Lightning Roulette 2023

Lightning Roulette 2023

If you love playing standard Bitcoin Live Dealer Roulette, then the chances are that you will find Bitcoin Lightning Roulette Live even more entertaining. Much like the usual roulette wheel with 37 pockets, Lightning Roulette makes playing exciting and unpredictable with the addition of one unique feature – Lucky Numbers.

Hit the jackpot and win 500x the bet by relying on Crypto Gamble and our comprehensive guide. Our unbiased casino reviews, thorough game rules explanations, and exclusive bonuses make us the perfect place to take your first step in live crypto gambling. From finding out where to play Lightning Roulette to learning the game’s main rules, we’ll provide a game guide so in-depth that you’ll start placing bets right away.

Learn how to play Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is played with the usual Roulette wheel. It has 37 pockets that are divided into Green, Red, and Black. Green would be zero, whereas Red and Black range from numbers 1 to 36. What sets Lightning Roulette apart is its speed and the chance to win up to 500x on a bet.

Lightning Roulette rules

How do you start playing this game if you have never played it before, yet you want a chance to take advantage of all of its benefits? First off, know that all the rules of regular Roulette apply. And the rules state that you place a wager on a number in either the ‘inside section’ or the ‘outside section.’

Once you join a roulette table, you are given a chip. You can select a chip color that will stay with you until the game ends. You are then free to select the chip’s value with which you can wager on any number or combination of numbers.

If you win the bet, you get back the original wager plus the payout amount. Since many of the same rules apply, you’ll have no problems with Lightning Roulette rules once you have mastered the original Roulette game. The only difference between the two is the addition of Lucky Numbers and the racetrack for neighbor bets.

How do the lightning strikes and multipliers work in the game?

Introducing the lucky numbers! Those who manage to benefit from this game’s special feature, Lucky Numbers, get to understand why it has the word lucky in the description.

The game’s software randomly generates the lightning strikes and multipliers in the lightning roulette game, and they can occur at any point during the game. A random number generator will choose 1-5 lucky numbers per round when a lightning strike occurs. And get this – with Lucky Numbers, you can score a 50x to 500x multiplier.

In other words, if a ball lands on a pocket where you have placed your wager and that pocket happen to be set as a lucky number by the generator, you’ll be getting sweet, sweet coins. That, as well as some cool sound effects and exciting graphics, make playing Lightning Roulette live an interesting and unique experience. However, do note that the odds of a lightning strike occurring and the game’s rules and RNG determine the specific multiplier that is applied.

How is lightning roulette different from regular roulette?

The key differences between lightning roulette and regular roulette are the added feature of lightning strikes and multipliers. In this game, there is a chance for players to win up to 500x their bet through the lightning strikes, which randomly hit certain numbers on the wheel. This creates the potential for larger payouts compared to regular roulette.

Additionally, the game also includes unique betting options, such as a racetrack for neighbor bets and an extra betting area for the multipliers. Here are some of the betting options that are specific to the game:

  • The “Lucky Numbers”: these bets are placed on specific numbers that you think will be hit by the lightning strike. You will receive a higher payout if your chosen number is hit than a regular straight-up bet.
  • The “Chance of Strike”: you can bet on the likelihood of a lightning strike happening on any number during a round.
  • The “Full Complete”: allows you to bet on all numbers in a specific section of the roulette wheel, such as the numbers 1-12, or 13-24, offering a higher payout potential.

More on the racetrack and neighbor bets

The racetrack is a specific feature that allows you to place neighbor bets, which means you can wager on multiple numbers at once. These bets are placed on the outer edge of the roulette table, where the numbers are arranged in a specific pattern. The racetrack makes it easy for you to place neighbor bets by allowing you to select multiple numbers at once rather than manually placing individual bets on each number.

What are your chances of winning?

Most players wonder if Lightning Roulette is rigged and whether it can be 100% trusted. It’s highly unlikely that the game is rigged, as there is only one Lightning Roulette table provided by Evolution Gaming, and all casinos use it. A rigged game would entail that all the casinos have difficulties, which is not the case.

Lightning Roulette is a game that has a significant RTP of 97.10%. That leaves 2.90% for the house edge, meaning that for every $100 you bet, you are expected to lose $2.90.

The probabilities of winning a large payout are somewhat similar to regular Roulette. You have the lowest chances of winning by placing a Straight-Up bet where you bet on a single number and wait for luck to do its thing. While they are the most challenging bets to win, they are also the ones that bring the most money. So if you plan to try your luck and get rich (or richer) overnight, you know what to do. Straight-Up is the only way to go.

What do you stand to gain?

Apart from having a great time, you also stand to gain some serious monetary advantages. Playing Lighting Roulette online lets you blow off some steam anytime, anywhere. You can be on your vacation, feel the need to play a quick game or two, and use your phone to access a live game.

With somewhat low bets, you can quickly provide some extra pocket money to spend on the luxuries you deem important. Whether that be a new Bugatti or Michelin star meal for your entire group, Lightning Roulette winnings let you lead a more extravagant lifestyle.

Of course, keep in mind that crypto casino games don’t always end with a person hitting the jackpot. If you notice that your lucky streak ended a while ago, it’s best to regroup and try your luck some other day.

Wrapping it up

Lightning Roulette is an excellent game for those who love standard Roulette. The addition of Lucky Numbers makes this game more exciting and much more profitable than its original counterpart. Simply place your wager, wait for the random number generator to pick the game’s lucky numbers, and hope you are one of the lucky winners.

Roulette game that will light up your live casino time

Casino Lightning Roulette is enjoyed by individuals who love to feel the thrill of online gambling with the potential of earning significant amounts. The luckiest ones can earn up to 500x on the bet. How’s that for winning? Feel free to give your two cents on Lightning Roulette in the comment section and help someone decide. Otherwise, browse the following game guides:


How do you play Bitcoin Lightning Roulette?

You play Live Lightning Roulette with Bitcoin, similar to standard Roulette. Place a wager on a number (or a combination of numbers), and wait to see whether you will be the lucky winner.

What is the RTP for Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette’s RTP (return to player) is typically around 97.10%. That leaves 2.90% for the house edge, meaning that for every $100 you bet, you are expected to lose $2.90. However, the RTP can vary depending on the casino or platform offering the game.

Can you bet on every number on Lightning Roulette?

Yes, you can bet on every number when playing Lightning Roulette. Should you win the bet, the number you choose will direct how much your payout will be. But betting on every number isn’t a strategy that makes you win. It’s one of the fastest ways to terminate your balance.

Is the racetrack neighbor bet the same as the inside or outside bet in lightning roulette?

No, the racetrack neighbor bet in lightning roulette is a specific option where players can place bets on a specific section of numbers on the roulette wheel, known as the racetrack. The racetrack includes numbers not in the main betting area and allows players to place neighbor bets on these numbers. This is different from inside or outside bets, which refer to different betting options on the main betting area of the roulette table.

What are the odds on Lightning Roulette?

The odds of winning depend on the number you choose to bet on. Numbers with higher payouts give smaller odds of winning and vice versa. Straight-Up bets provide the biggest payout, while outside bets on either even or odd, red or black, or numbers 1-18 or 19-36 give the biggest odds of winning.

What are the betting options and minimum/maximum limits for the game?

In Lightning Roulette, you can place various bets, such as a straight-up, split, street, corner, line, and outside bets. The minimum bet limit for most online casinos is usually around $1, while the maximum limit can vary depending on the casino. Some casinos may have a maximum limit of $10,000 or more.
Lightning Roulette 2023
Lightning Roulette 2023
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