Low Volatility

Low Volatility Slots

Having explained the concept of Medium to High variance slots, you probably understand how slots that are volatile on the low to medium range work. When playing such games, you get winning combos more frequently than what medium slots offer; but as you must have guessed, the payouts offered are small.

If you wish to have a bankroll that’s not so little or just average, and you want to amass average wins, then you should look out for these slots. You’ll be able to spread out a play while getting back some profit regularly. So, if you’re a high roller or your purpose for playing is to amass huge profits, these slots within the category are not what you should focus on. It’s a good one for you if you just wish to play for fun.

Low Volatility

It is the exact reverse of everything we discussed in the highly volatile slots section above. Low volatility slots come with the least of risks- therefore, in these slots, you land wins very frequently; but the amounts involved are so meager you just might not consider such slots worth it.

If your bankroll isn’t much and you’re only trying to have some little wins or play just to catch some fun, then low volatility slots will satisfy you. Also, slots in this category will suit you if you’re new to playing online slot games. This is because the wins you make get added to your bankroll, hence, giving you a longer period to play and get familiarised with how a game works or an online casino.