Casino Hold’em Live – Simple Poker to Win Up to 100x! 

Casino Hold’em – The Simple Live Poker Game 

When it comes to casino games, we definitely should rank poker as one of the most entertaining ones, especially as players are constantly trying to outmaneuver their competition. In many countries, poker is considered an art and much more than a game of chance. Actually, in the modern world, this is a game where it’s widely considered that results are based mostly on your skill. 

Over the years, many casino games represented the gameplay of poker, and you might have already found one of the best – Casino Hold ’em Live. This headline is another pearl in the crown of Evolution Gaming, and it’s designed to bring you the best out of live poker and gaming, creating an exciting live video poker world. 

Generally, the only downside of poker is that not everyone knows the rules and card combinations. Still, Casino Hold’em is much simplified, making it the perfect option even for beginner players. 

So, if you are up to the dealer’s challenge and ready to chase profits of up to 100x your initial bet, Casino Hold’em is the game for you. But before diving straight into the game, you first need to understand better how to utilize the opportunities it presents. 

How to play Casino Hold ’em?

At its core, Casino Hold ’em is a very straightforward game. You are just playing a hand versus the live dealer. Also, both of you must always end the round by sharing hand strength to determine a winner. This is different from traditional hold’em poker, where you can bluff and pressure your opponents by raising the pot. But that’s also what makes Casino Hold’em an excellent game to relax and battle the live casino dealer for fun. 

Casino Hold ’em Initial Bet. 

To enter a particular round in Casino Hold ’em, you first need to place an Ante bet, qualifying for the drawing face of your cards and the flop. You can also place a side bet in the bonus option. This option pays out on top of your hand, but only in case you have Aces or better. From our experience, we can point out that this option is significant, and you would always want to cover it even with a smaller bet size. 

casino holdem inital bet options

Casino Hold’em Flop Play 

After placing the Ante and bonus bets, you will finally see your cards and the three additions on the flop. From there, you have 15 seconds to decide and continue with the hand by paying an additional fee of 2x your Ante amount or folding the hand to protect yourself, losing your best until this point. 

casino holdem flop play

As a pro tip, we strongly recommend playing if you have any pair or you are just one card shy away from a powerful combination. The chance is always worth it as the dealer may also have a weak hand. 

Card Revealing Phase and the Crucial Bonus Bet 

Once you have decided on your play, your fate is in the hands of the last two cards and the dealer’s hole cards. After drawing the cards of the turn and river, the dealer will show its hands, revealing how much you will end up with based on your bets and combinations. 

casino holdem card reveal and bonus bet

As you can see in the middle of the table, the dealer will only qualify with a pair of 4s and better. This means that even if you have a high-paying combination and the dealer doesn’t qualify, your bets will be voided, and you won’t make any profit. 

That’s why you MUST always place something on the bonus bet. This way, you guarantee yourself a profit if you hit a powerful combination. It’s also crucial to understand that the combination payouts of the bonus bet are much more significant than the Ante one. 

For example, the Straight Flush in the bonus bet pays out 50x, while at Ante bet, it gets you 20x your bet. The difference becomes even more staggering with the Full House bonus bet that pays out 30x, while the Ante Full House will bring you only 4x. 

Casino Hold’em RTP Percent 

The interesting thing about this Evolution Gaming headline is that it has two active RTP percent values. The first one covers the Ante bet, which shows a very high value of 97.84%, primarily because of the inability of the dealer to qualify for winning every hand. 

On the other hand, the 93.74% RTP for the Bonus bet is very low, and theoretically, it seems you won’t want to place money on that option. However, in practice, taking the risk with a small amount will be better to give yourself a chance to bank the possible significant amounts that come with it. 

Which Are the Best Sites to Play Casino Hold’em? 

Casino Hold’em is unlike most Evolution Gaming headlines, where you can easily reach potentially sky-high winnings with thousands of your initial bet. But to try and do something similar with this game, you will always need a significant bankroll to place enormous bets. 

The truth is that some players are not prepared to do that unless they claim a monstrous amount in bonus funds. As you are reading this, claiming incredible bonus offers to play Casino Hold’em is more than achievable. As an established site in the gambling industry, we partner with some of the best crypto casinos in the world to provide our readers with exclusive offers they can exploit. 

But aside from great bonus offers that will up your Casino Hold’em game, you can also expect a reliable and entertaining place to enjoy the best casino headlines in online gambling. So, check out the various sites we present and choose the one that resonates with you the most. 

What Type of Winnings Can You Expect With Casino Hold’em? 

We already mentioned that Casino Hold’em is not like most Evolution Gaming headlines where you can genuinely bank in some life-changing amounts. However, due to the nature of this game, you can count on big bets to allow yourself to make a consistent profit which will still be pretty satisfying. But you might be wondering just how much you can end up with. We are here to reveal the answer by looking at real-life game rounds. 

casino holdem potential winning example

In this particular example, the player’s total bet was around 160, and he ended up winning because of his higher kicker, doubling his bet in just a few minutes. Of course, considering you will constantly be taking your bets back, doubling down when things aren’t going well is a big deal. But this is only the beginning. 

Once you get more comfortable and play with decent bets, nice frequent winnings will begin. Over time, this will boost your capital and surely set you up for a thrilling gaming experience. 

casino holdem potential win example

But the real beauty of Casino Hold’em is visible once you reach the level where you can play with enormous bets and you manage to hit a lucky hand. That happened live on a high-stake player who just thought of recording a few of his hands. 

casino holdem huge win example

A monstrous win of $480,000 in only a few minutes? If you have the guts and capital to try this out, Casino Hold’em can quickly become the most profitable casino game you have ever tried. But although incredible wins like these are possible, things won’t always go your way. That’s why you have to be mindful of your capital and if it’s necessary, take a quick break before continuing. 

Is Casino Hold ’em a Casino Game Worth Playing? 

Aside from the numerous casino headlines where you can constantly chase significant winnings, Casino Hold’em is a game where you are much more likely to bank satisfying winnings, as long as you have a decent bankroll. But if you enter the game with the mindset of building your bankroll steadily and continuously, you can be very successful with this game. 

The constant battle between you and the dealer will prove very entertaining over time, and as you get more experienced and apply some nice strategies, you can further increase your edge. 

Additionally, once you claim an excellent exclusive bonus from the sites we present and you begin playing with a more significant betting size, numerous opportunities will open themselves to you. Therefore, you only need to be patient and always take the most valuable betting option.

Have you already developed some Casino Hold ’em strategies? The other readers and I will be buzzing to hear about them and discuss how they might perform over a long period. So get involved in our discussions in the comments below! 


Is the game of Casino Hold ’em based on skills or on luck? 

It’s hard to say if Casino Hold ’em is based on skills or luck because you have a crucial decision on the flop that can save or win you a lot of money. But aside from that, you don’t have too much influence on the result, which makes the game based a bit more on luck while still involving quite a bit of skill. 

What are the min and max bets?

The minimum bet at Casino Hold ’em is $1 for both types of bets. Additionally, the maximum amount for the bonus bet is $1,500, while for the Ante bet – $3,000. 

Is there any good strategy to follow to maximize my hands and chances of winning?

There isn’t a better strategy than the one you develop and are confident in. However, as a starting point, you should know that it’s always better to cover the bonus bet option, even with an amount much lower than your Ante bet. 

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