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Disclosure Policy

Thank you for stopping by and for taking some time and understand part of CryptoGamble.Tips business.

The goal on our site is to create an environment where we, Fred and Adam, deliver the best value for gamblers that wants to play with cryptocurrencies at crypto casinos.

We want to give something back as we would have loved to have when we started our journey in the gambling industry. By writing crypto casinos detailed reviews, hunting for the next new crypto casino or updating our list of bitcoin casinos we want to provide insights and valuable information so you can make better choices.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Everything you see and read on this website is completely free and we will never ask any user, unless they really want, to pay any fee to read such information or to be part of the community.

Unfortunately, the website won’t survive or grow unless we put some investments directly from our pocket, which is our deliberate decision to do so. Due to many hours of research, writing and maintaining the website for both ways We feel that compensation is appropriate.

We love what we do, but unless we get something in return we won’t be able to continue to deliver what we promised to you. We are not here only for the money, but they are welcomed to hold it all together.

Thus, we’ve made some agreements with crypto/hybrid casinos in a way that if we bring them, clients, we will be paid back with a commission (affiliate programs).

Very occasionally, we might accept advertising on our platform by placing sponsored content – but whenever we are going to do so, you will have a disclaimer at the top of the article-content promoted. We will only accept for certain brands, the one that earned it.

You will have our word:


One of the most important values we put more effort is Integrity and this is what we aim to do with you guys, keep our word and be 100% transparent.

How does the ranking work on the homepage?

Screenshot Homepage casinos on CryptoGamble.tips

You might ask yourself how the crypto casinos are ranked on the home page and why the one with the top-ranking are not in the top of the list. In this section, we are going to explain to you how it works.

The system, thanks to the plugin used, works based on views. What does it mean? 

The users of the website, in the long run, are going to decide who is going to be on the top, there is no way that CryptoGamble.Tips team is going to manipulate those numbers unless going to that page hundreds of times by refreshing that specific page. 

See image below for a better understanding:  

functionalities behind cryptogamble.tips website

But, we are going to tell you that we do not have any interest in doing so, actually, it will be counterproductive for us because it will show to our users that we have some interest in doing that. Of course, if there is any action made by externals in order to pump their reviews, unfortunately, we cannot do anything. We will do our best to keep safe the website from external attacks. 

Also, you can always check the views number on every review page, just close to the brand’s logo.

Lastly, on certain pages such as dice, the top list underneath has a little disclosure by saying that the top list had a change in it. On certain pages, we will use other ranking factors, but like always we are going disclose it. 

We hope this page helped you to understand better how do we operate. But if you still have questions on how we rate casinos, we advise you to visit the specific page. 

Comments Policy

Recently we’ve found out that some of the comments written under the review are made with fake emails, so we reserve the right in cleaning up the user generated content. This is important as we don’t value spam and therefore we do not encourage it.

Responsibility policy

Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. CryptoGamble.tips will not be held responsible or liable for any financial loss incurred as a result of any information, third-party links, provided on our site, or from participation in online gambling activities. By choosing to gamble with an affiliate (like us – cryptogamble.tips), you take sole responsibility to ensure that gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. We don’t take responsibility for the content of any third-party links on the site.