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There are many game developers in the iGaming landscape that don’t live up to the highest expectations and standards of the competitive gambling industry. The industry is growing, the various games are getting more exciting, and everything different from that is left behind. If you are an experienced gambler, you have probably come across games that aren’t all that thrilling or generally lacking something. 

If you have been searching for a set of games that can genuinely get you rolling and enjoy the gambling experience, Betsoft is the gaming developer you should keep an eye on. Created in 1999, Betsoft has been established in the gaming sector as the sole developer focusing mainly on the graphics of the various 3D games it provides.

As a result, Betsoft is the company that offers some of the slot games with the best themes and graphics, which are bound to immerse you in a colorful and exciting gambling experience all day long. Ready to dive into this exhilarating place? Let’s first learn which are the platforms where you can enjoy the best Betsoft casino games. 

Best Betsoft Casinos to play with Bitcoin in February 2024

Most of the leading crypto gambling sites cooperate closely with Betsoft, as this is one of the leading providers of top-notch slots. However, there are still platforms where some of the hottest Betsoft headlines can’t be found, and considering the quality and exciting experience these games offer, you don’t want to miss out. 

That’s why you can check out the best Betsoft casinos that offer the provider’s gaming selection to its full extent on our site. These sites allow you to fully exploit all the popular Betsoft slot headlines and dive into the best gambling experience possible. But that’s not all. 

We know how crucial bank balance is when playing some of the most famous slots. That’s why we have established strong connections with the leading crypto gambling sites in the industry. 

The result is generous exclusive promotions that will give your Betsoft gaming endeavor a flying start. And the best thing is that these offers aren’t available anywhere else on the web, so you will always be head and shoulders above the competition. 

Betsoft Online Casino for US Players 

Let’s face it. The gambling situation in the USA is complicated and annoying. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what gambling offers. We have done quite a bit of research to provide you with the best Betsoft casino online for USA players. The good thing is that the platforms we present are specifically closely working with Betsoft, providing you with access to the complete gaming portfolio of this fantastic casino developer. 

The Best Betsoft Slots with High RTP 

As you should already know, the Betsoft slots are the ones that provide players with the most aesthetically pleasing 3D experience in the gambling industry. However, exceptional graphics are not the only thing that these games can offer. In addition, some of them can be quite profitable, providing you with the best of both worlds. 

But you should know how to categorize each slot of the company and engage with the games that are the most profitable. That’s possible by easily checking out the RTP percent of each one. We have already filtered the most profitable Betsoft slots for your convenience. You can check them out in the following lines. 

  • Jungle Stripes – 97.03% RTP 
  • Birds! – 96.48% RTP
  • Wild Drops – 96.11% RTP
  • 7 Fortune Frenzy – 96.00% RTP
  • 88 Frenzy Fortune – 96.00 RTP

Top Three Betsoft Casino Games

All the slot games we mentioned are fantastic, but in Betsoft, the selection is so vast that even some of the most profitable headlines are not the best you can dive into. However, that’s only natural. 

After all, the developer is one of the few that specializes only in slot games. But you probably don’t have the time to check out and review more than 150 different slots to filter the best of the best. That’s why we have researched for you, presenting you with the top three Betsoft games you can’t miss out on. 

Check them out below, and find out which one grabs your attention the most! On our platform, you can play numerous different slots for free. Free slots are a sure way to gamble with low risk, and you can easily explore a game you are interested in, just like the ones we will uncover in the following lines. 

Good Girl, Bad Girl 

As its name suggests, that’s a slot you won’t come across too often, if ever. Good Girl, Bad Girl comes with an exciting fantasy theme. The gaming grid has five reels and three rows, which might be the only common thing in the game. 

Even if we take aside the unique theme of the slot, it is one of the most profitable Betsoft headlines, with an RTP of 97.79%. That’s way above the average in the gambling industry. There are also Free Spins, Bonus Rounds, and Progressive Jackpot that additionally increase the game’s winning opportunities. 

Who Spun It?

It’s time for you to enter the harsh world of detectives in the new Betsoft slot with a unique theme – Who Spun it? As a top-notch detective in your respective area, you will be assigned to resolve the murder case of Dr. Farmington. Are you up to this challenging task? While you are spinning and enjoying the incredibly detailed graphics of the game, you must manage to find out who of the suspects is the real culprit in this ferocious crime. 

Although this will be tough to uncover, the potential winnings you can get from doing so can easily reach 3,000x your bet per spin! Of course, that’s possible as the Who Spun It slot has five reels, totaling 30 paylines. 

To make your game even more exciting, you can uncover some clues about the crime that might eventually lead you to a bonus round. That’s where you will ask one of the main suspects some probing questions and hopefully bring you some significant loads of cash! 

But even if you are not that lucky, there is still the free spins feature where you can play a bit without betting anything. Although betting on Who Spun It shouldn’t worry you one bit, considering the game’s enormous RTP of 97.64%. 


Most players are probably tired of the regular spinning of the different slots. You push the spin button, and the reels are just rotating to show you the winning symbols. For that reason, Birds is a slot that attracts the attention of many. Its unique spinning mechanism is displayed with the flight of many cute birds, creating fascinating game dynamics. 

Combined with the exceptional 3D graphics of Betsoft, it makes for one of the lightest, most colorful, and fun slots you can engage with! In the Birds slot, five reels are available, making up a total of 25 paylines. 

Generally, the game might not be among the best-paying ones in the industry, but its RTP is high, standing at 96.5%. On top of that, the free spins feature can provide you with up to 20 bonus rounds, which is an excellent way of enjoying this colorful game for more time. 

Wrapping it Up – Are Betsoft Games Worth Your Time? 

Everyone knows that Betsoft is a gaming developer specializing in 3D graphics slots. However, this creates the misconception that the slot games from this provider only look good without providing any significant features or winning opportunities. 

But as you should have already gone through some of the best slots of the company, you can see that they perfectly balance their fantastic graphics with exciting features. On top of that, their games are among the most profitable in the gambling industry. 

Some Betsoft slots come in with an RTP of more than 96.5%, which is way above the average in the gambling sector. So, if you want frequent returns and fantastic graphics, diving into the Betsoft slots is the best thing you can do. However, if you feel this is not the case for you specifically, you can always check out a few gaming developers specializing in different headlines and gaming aspects. 


CryptoGamble lovers must have heard of NetEnt games. NetEnt is a gambling provider operating for more than 20 years in the competitive gaming field, being responsible for some of the best slot and casino games in the modern gambling age. 


Gaming developers constantly trying to make a change and be innovative are always welcomed in establishments like crypto casinos. Thunderkick zeroed in on producing video slots, and they do not disappoint. Their slot games always come with exciting features, unique gameplay, and a gaming experience like nothing we have ever seen. 

Just For the Win

Just For the Win is the gaming developer that won the “Rising Star” award for the newest and best casino game provider in 2021. But that’s understandable. After all, who doesn’t like JFTW free slots? The company specializes only in slot games, creating more than 40 games in the last six years, which is remarkable. But this feat is even better because all these slots are also available online for free. 

If you want to enjoy more free slots on our page or you have questions about the gaming developers we cover, you can engage with our comment section below. Our experts will contact you as quickly as possible.


When was Betsoft founded, and what is the company size?

Betsoft was founded in 1999. The company has a yearly revenue of more than $20 million. 

Where are they based?

The headquarters of Betsoft could be found in Malta. 

Are Betsoft games rigged? Are they legit?

Betsoft is one of the most reputable gambling providers in the industry, so the claim their games might be rigged is nonsense. The company has been successfully operating for over two decades. It’s also licensed by the rigorous Malta Gambling Commission. 
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