BFG Token Mining: Everything You Need To Know

BetFury is more than just a gaming platform – it’s an entire ecosystem that offers a variety of gaming activities. One of its unique features is the BFG token mining system. In this article, we’ll explain BFG mining and how it works. We’ll also delve into the economy and ecosystem of the BFG token.

BFG Mining Benefits

Before diving deeper into the matter, we’d like to take the time to convince you by explaining the benefits of mining the BFG token. BFG mining on BetFury offers several benefits, starting with a low barrier to entry. The platform allows all users to start playing with a minimum bet of 0.0.00000001 BTC/TRX/USDT/BTT/BFG (BTC/TRX). This feature allows new users to explore the Dapps space with minimal risk.

BFG mining also offers a high return on investment (ROI) within just 90 days. No special equipment is required to start mining, making it user-friendly.

Stable mining price growth is another benefit of BFG mining. BetFury tokens offer a profit-sharing system in the form of dividends. As a platform stakeholder, every person holding BFG Tokens can benefit from this system.

In-house games such as Auction can also be played using BFG tokens, which means that users can enjoy the platform’s offerings while using the tokens they have mined. Overall, BFG mining on BetFury is a great way to engage with the platform and benefit from its unique features.

Now that we have your attention let’s dive in!

What is BFG Token Mining?

BFG mining is an innovative way to earn BFG tokens just by playing on BetFury. When you participate in In-House games and slots, your BFG tokens are automatically mined and added directly to your balance. The number of BFG tokens you earn depends on the number of your bets and the mining price on BetFury. The higher bets you place, the greater the amount of mining income you’ll receive!

To ensure the proper functioning of the mining process and minimize the workload, the minimum bet for mining BFG is $0.01 in any currency. The total supply of BFG is limited to 5,000,000,000 tokens and will not be changed. As the number of coins available for mining decreases, their value increases. This is why BFG mining is divided into levels, with the price for each bet in In-house games and slots increasing each time 25,000,000 BFG tokens are mined.

Explaining The Economy and Ecosystem of the BFG Token

As BetFury users, it’s essential to understand the concept of the total mined amount of BFG tokens. This refers to the number of tokens accumulated on the platform since its launch, including tokens that have been burned. The token mining system is designed to benefit both users and the BetFury team. As you mine BFG tokens on the platform, the total mined amount increases by two tokens – one goes to you and the other to the team.

The BetFury team uses its share of mined tokens (a total of 49%) to develop the platform in various ways, including improving development and marketing efforts. In addition, the platform reserves BFG tokens for the referral program, bonuses, and a reserve – with 5% allocated for each. A further 4% of mined tokens are allocated towards partnerships. As for the remaining 51% of mined tokens, they are shared among Betfurians. Understanding how the mined tokens are distributed is crucial in maximizing your gains on BetFury.

Another important concept to understand is token burning. To increase the value of the BFG token, keep the balance between holders and developers, and support the constant growth of Dividend payouts for token holders, the BetFury team conducts a monthly BFG token-burning process. Tokens are burned once a month, and you can track all the token burnings in the “About Token” section’s “History of Burned BFG” tab on BSCScan’s Website.

  • Burn Contract:

Mining on the BetFury Platform and Its Prices

The casino offers BFG tokens as a reward for playing on its platform. The type of sub-token you receive, either BFG-BTC or BFG-TRX, is determined by the cryptocurrency you use when placing bets. The mining price for each sub-token varies depending on the game you play. 

  • For BFG-TRX, In-House games start at 40 TRX/1BFG, while slots games start at 13.5 TRX/1BFG. The mining price for BFG-TRX increases by +1 TRX (for In-house games) and +0.5 TRX (for slots) for every 100,000,000 BFG tokens mined. 
  • As for BFG-BTC, In-House games start at 0.00007000 BTC/1 BFG, with an increase of +0.000001 BTC for every 100,000,000 BFG tokens mined. For slot games, BFG-BTC starts at 0.000023 BTC/1 BFG, with an increase of +0.0000005 BTC for every 100,000,000 BFG tokens mined.

How Can You Use BFG Tokens You’ve Mined

So you have mined several BFG tokens, now what? Well, you can use it for some of the activities below:

Playing at BetFury

BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) are available for gaming on its slots and In-house games, with an affordable minimum of 0.00000001 BFG(BTC)/BFG(TRX). The maximum bet depends on the game and the odds. Some of the most popular original games on the platform are BetFury Crash and Plinko. If the original in-house games are not your cup of tea, we recommend you try the Dragon Pearl’s Slot. Check out our article here to learn the top games on BetFury.

Getting Bonuses

  • You can also use your BFG to get bonuses such as cashback and rank benefits. 
  • Enjoy cashback for BFG by playing your favorite games, leveling up your rank, and receiving more coins back! 
  • As you mine more BFG, you’ll move up the ladder and get more rank benefits, including increased cashback, bonuses, and other perks.


Staking BFG tokens allows you to receive your share of the platform’s profit, known as dividends, from the Dividend pool. BetFury’s new Staking system eliminates the need to use the Tron network to receive payouts for freezing BFG. With the BFG Staking and 90%-10% system, the casino offers a new interest line for non-dapp market newcomers who want to use their services. By holding BFG tokens on your game account, you can profit from all the platform’s funds, whether you are staking BFG(TRX) or BFG(BTC).

Trading or Auction

Another activity you can participate in is trading your BFG at a crypto exchange site (buy/sell BFG). Alternatively, you can participate in an auction by placing bids in BFG(BTC) or BFG(TRX) to win prizes in crypto from the Auction pool!


What happens when all the BFG tokens are mined?

BFG, just like Bitcoin, has a limited emission of tokens that can be mined. The maximum number of BFG tokens that can be mined on BetFury is 5 billion, and as of now, 4.8 billion BFG tokens have already been mined. Once all the BFG tokens have been mined, no new tokens will enter into circulation. However, users can still benefit from holding BFG tokens, such as staking, playing, getting bonuses, and trading. BFG tokens will become fully-fledged coins with their own tokenomics and (increased) value.

What is the BFG Progressive lock?

The BFG Progressive lock is a mechanism that has been created to reduce risks related to illegitimate token gaining and selling on the open market. All newly mined BFG tokens are locked for withdrawals, but users can still receive staking rewards and play games with BFG tokens until the tokens are unlocked after 180 days from being mined. This mechanism helps to ensure a fair and stable token economy.


BFG mining is a unique BetFury feature that allows players to earn BFG tokens just for playing games and placing bets on the platform. The mining system is designed to work for the benefit of both users and the casino. As more BFG tokens are mined, the value of the tokens rises. By mining BFG tokens, users contribute to the development and growth of the casino, and in turn, they can reap the rewards of their efforts.

Cosmin Mesenschi
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