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(An in-depth guide on Bitcoin cash and its usage in crypto casinos. Find the top sites and anything you need to know before signing up).

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Gambling with cryptocurrency is still new for many users. Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely accepted in online casinos, but it is not that they are without problems. The transaction fee and speed of Bitcoin, for instance, are posing problems as more and more people are joining the Bitcoin platform. But as with all things, the world of cryptocurrency is gradually working on roping in more people to start using cryptocurrency. One such output of this endeavor is Bitcoin Cash and its token BTC.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the nature of Bitcoin Cash, its origin, how to get started with it, and everything else related to it. So without further ado, let us proceed.

List of the best Bitcoin cash casinos updated in May 2022

Thanks to the effort given by our community, we could build the bitcoin cash casino list that you can find below. Most of the casinos outlined accept also different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more… Lastly, they all offer the highest possible gambling experience by providing an enhanced casino games catalog with slots, live casino tables, crypto games, and anything you basically desire from a casino.

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As mentioned at the beginning, our community has provided most of the information, but our team has been trying and playing at these casinos for a while now. This is why we give objective reviews of all the casinos we have.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Cash?

calculator with notes of hundred euros and one coin of bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash is a derivative of Bitcoin, as are almost all the other cryptocurrencies working on blockchain technology. The overload of the Bitcoin blockchain system on August 17, 2017, was the driving force that led to the creation of this cryptocurrency which has a block size of 8MB. Also, the transaction fee of Bitcoin was quite high, which would put many casino users disappointed. With the introduction of Bitcoin Cash, this has changed as well.

Now, there are many online casinos where BTC is being accepted as one of the major cryptocurrencies. If you have a BTC wallet, you can easily play your favorite games at reputable casino crypto sites.

Why Play at Online Casinos with Bitcoin Cash?

  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash are quite secure when you use them in an online casino. The payment method cannot be traced, and this gives you the advantage of playing anonymously without revealing your banking information.
  • The processing time of BTC is within seconds, and this gives you the possibility of depositing and withdrawing quickly in an online casino.
  • The transaction fee or cost of BTC is highly minimal. Compared to the classic Bitcoin you will have to pay much less in the form of a transaction fee.
  • Given the rising potential of cryptocurrencies in general in the digital world, Bitcoin Cash holds enormous possibilities in crypto gambling.

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin Cash

  • Cryptocurrencies have high volatility, and this can turn into a disadvantage for casino players, For instance, due to the high volatility of BTC, its value can fall from, say $100 to $50 in a matter of weeks.
  • Bitcoin Cash, like all other cryptocurrencies, is decentralized in nature. As a result, no state, government, or bank cant keep track of it. Having no regulatory authority makes BTC susceptible to illegal activities.
  • Another drawback of Bitcoin Cash is that once you make a transaction, you cannot reverse it. As there is no authority to refer to, once the money is sent, it is gone for good.

How to Deposit Bitcoin Cash into Online Casino Accounts?

STEP BY STEP GUIDE for Depositing bitcoin cash
Buy Bitcoin Cash Online
The first thing you have to do is get a crypto wallet and go to any crypto exchange. In the exchange, you will have to pay fiat money, and in exchange for it, you will be given BTCs. You can store these BTCs in your crypto wallet.    
Find a Reputable Casino
Now, you have to look for a reputed casino that you can trust. The preferred option would be to go to crypto casinos that are licensed. If this is not possible, find the ones that run on provably fair technology.
Open an Account
In the casino, you can open your account by logging in. The KYC process in crypto casinos is highly minimal. Just provide the basic information, and you are in.
Deposit BTC
The last process involves depositing money in your account. You can do this by going to the Cashier section and choosing Bitcoin Cash as the payment method. Enter your crypto wallet address and then choose the amount you wish to deposit.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin Cash from an Online Casino?

  • Click Receive in your crypto wallet and copy the address that shows up there. This address is the address of your crypto wallet.
  • Go to the online casino, and select the withdrawal option.
  • Paste your crypto wallet address in the Bitcoin Cash logo option, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
image representing 2 coins of bitcoin coloured gold

Types of Games Played at Bitcoin Cash Casinos

1. Real Money Slots

There is a wide range of bitcoin slot machines online that can be played at gambling houses. You can use Bitcoin Cash to play these slots instantly. There are also many provably fair slots at the casinos mentioned above, so transparency won’t be a problem either.

2. Roulette

As in many online casinos, also the ones present on this page offer the magnificent game of crypto roulette. Some casinos offer different types of it, such as the French roulette, the American roulette, and the European one.

3. Blackjack

In the game of Blackjack, you have to reach 21 or the closest to it. If the total of your cards goes above 21, your bet will be forfeited. With Bitcoin Cash, you can claim excellent rewards from the game.

4. Online Scratch Cards

Online Scratch games are pretty easy to play. Place a wager, scratch, and if it’s a match, you win money.

5. Bitcoin Poker

Poker with crypto comes in many variants and is all about placing the strongest hand. The most popular variant of poker is Texas Hold’Em. With the use of Bitcoin Cash, you can play poker anonymously.

Best Bonuses to Play Casino Games with Bitcoin Cash

1. Deposit Bonus

For the first few deposits as a new player, you are given a match bonus up to a certain limit. For instance, if you deposit $5 as a new player, you will be given a $5 bonus reward. Sometimes, the bonus amount could be higher as well.

2. Free Spins

Many sites also offer free spins as a bonus which you can use in slots. The advantage of free spins is that you use them to get extra spins on a game of slots without needing a pay anything extra from your pocket.

3. No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus is the bonus amount in which you do not have to make any deposit to use the bonus amount. A specific virtual currency is paid out to you, which you can use at particular games, usually the slots.

The Future of Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin, the world of gambling has changed radically. Faster transaction speed, anonymity, and transparency are some of the added advantages casino players are deriving from crypto casinos. Bitcoin Cash has taken this initiative to a whole new level. The larger block size and lower transaction fees mean that most people are going to use it in online casinos in the coming future. One thing is for sure, traditional methods like credit cards and net banking are surely going to get outdated with the wide usage of Bitcoin Cash.

Ethereum Gambling

In the past years, Ethereum as a cryptocurrency has seen an uplift in price and adoption. In fact, the technology underneath has become more powerful and has been creating much noise in the crypto industry. The same goes for blockchain-based casinos, they are now adopting ethereum as a method of payment in casinos, find more on this page.

Dogecoin Gambling

Most the online gamers have been holding dogecoin as one of the main cryptocurrencies in their portfolio. As we are having such adoption and the price is skyrocketing it means that can be used a lot also in online gambling. Therefore gamblers have been using dogecoin in casinos for their entertainment time. Most of the players have been getting more value just by holding DOGE in the past years.

Litecoin Gambling

Litecoin has been one of the top cryptocurrencies adopted by gamblers online. There are 2 reasons for that, one is that it’s fast and the second is because of the low transaction fees. Be part of the litecoin gamblers and play at these litecoin casinos.

Bitcoin Gambling

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that made its way into online casinos. It remains the most popular cryptocurrency but over the years it has started facing scalability issues and this has resulted in slow transactions and high processing fees. But even then, its volatility is much stabilized compared to other cryptocurrencies and can give you a safe gambling option.  

Dash Gambling

Launched by the name of Xcoin in 2014, Dash uses master nodes to register transactions on its network. Privacy is highly valued in this cryptocurrency. Now, Dash can safely be used at online gambling sites.

Monero Gambling

Monero casinos are the best for crypto gambling players that want the extra layer of privacy. Those casinos won’t ask anything from you, but be careful when you win they can always be for KYC. Make sure you check their terms and conditions, always!!


Do Bitcoin Cash Casinos charge any fee?

The transaction fee charged at Bitcoin Cash casinos is next to nil if any. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is the lowest fee-charging cryptocurrency.

Is gambling with Bitcoin Cash safe?

Yes, Bitcoin Cash cannot be traced by anyone as it uses blockchain technology. You can easily use this cryptocurrency to play safely and anonymously at online casinos.

Where can I buy Bitcoin Cash?

To buy Bitcoin Cash (BTC), you have to go to a Bitcoin Cash exchange and pay fiat money in exchange for BTC. Some of the popular exchanges you can try for Bitcoin Cash are Binance and Huobi Global. casinos
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