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Fred Edwards


Being transparent is one of Fred’s ethical pillar together with open communication. What Fred wants is to provide to all the people visiting this website about crypto gambling all the necessary information about bitcoin casinos, new crypto casinos and other relevant information to increase your daily experience and fun.

Thus, because of several reasons, which Fred is not going to explain at this moment, decided to keep an anonymous identity.

Fred Edwards is an alias. There is a real person behind this website and all the information that you find here are coming “Fred”. In the crypto world and especially in Gambling with all the people out there trying everything to take you down, Fred tried to keep as much privacy as possible.

The main reason is personal security data. nothing less and nothing more. Fred is a human being and sometimes he might be not answering all your queries, but please have patience because at the end he will help.

Thank you for your understanding.



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Adam Green


Gambling was always part of Adam’s life even if he didn’t know before about it. Recently in the past years he became aware of it and instead of stave off this call he decided to embrace it.

Being part of gambling is a lifestyle for Adam Green and that’s why he combined this, let’s call it passion, with the blockchain world… after meeting Fred.

The meeting between the 2 Founders made possible and all the will to create an online community around what they love.

Be part of our movement, help us to make this industry great once again.  Your contribution will help other players to find their best place where to have fun.

Thank you.


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