best Megaways slots. If you plan to play on a slot machine that will give you the best opportunities, then here are some factors you should keep in mind.


Return to Player or RTP stands for the average return a player could expect from the slot after playing it for a long time. For instance, if you stake $100 on a Megaways slot of RTP 97%, you can get $97 in return. This is a mathematical computation and has little to do with its practical output. But the average result gives you an idea about your chances of succeeding in the game.


Volatility is an important factor that can help you decide which slot you should go for. A slot with low variance or volatility will give you frequent wins, but the amount you win might not be that high. On the other hand, slots that come with high variance can give you high returns, but you might have to wait a long time before you can land a win.

Game developer

Although Big Time Gaming is the creative mind behind the Megaways technology, many casino games developers collaborate with the Megaways mechanic to provide their own Megaways slots. If that is the case, it is important to look at the game provider behind the slot. If you go for the ones that have made quite a name for themselves in the iGaming world, then your gaming experience would be much more enhanced.

Bonus Features

Be it traditional or Megaways slots: the bonus features are the most highlighting part about these slots. When looking for the best Megaways slot, the simple way to do that would be to find a slot with exciting bonus features. The better your opportunity of winning massive rewards, the better slot it is.

The top chosen slot bonuses are:

Best Megaways Slots to Play



Even though it was the Dragon Born Megaways that got the credit for being the first Megaways slot, Bonanza is the name that brought Megaways mechanics truly into the iGaming scene. The slot was an instant hit and became the benchmark for the succeeding Megaways slots. It has everything you would expect from a Megaways slot: cascading reels, free spins, unlimited multipliers, etc. 


White Rabbit

White Rabbit Megaways slot is inspired by the classic children’s novel Alice in Wonderland. It was the first game whereby paying you could skip the base game and move into the main features round. The reels can be extended to 12 rows, and this gives you the maximum pay line of 248,832 ways to win. The RTP of the game is 97.77% and is one of the best for a slot in this category.


Primal Megaways

This one comes from Blueprint Gaming. Primal Megaways is based on a primitive theme and offers features like retriggers, wild and mystery symbols, and exciting gameplay. In the Blueprint Gaming lobby, Primal Megaways remain one of the best slots.

How Do You Win with Megaways?

Megaways slots are games of luck, and there is no winning method as such. But there are some tips and tricks that you can employ to increase your chances of winning. They are as follows:

1. Take Advantage of Welcome Bonus

If you want to do good in a Megaways slot, you should play it at an online casino that gives a lucrative welcome bonus. The bonus amount you win can be used for playing the slots. Getting something extra to play besides your basic wager is always a great strategy to get going in Megaways slots.

2. Keep the Stakes Low at Beginning

It is always tempting to play a Megaways slot with a high variance that will give you massive rewards for your bets. But the problem with high variance games is that you often have to undergo a long dry spell period before you can hit on something substantial. This will only deplete your money without guaranteeing a win. On the flip side, if you choose a low variance game and bet with a small amount, you can make small winnings. Collect these winnings and save up for high variance games.

3. Go with Maximum Bonuses

There are all sorts of Megaways bonuses. But if you want to increase your chances of winning, you can root for the one with better bonus offers and modifiers. They can increase your winning tenfold and, at the same time, will open new opportunities to land a winning combination.  

4. Raise Stakes with Free Spins

Free Spins are an integral part of Megaways slots. They allow you to spin the reels a few more times to make a winning combination. Your chances of landing a winning combination during the spin will automatically increase as you get more than your fair share of spins. It is wise to raise stakes at this time as the rewards coming from the spin can give you a substantially high amount.

Megaways Features

Megaways slots have various features embedded into them. Knowing about these features will give you an idea of how you can utilize these in the most optimum manner possible.


The Cascades is one of the most dominating bonus features in the Megaways slots. It is known by many different names. In some slots, it is called avalanche in others, reactions. Despite the varying names, the feature remains the same. In the cascades feature, the winning combination of the symbols explodes, and new symbols cascade down the grid. If another winning combination is formed, the cascade feature comes into action again. This goes on as long as you are getting a winning combination. The advantage this feature offers is that you get the opportunity to land multiple winnings with a single spin.

Progressive Win Multiplier

The Progressive Win Multiplier is a subsequent development of the Cascade feature. Whenever the Cascade feature gets activated, a Progressive Win Multiplier gets activated simultaneously. As the Cascade feature continues, the multiplier keeps on adding +1 with each win. If the feature gets activated in the base game, the multiplier resets to +1 when the winning streak ends. However, during the Free Spins round, the multiplier does not reset and continues from where it had stopped.

Mystery Symbols

Another interesting feature in the Megaways slots is the Mystery symbols. Whenever a mystery symbol lands in the game, it converts itself and other mystery symbols into a similar symbol. This can be quite helpful in forming a winning combination. However, a mystery symbol usually falls in a scattered manner on the grid, but in some cases, it can fall in adjacent order. They are perfect for an occasion when they land next to a symbol and eventually become the same symbol.

Wild Multiplier

As it is commonly known, wilds replace the other symbols to form a winning combination. In the Wild Multiplier, an additional value is added. If the wild forms a matching combination for a particular symbol, the symbol’s payout will be the multiplier value attached to it. For instance, if the symbol value is 2x multiplier, the same will be added to the payout during the Wild Multiplier round.

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy feature is made for those who directly want to jump to the bonus round of the Megaways slot. You have to pay a specified amount of money to skip the base game and move on to the bonus round. An important thing to note here is that not all the slots have this feature. 

Pros and Cons of Megaways Slots

  • Large winning possibility
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Payout is better than traditional slots
  • Advanced gaming mechanic
  • Not the best games for jackpot
  • Unpredictable pay lines

Other Related Slots Categories you want to check

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots come in two forms: traditional jackpot slots and progressive jackpot slots. In the traditional version, the jackpot amount remains the same. If you play the game today or tomorrow, you will get the same winning amount. On the other hand, progressive jackpot slots are the ones where the jackpot money keeps on changing. With each bet placed, the total prize money increases. Once the progressive jackpot amount is paid, it starts from the beginning.

Real Money Slots

If you want to gamble via slots, then real money slots are the option to go for. In the real money version, players have to place at least a minimum deposit amount. Depending on the multipliers and payouts, he wins back the money from the slot.

Free Slots

There are also slots that you can play without paying a single penny. The purpose of these free slots is to give you an idea and experience about how a slot works. Many real money slots offer a demo version where you can get the game’s feel for free. Once you have understood the basics of the game and feel like continuing with the real money version, you should move ahead.

RTP Slots

When you go for RTP slots, you choose the slot based on their RTP. RTP stands for Return to Player and gives you a rough estimate about how much of your bet will be returned to you after playing a considerable number of times. Naturally, the games with high RTP will give you better returns than those that stand at the lower level. The average RTP in a slot is 96%, but with Megaways slots, you can get much more than that.

Exclusive Slots

Exclusive Megaways slots are the ones that you can access before the release of their new slots on many common casino platforms. It could also apply to the slots that will be provided on a specific platform. It usually has unique gaming variations which you are not likely to find in common slots.

Popular Slots

Whenever you head for an online casino, you will find the slots section in the gaming lobby. This section is usually categorized based on different parameters. One such parameter is popularity. Popular slots are the ones that are most in-demand among the players. They are the ones for which players visit an online platform more frequently. Due to their popularity, popular slots are usually available in most online casinos.

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