Why people love so much playing Monopoly – BetFury’s inquiry

More than 90 years Monopoly is the “queen” of every home party, or family evening, or the best way to quarrel with friends. Ok, we are joking, it is silly to argue with friends because of a board game.  But what is the main reason that makes the gameplay of Monopoly so exciting and interesting? 

Not all of us are Wall Street “sharks” and know everything about economics, but the gameplay of Monopoly makes you think that you are one of them. This feeling is very exciting – it is really the most interesting part of Monopoly – to combine luck and pure economics like in real life. Before making any decision you have to think a lot about the aftermath – sometimes it’s better not to buy every street, and save some money. 

One Monopoly match can go on for hours and hours, it drains a lot, and players feel tired, but that is the real price of Monopoly.


Is there any way to play Monopoly and do not argue with friends?

Yes, there are a lot of them! The most simple and funny – is changing the rules! It brings some new colours in a good old game. For example – If you have all of the railway stations, you can travel by using them. Or you can add new functions of credit systems from banks or players. The only limit for creating new rules is only your imagination! 

Also, there is fast play in Monopoly which is called “Monopoly speed” – it is easier and as you can guess – it is faster, but it is still Monopoly, and what if you want completely different feelings and something new? In this case, you may try to play live Monopoly from “Evolution Gaming”, one of the top software providers of online casino games, now available also on BetFury.

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The Live version of Monopoly is a combination of fortune wheel and classical Monopoly board. Yeah it sounds crazy, but after you see how it happens – you will understand why it is so popular. 

You may bet from 5 TRX on 4 numbers and two special sectors (rolls). Then the Host spins the wheel and if you guess the right number – you will win! If you bet on a special sector of rolls and when the wheel stops on them –  you will move to the virtual Monopoly board and collect multipliers of your bet. It is very dynamic and interesting. 

There is no time for being bored, or arguing with someone – you are playing not versus your friends, but with them.

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What can you find on Live Monopoly speed?

There are 54 segments on the wheel. Most of them (22) are the “1’” cells, 14 cells of “2”,  7 cells of “5”, 4 cells of “10”, 2 sectors of “Chance”, 3 sectors of “2 rolls” and only one sector “four rolls”. The most successful strategy is counting only on sectors “2” and “1” (67% of success), but the profit will be not so big.

What is the maximal multiplier? If we are talking about traditional sectors (1,2,5,10) – the biggest multiplier you can get is 10. But if the wheel stops on bonus rolls or “Chance”, the number of multipliers can be 50, 100, or even 1000! So the only way to understand how it happens is to play.

BetFury’s Community Feedback

Here are a few feedbacks from BetFury community, which help to understand why people really like to play live Monopoly, and why it is one of the most popular games:

  • It’s a must play! Truly amazing and it’s definitely a good candidate for receiving a game of the year award. Highly recommend giving it a try!
  • Looks interesting: live person, in-game chat, feelings that I sit in a big room in a comfortable arm-chair 🙂                                    
  • This is no ordinary board game! With Live Monopoly – Evolution, you can play a live casino with a wheel, real live dealers and real money!

Monopoly live Strategy – Extra content


As a bonus for you, we have collected few popular strategies which were proved by time:

  1. Calculated tactic: Put 5% of your bank on “2”, 5% on “5” and 5% on “2roll”
  2. I believe in a miracle: Put 5% on “2 rolls”, 5% on “4 rolls”,  10%  on “1” and 15% on “2” 
  3. Strategic bet: The first bet is – 5% on “5”, 5% on “2 rolls”, then you have to bet 10% on “1”

Remember you always can play by your own made strategy.

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the best live casino experience on BetFury

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Why people love so much playing Monopoly – BetFury’s inquiry
Why people love so much playing Monopoly – BetFury’s inquiry

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