How to play online casinos with cryptocurrencies

More and more people, thanks to new advancements in the industry, are questioning themselves on how to play bitcoin casino online. At the moment, isn’t quite a hot topic but soon enough a lot of gamblers will come and join the new way of playing online casinos. 

Coming to an answer on how to play online casinos with cryptocurrencies we have to give you all the information in a clear way, a step-by-step guide. In fact, the aim of this article is to provide you with everything you need in order to get you started with the reliable and best crypto casinos.

One of our goal with our CryptoGamble.Tips is to provide as much clarity as possible before you make a decision, whether is for playing at any BTC provably fair games or simply buying bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. 

We want you to know what you are doing

Thus, one thing to get started is to give you some context on cryptocurrencies, especially what are the benefits of using them and how important is the technology behind it for online casinos. 

What are cryptocurrencies and what is the technology behind it? 

A cryptocurrency is a new form of payments that came recently available all over the world. It is similar to all other fiat currencies, the only difference is that is virtual and has an incredible technology that has tremendous power of innovation for our financial and ordinary world. 

Cryptocurrencies in technical words are strings of codes that represent your coins in a world we can call it hash. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies based on different blockchains, some of the most famous ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other Altcoins (Alternative Coins) like Ripple, Monero, Dash, Doge and many more. 

We want to keep it as simple as possible so we won’t go further in details on how it works. You can always check this fantastic guide on what is Bitcoin, what is Ethereum and what is Blockchain.  

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What are the benefits of using cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies come along with benefits and we are going to see them one by one.


Thanks to blockchain, the technology that supports bitcoin, you will have one of the most secured currency because it cannot be cancelled and changed. Everything is recorded and accessible to everyone. Of course, your data won’t be public but it will be encoded in the hashes that occur when you do any kind of action or transaction on the blockchain. 


The system behind blockchain makes possible the highest transparency because of the public ledger you are able to verify any transaction that happened. You can check it out here

This is a game-changer for everything we know, from finance to online games with gambling. 


Being transparent and public, it doesn’t mean that your information is disclosed. In fact, there is this peculiarity that makes you anonymous. It means that you are able to verify a payment but you don’t know exactly who done that or to whom. Soon we will have digital and crypto ID in order to get easier your identification but until then you are nobody on the blockchain and nobody can ask your information to make a transaction. 

How and where to buy/exchange cryptocurrencies? 

One of your next questions would be like this title, on how can you exchange your fiat currency, like dollars, euro and so on with bitcoin for example. One of the first things you need to do is to create an account on one of the most famous exchanges available online. 

For example, Coinbase is one of the most well-known and trusted platforms on where to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Simply you sign up, provide the information needed and then you can purchase cryptocurrencies throughout their website. Once you’ve done that, we advise you to download the mobile application and use it from mobile, due to its simplicity and usability. 

Now, you have a wallet and you just exchanged your fiat currency to a chosen cryptocurrency. You are a crypto holder, let’s call it like that. 

Of course, Coinbase isn’t the only one, there are many more and we are going to review all of them one by one. But not yet, because we will first focus on crypto casinos. 

Where to play online casinos with bitcoin and other altcoins?

Now that you have your wallet and your coins, you can now start looking for a new crypto casino or if you want to be more specific a bitcoin casino. You can see from the list below the best ones that we have reviewed so far, and the one we are proud players of. 

Take a look and try them out, they all have fake money so you can choose the best fit for you.

Why playing with cryptocurrencies?

Let’s get to the most important thing of this article, why to gamble with cryptocurrencies and why to always, from now on, choose this kind of casinos rather than normal online casinos. 

The one thing that sparked in us the love for bitcoin casinos or any other Altcoins casinos is fairness

Fairness is the ability of the player to check, throughout the system provided by the crypto casino, if the casino is really fair with the user or is cheating by manipulating the code behind the game. 

How is this possible? Thanks to blockchain and the transparency that comes along with it. As we wrote in the article about the future of blockchain you will see the power that has this amazing technology and how can really impact this industry and all the benefits that can provide for the final user.  

Let us know what do you think and if there is something we can help you with!

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