BC.Game Has Launched Their Own NFT 

If you’ve been anywhere near the cryptocurrency sphere within the past few years, you have undoubtedly heard the term NFT. As NFTs have become more popular, BC.Game has entered the market by becoming one of the first online casinos to implement their own NFT through Degen Pass.

A Degen Pass is a collection of 1777 Genesis Assets on the Ethereum blockchain. So what will a Degen Pass offer users? Well, with a Degen Pass users will have access to the Degenverse, where they can access a variety of casinos that are part of the Degenverse. 

However, that’s not all a Degen Pass can do! With a Degen Pass, users will have access to a handful of intensely beneficial perks within the BC.Game casino. This includes a unique avatar, Degenback Rewards, access to the Degenverse, a VIP permit to partner casinos, mystery airdrops, early access to a Defi betting app, and more! 

Now you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on a Degen Pass. But there’s no need to stress as BC.Game has made its Degen Pass accessible through a variety of avenues. This includes a private sale for all users that are whitelisted as well as an open sale for the general public. 

But those aren’t the only ways to get hold of your own Degen Pass, users can also be awarded a Degen Pass by: 

  • Placing a wager in Doggy Miner Slots 
  • Securing a top 10 position within the Big Bang Event 
  • Joining giveaways on Social Media platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and the BC.Game Forum. 

Degen Passes will appear on Doggy Miner Slots, which means you can gain rewards from this exciting slot game while also having the opportunity to win your very own. 

If you’re looking to gain a whitelist spot, BC.Game will randomly award a Degen Pass to those who begin following BC.Game’s social media accounts. This might give you an opportunity to get your hands on it before any of your gambling friends do! 

Cosmin Mesenschi

Cosmin Mesenschi

The one who started the CryptoGamble and brought the team together. He has a clear idea of what our brand is and should be and is tirelessly working on getting it closer to the forefront of the industry. When he’s not traveling and spreading the word about the brand, he enjoys playing video games, especially GTA, which inspired the website. It is worth mentioning that Cosmin trains boxing, which could be helpful when managing a team.

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