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Gambling with cryptocurrencies is increasing in value, attracting many players around the globe. Whether you have tried the option or not, you are invited to test this opportunity and try to win real money. 

Dash is one of the latest cryptocurrencies, which is not as widely accepted in the market. However, many players have started to realize its potential, so they are ready to use the option for different purposes. Dash was created in 2014 as Xcoin but soon was renamed to its current name. Over the years of regular use, Dash has become a secure option for daily transactions similar to cash. It provides a customer-friendly experience alongside full privacy. 

The Crypto gambling industry has increased in popularity, and more players want to try new payment methods. That’s why our team checks Dash casinos and their features to bring them closer to potential users.

Before you start with dash gambling, here you can check the values of our team and why we are different from competitors: 

  • Detailed Gambling Guides: Our reviews follow the latest updates in the industry, so you will always be informed what’s new in the sector and how you can get the maximum of Dash gambling
  • Neutral Perspective: We want our customers to have access to trusted information. They should always know the actual situation in the market and not our personal approach.
  • Top Bonus Deals: Our team is focused on revealing the best bonuses in the market. We want that every player takes advantage of valuable offers such as a welcome bonus, no deposit offer, free spins, and similar
  • Eccentric Style: Our gambling experts have a special style when it comes to dash betting. We take every offer and term and explain it from scratch. This ensures that both beginners and pro players will enjoy their time online.
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List of the best Dash casinos updated in June 2022

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Once you are ready to play on top Dash casinos, you need to find the one worth your attention. Beginners will usually have a hard time finding the best sites for them, as they don’t have a lot of experience and knowledge. However, our team is always here to assist and provide first-hand updates about new and worthwhile casinos with a good reputation and top-tier performance. It should be useful to check our criteria for revealing the best site in the market.

We also know that players appreciate bonuses on Dash casinos, so finding a site with valuable deals such as welcome offer, free spins, no deposit deal, reload, VIP, or cashback always makes sense.

Last but not least, we want to find casinos that have the best customer support available all the time during the day. This will allow players to contact agents anytime and present their problems before they get reasonable solutions. Here we check what communication channels are supported and whether it includes live chat, email, and phone as the most important ones. 

Win big at Dash casinos

Before you start gambling at Dash casinos, you should know the real situation. You can win money from your gambling activity on such sites, but you won’t have such a chance in all the cases. What’s more important, winnings are rare and you are not the only person who spends his time on the site hoping to win something. 

If you place a real money bet on Dash casinos, you can lose money. Gambling is not about earning; it is about having entertainment. That’s why you should have a different approach to online gambling and engage in it only if you are ready to take risks. 

Dash coin text with logo

Most of the time, you won’t be winning, and this is the prize you must pay. Online casinos would take some opportunities to award players, but chances are small that you will be one of the winners. However, if you have luck on your side, you can also win a jackpot award.

These are all small details that you need to know before embarking on your adventure with Dash casinos. Whether you play from mobile or desktop, the situation is the same. You are wagering real cash and risk losing at online casinos. The sooner you accept your inferior position, the better you understand the risk of this activity. 

What games do Dash casinos offer?

Dash casino is a great place for anyone who wants to try different games such as:

  • Live gaming content and classic titles with the live dealer (live baccarat, craps, blackjack, roulette live, and poker content)
  • Dash-friendly Slots
  • Crypto content that is also known as provably fair – for instance, Crash or its similar version Aviator, Dice based on the rules of Craps, Mines, and Plinko. 
  • Classic table content, such as blackjack, baccarat, and baccarat
  • Live Gaming shows, Crazy time, monopoly, lightning version of roulette, baccarat, and mega ball 100x

Dash poker

Dash poker is an exciting game, with comprehensive rules and clear strategy. Rules are straightforward and you need to form the winning hand. This begins when you get five cards and need to create at least jacks or better to win.

Dash Dice

Dash dice is another game based on luck, as you gamble on the roll of dice. You should know the main terms of the game including come out, pass, crap, the point, and seven out. If you are successful in the prediction, you can claim winnings from the paytable. 

Once you start playing on dash online casinos, make sure to stick to provably fair games. These titles are created by gambling brands, so they have a better return to player rate. Their average rate is around 97,5% to 99,5% so you will have great winning chances when wagering your money.

What are the main bonuses you can get?

Once you sign up for Dash casino, you can also opt for plenty of bonuses. The offer looks like this:

  • Welcome bonuses if you are among new players and want to claim an excellent offer from the beginning
  • Free spins for slot users who want to enjoy simple gameplay without strategy 
  • No deposit if you want to play without depositing 
  • No wager promo where you get money without the requirement to wager the bonus
  • Faucet casino where you get some added prizes for extended playing time 
  • Chat rains or small bonuses that casinos awards to users from time to time
  • Cashbacks offer for anyone that played on a Dash casino without success 
  • Wagering contests where you can earn certain prizes
  • VIP offer for gamblers who play regularly

Before taking any of the offers, you should also take a look at the terms and conditions. If everything is reasonable, you should claim some of these deals. However, don’t expect each of the deals on dash casinos. Some sites have only a limited offer, while others will have a combination of them. 

Alternative cryptos used in gambling

If you plan to use other cryptocurrencies, you should get familiar with the following options:

  • Bitcoin Gambling: The well-known crypto and the first one to land in the market back in 2009. This is the virtual currency or money without control of any person or entity. If using the option, you will benefit from secure transfers. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Ethereum Gambling: This is a decentralized platform supplied by a blockchain. It is based on the BTC idea, but also has many differences from the latter. All ETH transactions are secure and cheap, so you will get the maximum of every transaction. 
  • Dogecoin Gambling: Working as a peer-to-peer and open-source crypto, Dogecoin works as an altcoin and it has the symbol DOGE. It was invented in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. It also uses proof-of-stake technology which ensures the highest possible security. 
  • Litecoin Gambling: Created by ex-Google engineer Charlie Lee, this is another crypto that follows the Bitcoin launch. It has similar elements to the latter and it has already become a medium for various transactions. LTC is also known for prompt transactions compared to BTC. 
  • Bitcoin Cash Gambling: The crypto was invented in 2017 as a result of the BTC split. Bitcoin cash has higher block limits which also leads to more transactions per second and higher scalability. When it comes to maximum supply, it is capped at 21 million. 
  • Monero Gambling: Launched in 2014, Monero is well-known crypto and open-source protocol. It is known for its opaque blockchain which keeps all information anonymous and secure. It has many contributors and provides a high level of security to its users. 

Dash Casinos: Alternative Cryptos 

Make sure also to try the following choices if you want to get the most out of the crypto gambling experience:

  • Binance coin (BNB) Gambling: This is the well-known crypto issued by the Binance exchange and has a ticker BNB. You will like it because it’s part of the largest exchange around the globe, so it provides different benefits to its users. Since its inception in 2017, this crypto has expanded a lot and now it is used for different transactions including entertainment, bookings, financial services, and many more.
  • Solana Gambling: When it comes to Solana, you will probably enjoy its impeccable features and decentralized platform that is flexible for hosting scalable apps. It is among the five biggest in the sector thanks to the market capitalization of $66 billion. It is also a secure choice as it uses a proof of stake mechanism. 
  • Tron Gambling: This is another popular option used among crypto lovers all around the globe. The official currency has a ticker TRX and it works like a decentralized web platform established by the company from Singapore. It is a perfect option for sharing online content without major costs. 
  • Shiba Inu Gambling: Players who search for alternative crypto that are secure and based on ETH blockchain should stick to the Shiba Inu on crypto casinos. This is the currency invented in 2020 and you can see its meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog.
  • Tether Gambling: If you want to take advantage of stable crypto which doesn’t change its value, you should stick to the stablecoins such as Tether. This is one of the best methods for regular crypto transactions backed by USD dollars. You will recognize it by the ticket USDT so you can use it regularly. 
  • Cardano Casinos: another choice for a few selected casinos is using Cardano (ADA) for your gambling time. More or less the same benefits as the others, fast transactions, and low fees.


As you can see, Dash casinos are valuable platforms with regular winning chances. Even if you cannot find a lot of them in the market, you will enjoy your time on such sites.  

By reading our review, you will learn more about the process of finding the best sites in the market and your chance to win something.

If you continue reading our guide, you will also find the best games and promotions for you.

We have also prepared an overview of alternative cryptos that can be used for gambling activities.

Make sure to check all these sections and you will know how to start with Dash gambling.

If there is something you want to share with us, feel free to do it.

We are open to any suggestions!

Frequently asked questions

Which is better for online casinos, Dash or Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been around for a long compared to Dash. But the latter has a few advantages over BTC. For example, the Privatesend and Instantsend features make Dash the better option for players who value anonymity and fast casino transactions.

 Are Dash casinos legitimate?

Yes. All of CryptoGamble’s Dash casinos are legitimate. In fact, some are licensed by the Curacao government and gaming commission, plus we have tried them all and we can guarantee for them. So, you are assured of a safe gambling environment at any of these websites.
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