Medium Volatility

Medium volatility slots

Although this isn’t so common, you are likely to have come across medium volatility slots at least once. Most slots in the category are NetEnt software. These are slots that cannot be categorized as being high or medium due to how frequent wins could be as well as the amount of payment, but they’re also targeted to those with high bankrolls.

Winning slots that fall under this category is easier than those slots which are rated as being highly volatile. On some occasions, Med-high slots are known to come with high Return-to-Player rates which could even be higher than other slots with high variances. So, if you’re a high roller, you can also play these games, a major benefit is you even get the chance of winning more, though the profit may not be as much as the high variance slots.

Easily the most common type of slots volatility and the reason why isn’t surprising. Medium volatility slots offer you the opportunity to win decent profits, and quite frequently.

If you wish to spread your game, rather than wager your entire bankroll at a go, then medium volatility slots will suit your gaming sessions. The nature of the slots lets you acquire bonuses, relatively good wins and also allows you to play for longer too. The wins are not huge jackpot wins as those you get from the highly volatile ones, but they are better than what low volatility slots offer. In summary, with these slots, your risk is not as high as highly volatile slots, but higher than low volatility slots.