How to play Super Sic Bo Live – 2023 Guide

Many players in the gambling industry love to play dice games. These exciting games provide fantastic winning opportunities that can bank you thousands in minutes. However, the various dice games can be intimidating for beginners, considering the enormous betting fields with numerous options to choose from.  That’s where our Live Super Sic Bo guide comes in and tell you all you need to know about the game – from how to play to betting options and payout, you’ll play like a pro in no time.

What is Live Super Sic Bo

The Sic Bo game originated in ancient China. It is a dice game where players bet on the outcome of the roll of three dice. In the live version, a real dealer is streamed to players and the game is played in real-time. There are various betting options, from simple bets like the total sum of the three dice to more complex combinations. It’s a fun and exciting game that offers the thrill of a live casino experience from the comfort of your own home. Now, there are other Sic Bo game available but Super Sic Bo has higher multipliers compared to the standard one.

blond girl live dealer presenting at super sic bo table
Live Super Sic Bo with the live dealer

The Basics of Super Sic Bo Live 

Once you understand its rules, the game is pretty straightforward. The gameplay includes only three dice in a box, which is not something too complicated. Unlike many other casino games, you don’t need to make advanced calculations or count cards, for example. 

The main takeaway from the Super Sic Bo live is that the game is quite basic once you get used to the available betting options and potential payouts. Once you do that, everything else is primarily up to luck. And if you are on the good side of this luck, you may win your initial bet 30x, and that’s if there aren’t any active multipliers! 

When we combine the simple playing rules of Sic Bo with the enormous winning opportunities that come through the Super Sic Bo live headline, we are potentially getting one of the most profitable live casino games in 2022. And the best thing is that we will genuinely reveal how to take advantage of this fantastic game. 

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How to Play Bitcoin Sic Bo Casino Game Live?

Each game has its rules, and when it comes to Super Sic Bo, we are talking about a game very different from what you are probably used to encountering in the online gaming industry. Super Sic Bo is a game where the result is closely connected only with luck, and there isn’t too much you can do to influence that. 

The three dice put in a box are what you closely need to follow in the game Sic Bo online. And to be profitable with the game, you need to predict the total sum of the three dice. So simple, isn’t it? But the thing that stresses out most novice players about this game is the endless betting opportunities. 

Super Sic Bo Betting Options

table with possible bets at super sic bo live
Betting options on Super Sic Bo

At first glance, this huge betting table indeed feels overwhelming. But after spending a few solid minutes exploring it, it’s pretty simple. As you can see, the fantastic thing about that is you can cover almost every possible scenario that can play out. 

The betting options in live Super Sic Bo are as follows:

  • Total bet: where you predict the total number rolled on the three dice.
  • Specific Triple: where you predict a specific combination of three dice, for example, all 3s or all 6s.
  • Single Number: where you predict a specific number to appear on any one or two of the three dice.
  • Pair: also known as double. This is where you predict two of the three dice to show the same number.
  • Big/Small: where you predict the total sum of the three dice to be between 4 and 10 (Small) or 11 and 17 (Big).

And what’s even better is that the payouts are very significant. Only from one bet on triple can you bank in your initial stake 150x, so let that sink in for a moment. The payouts of all the other betting options are visible, causing it hard to make a mistake when playing. 

Multipliers – The Unique Super Sic Bo Live Feature

Because of its thrilling nature, Sic Bo is a game with tremendous winning opportunities. One lucky round can at least 100x your initial investment, which is a unique scenario, no matter how you look at it. However, although it may be hard to believe, Super Sic Bo is a game that hides even more significant profit opportunities. 

That’s possible because of the so-called “Lighting Multipliers”. These are also pretty straightforward. Multipliers occur completely random in some Super Sic Bo rounds, increasing the payout of a few selected betting options. The maximum multiplier you can encounter is 1,000x, but this is irrelevant for all betting options. 

The reason for that is that not all game betting selections have an equal chance of occuring, which is why casinos have made a little assurance they won’t be in a significant loss by providing players the opportunity to play Super Sic Bo Live. 

payout table super sic bo
Super Sic Bo Payout table

In the table above, you can check the available Super Sic Bo live betting opportunities and the maximum potential payouts, even with active multipliers. This will give you a fantastic insight on which bets you should pursue if you want the biggest maximum win and which options can potentially bring in good profits. 

The Game RTP 

The RTP percent is something you have to analyze carefully before engaging with a particular game. In case you aren’t aware, the RTP is a value that shows how much of your deposit and gameplay you will theoretically get back in the long run. 

Generally, casino games with an RTP percent of more than 95% are considered excellent to play as they should guarantee minor variance and more stable results. 

The high RTP of Super Sic Bo stands at 97.22%. This is significant, but if we also consider the higher variance bets, the RTP falls at around 95.02%. That’s also regarded as suitable for players who want to have fun without stressing out too much about the potential returns. 

Sic Bo Online Statistics and Winning Numbers

It’s not uncommon for casino lovers to try and collect as much information as possible before placing their bets. After all, statistics often reveal recurring trends which can significantly increase your chances of picking up the correct outcome of a particular playing round. That’s why it’s worth mentioning that the Super Sic Bo live game allows players to check detailed statistics from previous rounds. 

statistic table super sic bo
One of the tables show players statistics of the Small, Big, and Triple bets that have come through in the last 50 rounds. 
total sum history in super sic bo
total sum history

Players can check out the exact numbers for each round and their total sum if that’s not enough. This makes the Super Sic Bo game much more exciting as it allows users to try and search for some trends, giving them a solid foundation to build their predictions.

Play Super Sic Bo Live with Cryptocurrency

No matter what many people think of crypto, that’s an industry that’s here to stay. And the online gambling industry has been steadily integrating these digital currencies in the various games it provides. 

The good news is that Super Sic Bo live comes from the best casino software developer – Evolution Gaming, making it possible for users to enjoy the game with cryptos like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and many more!

What Are the Potential Winnings When Playing Super Sic Bo Live? 

What makes the Super Sic Bo such an exciting game is that one lucky round can bring you so enormous profit that all your previous losses can look like a tiny change. 

If you have been paying close attention, you know that you can get up to a 1,000x multiplier in selected bets. But how often does that happen in practice? Let’s check out some winning examples of a few lucky winners. 

You can check out how one player took home $108 after just one round! But what is more impressive is that he could do it with the minimum bet of 0.20 at Super Sic Bo. 

winnings 500x super sic bo
Player winning 108 pound sterling from 500x multiplier

Can you imagine placing a massive bet and winning on a 500x multiplier? That’s only a glance at the significant opportunities that his game provides.

But if that doesn’t look too inspiring and you think that it’s rare to have the luck to hit a winning bet with multipliers, you should dive into the game for a bit and try it out. 

You can check out how there were NINE different active multipliers in this particular round, including 500x, 250x, 200x, 88x, and more. This increases your chances of getting a winning combination with an active multiplier tremendously, and you can see that it’s not that big of a feat anyway. 

super sic bo with multiple active multipliers
Player bagging multiple active multipliers in the game

In practice, that’s the standard when enjoying Super Sic Bo, making it one of the most exciting live casino games you can try. But even if there aren’t too many active multipliers in a particular round, you can still emerge with a significant win.

With a bet of just 0.40, the player could take down close to 190 in profit by hitting an enormous 888x multiplier; talking about great luck! And keep in mind that these players have been enjoying the game with small amounts. Let’s imagine if you hit that with something a bit more significant, like a $10 bet. The results would be simply outstanding. 

Although Super Sic Bo is a game that provides incredible winning opportunities, there will be times when you won’t have that good of luck. If this happens, you must closely evaluate your situation and keep a cool head. When the game stops being fun, it will always be best to take a break before returning to the table stronger than ever.

Tips for Playing Live Super Sic Bo

Here are some tips that could increase your chances of winning in live Super Sic Bo:

  1. Understand the different types of bets and their respective payouts.
  2. Place multiple bets instead of putting all your money on one bet. However, balance it with placing bet on the big and small bets as it has the smallest house edge and the best odds.
  3. Consider the probabilities and make informed decisions.
  4. Set a budget and stick to it to avoid impulsive betting.
  5. Keep track of the numbers that appear frequently to get an idea of the game’s pattern. Don’t fall for gambler’s fallacy, trust probability.
  6. Don’t chase losses and avoid making big bets after losing.

Remember, while these tips may increase your chances of winning, they cannot guarantee it. Super Sic Bo, like all casino games, is based on luck and the randomness of the roll of the dice.

Is Super Sic Bo Live Worth Playing? 

Some online casino games have quite a few cons, but we can’t think of any when it comes to Super Sic Bo. The game is everything that a thrill-chaser would look for.

Super Sic Bo has simple rules, numerous betting options, and potential winning opportunities that can back your bet up to 1,000x! On top of that, the game is very fast-paced, which ensures an exciting gaming experience above everything else. 

The only potential downside of Super Sic Bo live is that you can’t genuinely influence your results by implementing a complex strategy. However, that may also be a relief for some players as they can finally sit back, relax, and let the winnings hopefully come to them. 

So, if you have already tried Bitcoin Super Sic Bo or have any questions related to the game, you can always leave a comment! Our team will get in touch as quickly as possible. 

What is the difference between Sic Bo and Super Sic Bo?

The difference lies in the availability of the multiplier feature, which makes the Super Sic Bo game much more profitable for players.

What is the best Sic Bo strategy?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an all-rounded best strategy you can use when playing Sic Bo. What you can do, however, is try to chase the betting options that can potentially bank you the enormous winnings in the game.

How to beat Bitcoin Sic Bo?

You cannot ensure beating a particular casino game. But the best thing you can do to increase your chances is keep your cool and maintain a similar betting style across all rounds.

Are there any Super Sic Bo Tricks?

One of the tricks you can use to ensure constant returns with the casino Sic Bo strategy is playing the Small and Big bets with the lowest house edge out of all options. This play can be profitable by hitting a significant multiplier when wagering on these options.

Are there any Super Sic Bo Winning Secrets?

One unique winning secret in Super Sic Bo is choosing only a handful (4-5) of betting options and sticking up with them.
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