New Crypto Casinos

Every day new crypto casinos appear on every corner of the internet, both because it’s a lucrative business and because people love to play and experience new crypto games online. We have to say that we are part of the second group, the ones that live to have a high amusement in our free time. 

That is why we created this page. You will be able to find the newest crypto gambling houses that we tried so far and that we believe you will enjoy as well. I would say a win-win situation because we will guarantee you only the top-notch experience online by giving you our honest, fair and expert opinion.

How we chose our most exceptional selection of new crypto casinos. This list is fulfilled with the following criteria:

    • Simplification, we do not embrace all the aspect of a casino but rather focus on the aspects that seem relevant for you;
    • Pragmatic, we chose to see only what is useful;
    • Extensiveness, we provide an in-depth analysis of each bitcoin casino;
    • visual, we aim in showing you what you can do and accomplish (video review are coming sooner than later) 
    • organize, we categorize each gambling house by the rating system that we use creating a safe and trustworthy environment based only on facts.

List of Newest crypto casinos on the market

New Casino 1 LuckyBit Encyclopedic Review

LuckyBit Encyclopedic Review

Get thrilled by the new LuckyBit's Promotions and Games. Get the generous 30 USD free no deposit bonus and enjoy the unique Dice and Plinko.
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New Casino 2 Paradice Cheerful Review

Paradice Cheerful Review

Happy rolling with Paradice, dice-based casino with Speedlight feature. Get to know this crypto casino, give it a try by joining through us and receive the exclusive bonus!
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New Casino 3 Casino Review Casino Review

Discover all the features that LuckyFish offers but mostly the unbelievable and unlimited faucet! Try it now.
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New Casino 4 Substantial Casino Review Substantial Casino Review

Unique platform, design and appetitive bonuses. A combination of old-school and new, give it a chance. Try your luck today!
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New Casino 5 Exhaustive Review Exhaustive Review

Ultimate and superior crypto casino experience on, discover all the features available on the platform and let the luck be on your side. Become part of the wolves and try your luck today!
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New Casino 6 True flip Considerable Casino Review

True flip Considerable Casino Review

Be part of the True Flip citizenships and the future of Fair games. Join today and get your warm welcome on the platform.
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New Casino 7 CoinDragon Extravagant Review

CoinDragon Extravagant Review

Step into the Dragon’s Lair and don't miss any of the great promotions that are available on the platform, especially the crypto games. Become the greatest conqueror, Join CoinDragon!
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New Casino 8 Windice Sublime Review

Windice Sublime Review

Inside Windice review you will find all the answers to your questions about this sublime crypto casino. Stop thinking, act today. Play now at Windice!
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Hybrid Casino 9 Casino Review Casino Review

Join and get 25 exclusive Free Spins! Be part of the casino owned by The King of Fortune Island
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New Casino 10 GamDom Casino Review

GamDom Casino Review

Be part of the Gamdom community by participating in their games and getting their bonuses. Join Gamdom now!
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New Casino 1 iLUCKI Expert Casino Review

iLUCKI Expert Casino Review

The iLUCKI review is here to uncover all the bonuses, games and other special treatments they have reserved for their players. Reach and succeed at iLUCKI today!
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New Casino 2 Betfury Casino Review

Betfury Casino Review

We exposed BetFury's brand and all the promos, games and other aspects that you absolutely need to be aware of. Visit BetFury!
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New Casino 3 Fairspin Review

Fairspin Review

Get's no deposit bonus, 30 Free Spins to play right on your sign up!
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When we build the above list we asked ourselves (see our meet the team page to learn more who is behind and our about page to comprehend more in what we believe) several questions, but mainly we wanted to structure the chaos that we encountered on our way. 

In fact, we have taken a pragmatic approach to see throughout all the fake and not legit casinos or at least to make some order. Structures help us to concentrate only on what is really important: provide the best insightful information on crypto casinos by reviewing them one by one – without outsourcing this to other companies. 

We also thought about how to show you more facts and more real data, that is why we will implement videos in each casino reviews page we have.

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slot machine and a lot of poker fiches for new crypto casinos

How Casinos get featured on the above list

Every week we aim in delivering and publishing at least one new review. But what is the process behind featuring a casino? You might think that crypto operators are paying us to write reviews or something like that. Unfortunately and fortunately, this business doesn’t work like that, of course, we receive enquires about featuring a casino, but it’s our own discretion in accepting or refusing casino listing

Our approach in entering a new crypto casino is simply by a little research on what users are looking for. Meaning that we surf the net, look for comments on forums, shares on social media and keep always an eye on what is happening in the industry, in a few words we look for the trends and what we can offer to you… and that’s where we get more information on which casino to analyze. 

What makes a casino to be here

As mentioned in the previous section, we analyze and intercept trends in order to feature new crypto casinos. But we meticulously choose each gambling house by their offerings, by their bonuses, by their selection of games offered and by what you would like to see. How do we know what are you looking for? In a very simple way, we are players ourselves and we just know what we love and we believe that by sharing you will feel the same way. 

This, a part of making us experts on what we talk about, makes us part of the community as we are your trusted fellows to play with. In fact, you can find us quite often on LuckyBit, Paradice, Trustdice, and True Flip… and a little bit less on others. Even though we love FortuneJack and Stake

What are your favourites? Share this page on Twitter and tag us! We will give you a tip on your favourite crypto casino.