Meet the team

Cosmin M.

The one who started the CryptoGamble and brought the team together. He has a clear idea of what our brand is and should be and is tirelessly working on getting it closer to the forefront of the industry. When he’s not traveling and spreading the word about the brand, he enjoys playing video games, especially GTA, which inspired the website. It is worth mentioning that Cosmin trains boxing, which could be helpful when managing a team.

Vania Z.

The one putting the word about our brand out there. From running social media and engaging the community to developing new strategies on how to spread the news about Crypto Gamble, our Vani does it all. She has an impeccable taste for luxurious items and loves to party, especially when exploring new countries and cultures. Every team needs a spicy Latina, and we have ours!

Antoinette J.

The one in charge of making CryptoGamble visible and accessible to people worldwide. With extensive knowledge of the crypto and gambling field, she knows exactly how to bring the said experience to practice and create an enjoyable gambling experience for our visitors in collaboration with the team. Our team’s go-to in relation to coffee and food recommendations. Makes a top notch tiramisu. Or so we heard. The team still remains tiramisu-less.

Marija B.

The one overseeing the content that is presented to our users here on CryptoGamble. With a background in the gambling industry, she has an eye for the essential information all players need to know and is happy to share them. Fitness is her passion. If she’s not outside indulging in a few cold ones, she’s at the gym. It’s all about the balance, according to her.

Lorenzo M.

The one bringing design of the website to the life for the utmost pleasure of you, the visitor. Creativity and art have always been his strongest suit, along with his attention to detail. In case you have a tilted picture in your house or even the background, he will call you out. The team can’t complain, though, as he enjoys playing hockey and could choose to practice his moves on us.