What are the Most Common Crypto Casino Bonuses?

Crypto casinos are not behind traditional casinos when it comes to bonus offers. They follow almost the same bonus mechanisms and add something extra from their side. In these crypto-only bonuses, players can interact with each other and interestingly earn handsome rewards.

Chat Rain

Chat Rain bonuses are exclusively found in crypto casinos. As it is with all bonuses, here you get the rewards but the manner of getting them is somewhat different. To get this bonus, players interact with one another through the chat option. After some time, the crypto casino will rain bonus rewards on randomly selected chat boxes. The lucky players get the bonus amount.


In this bonus feature, the top 10 players who wager the most in a given period of time become eligible for an extra bonus amount along with the rewards they win. The Race takes place at frequent intervals, usually once every week.


As the name suggests, this particular bonus offers a % of your deposit back for every wagering dollar you do. Of course, read terms and conditions as different crypto gambling platform offer this prize only on certain conditions. On of the main casino for cashback is Kryptosino.


Those who love poker might be familiar with the concept of Rakeback. In a game of poker, a rake refers to the fee the house takes for itself from the pot. Every player has to deposit a bet, part of which is the rake. The casino offers the Rakeback scheme for regular players where the players can get a certain percentage of the rake amount back. What a splendid bonus!

Weekly Bonus

Many online crypto casinos offer weekly bonuses. Here, players get to derive certain bonus packages on particular days of the week. This bonus keeps recurring every week and is usually beneficial for the players who play at an online casino for at least a couple of months.

Monthly Bonus

Like the weekly bonus, a monthly bonus is also given at a specified interval: after each month. The monthly bonus amount is generally higher than that of the weekly bonus. This bonus is ideal for players who play at an online casino for a long period of time.

Hourly/Daily Reload

The fascinating interval bonuses are the hourly or daily bonuses that a player can take advantage of every day or hour. The reload bonus gets initiated as soon as you make a deposit. So, every time you make a deposit, the reload bonus gets activated.

VIP Rewards

The online casinos, whether they be crypto or hybrid, want players to stick to their platform. To lure the players, they offer VIP clubs. As the name suggests, VIP gives players the added advantage over what they usually get from an online casino. This is a loyalty program where the casino rewards the players for playing at their website over a considerable period of time.

No Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

In an online casino, welcome bonuses are offered in two forms: deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. You have to make a deposit to get the bonus offer in a deposit bonus, but no such thing happens in no deposit bonus. Players can lay claim to the bonus reward without needing to make any deposit. The bonus could be either a monetary reward or free spins.

Free spins allow you to get more spins in a slot game without depositing any extra money. No deposit bonuses and free spins are among the most chosen casino bonuses. 

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