Diving Into the Deal or No Deal Live Game: Making the Correct Decision

The Famous Deal or No Deal TV Show 

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t seen the exciting Deal or No Deal show on TV. The enormous amounts that individuals were often able to win with this game were spine-tingling, not even mention the challenging path they always needed to go through to claim such rewards for their effort. Summing up the show, it’s enough to say that it has been nothing short of a thrilling and exciting experience, both for players and spectators. 

It’s the only downside? Not everyone could participate, and you had first to be selected to try your luck with this format. However, we have some fantastic news if you had indeed filled out your application to participate in the Deal or No Deal TV show but weren’t selected. You can finally enjoy the thrill of this game without anything like a vetting process. 

Best Sites to Play Deal or No Deal Online Games

After learning the general Deal or No Deal rules, you probably don’t want to waste too much time before diving into the game. But remember that to have the best possible gaming experience, you always need to use the best online crypto gambling sites. The issue with this is that the industry is enormous, and there are numerous options you can choose from. 

But don’t worry, as we are here for you! On our platform, we constantly review only the top-notch crypto gaming sites we can find. Furthermore, we dive into detailed reviews of each one so that you can quickly pick up on their features and benefits, choosing the one suitable for you specifically. But this is not everything. 

Over the years, we have established strong connections with these brands, which is why they consistently provide exclusive offers for our readers. And when it comes down to high bankroll demanding games like Deal or No Deal, this is a significant benefit you need to exploit. 

Check out all of the leading crypto gambling sites we present below and find the one most suitable to your own gaming style and preferences. 

Evolution Gaming’s Deal or No Deal Version

With the help of Evolution Gaming and some of the best live crypto game casinos, you can now enjoy a Deal or No Deal online game from the comfort of your home! You can bank significant amounts without ever appearing on TV, and the best thing is that you can play as many games as you want! 

The Evolution’s Deal or No Deal rules are straightforward because the game has been made for players to fully immerse in the genuine experience the TV show provided while simultaneously making it more quick and automated. You will always have an entertaining presenter that will interact with you, often putting you in the position of evaluating a deal from the banker. 

In the following lines, we will uncover how the online Deal or No Deal works and provide you with valuable tips you can implement to increase your chances of winning. But why trust what we have to say in the first place? 

What makes us different here at CryptoGamble.tips is that we focus entirely on providing value to our readers. We want to help you have fun and do it in the best crypto casinos in the industry. 

On our platform, you will find in-depth game guides that will improve your betting style, unbiased casino reviews to find the best sites, and exclusive bonuses you can claim anytime. Everything is well compiled by our unique writing style that will make you breathe and taste any game, even before you can engage in it. 

So, with the Deal or No Deal game, you can bank in thousands every few minutes, but you need a significant bankroll. 

By enjoying this headline in a crypto gaming site we present, you will always claim exclusive bonuses that will give you the financial depth you need to take full advantage of the game. But how can you do that in practice? Let’s learn this in the following lines.  

How to Play Deal or No Deal Board Game Online? 

The Deal or No Deal game online is mainly automated, and it takes only a few minutes for you to get your reward. Although that’s the case, some specifics and rules still differentiate the game from the one on the TV show. So let’s dive straight into the rules you should be aware of. 

Qualifying for the Game Show 

With the Deal or No Deal online games, you also get to experience the process of qualifying for the game show. This occurs on a unique wheel with three rings you must match in the predetermined field. You can choose from a few difficulty levels, which can make the process much more accessible, but it comes in an exchange of a few times your selected bet. 

Generally, by spinning on the easy difficulty level, you will always qualify without losing too much time, which we recommend as a pro tip. Investing your selected bet to play a few times might seem like a lot, but remember that it gives you a chance to bank enormous amounts in minutes eventually! 

qualifying for the show

Topping Up Process

Once you successfully qualify for the game, you will be redirected to another type of wheel. And this is where it begins to get interesting. 

There, you can choose each one from the 16 briefcases and increase its value by 5x-50x your spin bet. That’s how you can really make some briefcases reach an enormous amount you can potentially take out in case luck is on your side. 

top up spin in deal or no deal

Opening Briefcases and Considering Banker’s Offers 

It’s time to finally emerge into the exciting world of the Deal or No Deal games. The mechanics of the game are elementary. In each game you play, there will always be four rounds you can go through. And after each of them, the banker will present its offer to you, allowing you only 10 seconds to decide if you want to take the offered funds. 

In the first round, you will see three briefcases being opened simultaneously, while in the second and third rounds, there will be four opened briefcases. If you had reached the point of the last contest, this means you had refused all the banker’s offers up until now. But that’s alright because the fourth round is usually the most exciting. 

opening briefcases and bankers offer

Three briefcases will be opened in that particular round, leaving only one more, aside from your own briefcase. That’s where you will get the final offer from the banker, and this is the only time you will also have the option to switch briefcases.

banker's offer

Breathtaking moments like these make the Deal or No Deal game so exciting. Will you get your hands on guaranteed money or take your chances and stick with your briefcase to the end? Or will you take the other case because you believe the significant win will be hiding there? You can take so many thrilling options every time you play the Deal or No Deal game online. 

What Type of Winnings to Expect from the Deal or No Deal Online Game? 

In most crypto casino games, you can always take a fixed grand amount home. But with the Deal or No Deal game, it all depends on the size of your bets and how lucky you are. 

Of course, in the Top Up section of the game, you can pump the price of the various briefcases up to 500x your bet per spin, but this is not always optimal because you will have fewer briefcases with significant awards. 

It’s always better to spread your funds across a few briefcases, which will increase your chances of getting the award from one of them, providing you with better deal propositions from the banker during the course of the game. 

Many players follow a similar game plan, and we know you are probably curious to know just what type of returns are possible with the Deal or No Deal online game, so let’s check some examples! 

banker's offer example

One player was backed up against a wall with a 50% chance of taking home close to $33,000. The banker’s offer was also pretty solid, but just like every genuine thrill-chaser would do, this one refused the offer, putting all his belief in his own briefcase. The result? 

potential win example

A cool $32,800 in profit. But sometimes, when you play this game, you won’t get as lucky to find out that the grand prize is hiding in your own briefcase. 

But the true art of Deal or No Deal is trusting your gut feeling to win against the odds, especially regarding the last round. 

last round example situation

Here, one player had quite a bit to choose from, considering the banker’s offer and the significant difference in the value of the briefcases. However, he wasn’t feeling at ease with his briefcase, so he decided to switch! 

biggest win example

And surprisingly, he came out right, banking a fantastic win of $46,500. He must definitely have nerves of steel to do something like that.

Of course, you should never forget that these are scenarios where players emerged victorious. However, when you are playing, this might not always be the case. Especially in games like Deal or No Deal, where the bets can get quite significant, you must always be careful not to spend too much. 

When the game stops being fun and you begin to stress out about the funds you wager, you better take a break and return when you are calm so you can chase the most significant winnings with a sharp mind. 

Conclusion – Is the Deal or No Deal Game a Good Option in 2022? 

When it comes to live casino games in general, there will hardly be a more exciting game that puts you on the edge of your seat than Deal or No Deal. The TV show with the same name was exciting, but the pressure and thrilling experience you can emerge into when playing Evolution Gaming’s online version is just on a new level. 

The online game version is automated and has a much quicker pace, which will inevitably play around with your emotions every round, especially when the stakes are high. 

You need to determine if this is something you might want to engage in, but from our perspective, we see Deal or No Deal as the best game all trill-chasers must try at least once. 

In such quick-paced online gaming headlines like this, there will always be some unique situations players will find themselves in, which is why we encourage you to share your own experience with the game in the comments section. We would love to hear back from our readers! 


How to qualify for Deal or No Deal?

Before the beginning of each game round, a unique wheel will await you. To qualify for the game show, you must spin the wheel and align the three golden rings in the required field. 

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

It depends on the version of the Deal or No Deal you are playing. Usually, you can bet from as low as $0,10 or as high as $40,000 or even more. 

Is Deal or No Deal rigged?

The Deal or No Deal game comes from Evolution Gaming, one of the best casino software developers in the industry. All games from that provider are thoroughly tested and produce 100% random results. 

How much money can you actually make from Deal or No Deal?

It greatly depends on the type of your bets, but the maximum amount you can win from the game is 500x your bet amount. 

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