Crypto Gambling: Your extensive guide on online gambling using cryptocurrencies 2022

In the past years, crypto gambling has become one of the top choices for gamblers online. With the advent of blockchain, everything is becoming more transparent, especially in the gaming industry, where for years, casinos could change the internal code to their advantage. Now, players are getting a fair, secure, and anonymous way of playing at casinos.

Most of the players online think that crypto gambling includes only bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap. But in fact, there are way more cryptocurrencies to be used during your gambling time, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Solana, Tron Casinos and many more. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Bitcoin is the initial crypto in the world and the most innovative option. After entering the market in 2009, it turned into the most secure option providing anonymous payments. Most sites are BTC-friendly.
  • Ethereum is known for its Ether token. If you choose Ethereum Gambling, you will enjoy efficient and cheap transactions along with full security.
  • Another choice for crypto gambling is Dogecoin. Known for its token DOGE, this is the right choice with a proof-of-work system and Litecoin background. The crypto already has a solid community and you are recommended to read Dogecoin Gambling guide.
  • Litecoin similar to Bitcoin. It provides a faster transaction time and people also use it as a medium for various transfers
  • While searching for other opportunities, you can continue with Dash gambling, and enjoy established crypto known for its strong masternodes system.
  • Bitcoin Cash appeared in 2017 after the Bitcoin fork. It stands out with a block cap of 32MB.
  • Solana will work for gamblers who prefer the highest possible security, convenient transactions, low fees, and prompt transfers. Its original token has an SOL ticker and players prefer it for its high market cap.
  • Binance Coin could also work for everyone looking for a safe and trusted crypto solution issued by one of the leading exchanges around the globe.
  • Tron Gambling is the right choice for people looking for a global entertainment system for distributing content. It is also based on a blockchain platform and you will recognize it for the TRX symbol
  • Shiba Inu Gambling seems to be an attractive option for those who are looking for innovative solutions. You will instantly recognize the token with the Shiba Inu dog and enjoy its regular use. Have in mind that Shiba uses ETH features and remains highly secure.
  • Finally, you can also opt for Tether Gambling and take advantage of regular deposits and withdrawals with consistent value. Tether is a stablecoin and its price will remain stable all the time and the market cap is also high. Tether has the ticker USDT and it follows the value of USD dollars.
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Many of the cryptocurrencies we will mention have significant benefits, mainly fast transactions with low fees, and others better security and privacy.

Explore other cryptocurrencies for online gambling

Major and best online crypto gambling sites

The following list of crypto gambling sites has no particular order. Still, we’ve identified the top casinos worth the sign-up and future deposits through our research and data. We’ve reviewed each one of them. Scroll after the list to understand our methodology. We have also listed a bunch of new and upcoming crypto casinos here for you to take a look.

Trust dice Logo
  • 50 Free Spins with code
  • Provably fair Games
  • Great welcome bonus
New Casino
kryptosino logo
  • Juicy Welcome Bonuses
  • 5000+ casino games
  • Fast transactions & low limits
New Casino
wildcoins casino logo
  • Huge library of casino games
  • Exclusive welcome bonus
  • Responsible gambling tools for users
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Crypto gambling in the USA

As more and more players from all over the world are becoming very fanatic about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general, we’ve seen a spike concentrated in the United States of America. To be more precise, there is a good uplift in searches (source), and the trend is getting stronger.

The legalization of sports betting and online gambling in the USA is also affected, especially in New Jersey, Delaware, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. More to be announced in the following months.

Thus, with this increasing trend in the States, we’ve compiled a table of cryptocurrency gambling sites that accept US players by providing:

  • great experiences thanks to their UX
  • fast deposits and withdrawals
  • high-end security in the gaming
  • live dealer casinos that include top game shows
  • supreme customer service
RankingNameBonusGet your prize
1LTC CasinoHighest RTP in SlotsClaim Bonus
2FortuneJackbonuses up to 6 BTC + 50 Free SpinsClaim Bonus
3BC.Game Up to 180% Bonus on your 1st depositClaim Bonus
4RocketPot100% up to 1 BTC + 10% cashback every dayClaim Bonus
5TrustDiceGet Bonuses up to 3BTC + 50 Free SpinsClaim Bonus
Ensure you always check the terms and conditions before signing up for any gambling platform. It’s a good practice to avoid unpleasant surprises later during your gaming time.

How do we choose what crypto gambling sites to mention

As mentioned above, we’ve carefully chosen these casinos that accept cryptocurrencies that already millions of players joined to satisfy your appetite for trustworthy gambling sites.

Let me take you through our step-by-step process (general idea) of gathering information.

  1. We do a research on the main search engines and we start reading the reviews of other players, on social media, on forums, or else we just sign up
  2. we talk to the casino team, and check with them about what they have been doing since their start and what are their plans for growth, some casino owners are in just to make money in the short term – so we filter the platforms we add
  3. we start trying the site the same way you might do, playing top casino games online with cryptocurrencies
  4. we experience your same sensation, either good ones because the site is well created and there is a team behind the scene working hard, or else feeling bad because we are frustrated as we encounter problems such as long time withdrawals, maybe don’t get paid because we use a VPN or who knows what reason they come up with
  5. classify each casino review via our rating system
  6. write the final review with our gaming experience
two persons looking at bitcoin casino reviews on a big phone

How to gamble with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency gambling
On this How-to block, we see together how to gamble with crypto
Do your research
We are not telling you to follow only our advice, but go and find out for yourself the best gambling cryptocurrencies sites for your needs.
Read reviews on CryptoGamble.tips
Yeah, why not? Read our super-detailed casino reviews and check which one is for you! There is an online gaming platform that suits your desires, and we are pretty confident that you can find all you need on our site.
Get exclusive sign-up bonuses.
Okay, you’ve decided where to play. You need to get extra and make it worth your stay at the chosen crypto casino. Find the crypto sign-up bonus on this page and get your juicy welcome bonus.
Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions.
Read carefully the terms and conditions of the site where you will deposit real money or cryptocurrencies. You need to have a perfect time as you don’t want to sign-up somewhere where they try to milk every dime you have just because of greed.
Once you’ve completed the 4th step, it’s time to complete your registration and get your welcome bonus.
Deposit any amount you feel comfortable loosing
Important to mention is to set yourself a budget that you can afford to lose. The casino has an advantage over the long run, meaning that you will lose all your money, so be careful how you spend and make sure you have fun!
Start playing and have fun!
Now, sit down somewhere comfortable and start playing slot machines, live casino with game shows, play baccarat, blackjack, spin the wheel at roulette, or start betting on the teams you like. Remember that it’s all about having fun, and when the fun stops, you should stop playing too.

Pros and cons of crypto gambling

It’s always a good practice to put down all the pros and cons when deciding. Here we are, presenting you all the good, the bad, and the ugly things you can see in the crypto gambling sites we promote or the ones you can encounter.

The following points are objective. We will also give you a step-by-step process of gambling with crypto right after this section.

  • Fast transactions
  • Top-notch security
  • High end transaprency
  • Lots of different promotions
  • Engaging atmosphere by interacting with other players
  • Provably fair games
  • Sometimes high fees to withdraw
  • Don’t expect the same bonuses you have on standard online casinos

We have to say that overall the pros are much more than the cons. When signing up at any cryptocurrency gambling site, the main factors you need to consider are transparency, security, and different ways of providing High-Quality, provably fair games with an excellent online crypto casino bonus.

The future of crypto gambling online

Lately, if there is anything superabundant within the media, it is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has created a storm within those who are investment-driven. Since various cryptocurrencies have massively risen in value, those who have sought to invest for the long-term from the very beginning will undoubtedly hold value to quite the many coins right now, that is for sure. One thing that has proven quite popular to those holding cryptocurrency is the investment of their blockchain into casino games and the iGaming industry. 

Did you know that you can play live baccarat with bitcoin and develop safe gaming practices with the added protection that blockchain technology brings? This is why crypto casinos have become hugely ‘in’ right now. The future of cryptocurrency is in the online gaming world, and as you continue to read this article, you will understand more of why that is true.

Cryptocurrency is fully used in online gambling 

You heard that right, and cryptocurrency is fully utilized within the gambling world. Today, most casinos will accept Bitcoin as a payment and depositing option. Therefore, it is the first fully-fledged cryptocurrency on the market and is very well known. In most casinos now, you can withdraw your winnings as cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and make deposits. Some casinos are primarily blockchain only, meaning they do not accept any other forms of payment, just of cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency gambling brings to light some safe gaming principles that give players and casinos safe gaming practices. Blockchain technology operates on a smart contract basis, meaning all funds withdrawn and deposited are accounted for, and both parties must be responsible for what they agree upon.

Therefore, if you deposit a large amount and wish to withdraw, the casino would have to honor that decision- just as long as you abide by any existing terms you agreed upon with the casino. Such available security has allowed casino gambling to thrive massively, making it more difficult for fraudulent casinos to stay in business, especially as many are leaning towards the added security that blockchain provides. 

We must mention that Tether is used for gambling, in fact, this stablecoin is allowing players to have all the crypto benefits without the worry of losing value duing market crashes.

What are the key reasons for players wanting crypto online?

Security and Privacy 

As mentioned above, blockchain has technology that ensures that security is inherent when using them. For that reason, every trade, purchase, and transaction, in general, is accountable by all parties involved. Even when a transaction is agreed upon with a particular currency, the distributed ledger will become decentralized and validate the agreed-upon transactions. This makes it very difficult for any transactions to undergo falsely or dishonestly.

The blockchain players also do not need to register themselves, as the integrated security within blockchain protects both casino players and casinos themselves. Identity is not necessary but should term require new player status to redeem bonuses and promotions that will be honored and recognized by the blockchain casino and therefore validate the transaction. Such technology allows players to play with utmost privacy and not worry about a paper trail when gambling with online banking and e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, etc.

Restricted gambling is not associated with cryptocurrency 

Those who wish to gamble with cryptocurrency will be able to do so, even if it is in a restricted region where gambling is not allowed. The US is a great example, as many states are still on the fence about gambling online. For that reason, blockchain is preferred by all those in localities where identity must be kept private and when casino gaming can be played without any restrictions. There is no trouble staying anonymous with cryptocurrency.

The bottom line

Blockchain technology has changed the gaming world. With the added security, data protection, and privacy levels, all parties integrating within the experience are protected and held responsible. Blockchain has enabled the creation of a safe space for gaming online, and for that reason, blockchain access within online games is only growing until it becomes a regular and common practice for all.


Is Crypto Gambling legal?

Currently, there are no specific laws dictating crypto gambling. However, many cryptos casinos have a legitimate license to be more credible than others. Governments & regulators are working hard to create a sensible and smart legal framework to provide security for the players, but for the time being, this niche goes unregulated. Therefore, sites like CryptoGamble.tips are crucial for players, as we check for the legitimacy and fairness of every single operator that is reviewed on our site. So very much like classic online casinos, if the operator is following all the regulations, it’s legal!

How big is the crypto gambling industry?

The online gambling market is estimated to reach US$876 Billion by 2026. We believe that crypto gambling will obtain at least 10% of that market share as the media coverage grows.

How can I trust crypto gambling sites?

You can trust transparent sites, provide proof of payments, and are well established. Most of the time, sticking to one platform has more benefits than moving from one to another.

What are the biggest Crypto Gambling Sites?

The best and the biggest crypto gambling sites are BCGAME, Stake, TrustDice, 500Casino, and Fairspin.
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