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How we rate the casinos we feature on the site

This page is all about sharing with you and being transparent on how we rate casinos. This is the perfect way to familiarise with the way we give rankings.

What do we take into consideration when reviewing a crypto casino?

In the crypto gambling industry, everything moves fast and dynamically. Bitcoin casinos evolve and update their services at light speed. So, we need to constantly keep updated and keep you, our visitor and player, well informed on each change that happens. This is why we created a news section and write all the latest news we are aware of. 

One of the most important things about our site are the Bitcoin casino reviews that we publish weekly. These reviews, we believe, are the core of and are made to provide in-depth information for each gamer that both wants to approach a new operator or are already experienced players and do not know who to trust.

In order to create authoritative and trustworthy reviews, we created several criteria that our team uses every time they review a crypto operator. These criteria will prove in an objective way if a casino is worth a try or not. Thus, each one of you can rely on our high standard reviews because they all are made following the criteria process.   

On each casino review page, you will be seeing the criteria used with an evaluation in points, from 1 to 10. Where 1 is very low and 10 is the best you can find. 

An average between the criteria points will give you an overall rating point to the casino tested.

Of course, best crypto casinos will receive higher points as are made with a focus for this kind of operator. So, if a hybrid casino doesn’t receive a lot of points because its business is still focused on normal online casino operation.

Reviews Criteria review criteria

Each criterion will receive a point up to 10 and each section will have its own description on how to get the maximum points.

1 – Trust Level

The trust level comes with the following benchmarks:

  1. Licence owned, the casino that has an active licence, 3 points;
  2. Provably Fairness, we check if crypto casinos have the provably fair system in order to check the respective fairness and for hybrid casinos, we will look for RNG (random number generator) meaning we are going to check the software providers if they are fair with what they are actually saying, 3 points;
  3. Terms and Conditions are fair and reliable and not illusive, 2 points;
  4. Security checks on the website include SSL certification, 1 point;
  5. Multi-factor authentication to secure the account and its data, 1 point.

2 – Games selection

Each casino is a centrum of fun and to keep up with the industry changes it has to adapt to the market by delivering the best to its customers. So, providing a wide range of games is necessary as well as important. 

  1. provably fair games, 6 points;
  2. Blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, baccarat, 2 points;
  3. Live casino feature, 1 point;
  4. The sportsbook will feature, 1 important point.

3 – Bonuses / Promotions

  1. 1st deposit bonus and if applicable 2nd, 3rd deposit, 2 points;
  2. NO deposit Bonus, 1 point;
  3. VIP program, 2 points;
  4. Faucet or/and chat rain features, 1 point;
  5. Cashback, 1 point;
  6. Social media promotions, 1 point
  7. Wagering contest,1 point;
  8. Affiliate program, 1 point.

4 – Performance and Overall Experience

  1. Mobile optimization, 3 points;
  2. Downloadable application or similar, 2 points;
  3. Platform available in different languages, 1 point;
  4. Fast website-mobile with performance speed up to 4 seconds, 2 points;
  5. Usability, with easy navigation within pages of the site/mobile, 2 points

5 – Payments

  1. Fast deposits with cryptocurrencies (1 confirmation), 3 points;
  2. Accepting more than 5 cryptocurrencies, 2 points;
  3. Fast withdrawals (2 confirmations max), 3 points;
  4. Anti-money laundering policy including KYC controls, 1 point;
  5. Exchange on the platform, 1 point.

6 – Customer Support

  1. Fast Email support (up to 30-minutes answer), 3 points;
  2. Social media/forum support, 3 points;
  3. Live support 24/7, we believe that this feature is really important as there is always someone on the other side to help, 4 points.

What happens if a casino will not reach our standards?

There are two option at the end of our tests, either a casino will receive enough point to be recommended by us or we will still publish the review but it will be included in the blacklist section.
The blacklist section will be used to provide information to players about casinos that are better avoidable rather than trustworthy to have fun.

As in school, only casinos that receive a score equal or above 5.7 will be included in the recommendation section and the others will be included in the blacklist.

We would like to know if you have any suggestion on what we should include in our review process and if there is anything you would like us to try out. Let us know in the contact form and we will be more than happy to answer you.