Evil Goblins xBomb Slot Review

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Technical Table Information

RTP (return to player):96.14% / 94.21%
Casino Gaming Developer:Nolimit City
Release Date:12.10.2021
Maximum Multiplier:31,969x 
Winning Lines:729 – 117,649
Min bet: 0.20
Max bet: 100
Provably Fair:No
Jackpot: No
Technology used:HTML5
Theme slot: Fantasy
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Description of the Slot 

European folklore is full of unique creatures with various magical powers. While there are endearing characters like fairies and leprechauns, on the other hand, goblins are often classified as mischievous and evil. At least this is the case with Nolimit City’s 2021 slot, Evil Goblins xBomb. The slot showcases a menacing group of goblins who never shy away from dropping bombs, even at themselves! 

Evil Goblins xBomb is played on 6 reels, 3 rows, and across 729 paylines. However, the number of paylines is not fixed and can increase to 117,649 ways to win. The game is fully action-packed and incorporates many exciting features like Goblin Sacrifice, xBomb, Evil 4, three different types of free spins, and more. So, let’s head into this menacing world of Goblins where big wins lie in wait. 

Design and Audio

Nolimit City leaves no stone unturned when it comes to designing slots. Evil Goblins xBomb is set inside a mine ruled by unruly and vicious goblins. Whenever a winning combination occurs, the winning symbols explode as rocks do in mine. Also, four goblins show up on top of the reels and eagerly throw bombs on the grid, which might turn to your advantage. 

The background score is a cartoonish and funny-sounding track that helps us visualize the goblins’ mischievous nature even better. Once you hit the spin button, the sound of symbols falling on the reels feels like the crackling of stone slabs, rendering an authentic feel to the audio.


Evil Goblins xBomb is power packed with amazing features, each potent enough to give you big wins. 

Cascading Reels 

Whenever wins occur on the reels, winning symbols burst off the grid, and new symbols drop from above. This process is known as the cascading effect. The cascading process is repeated if the entry of new symbols creates another win. In fact, the process continues until there are no wins on the grid

Resurrection Wilds 

Getting 3 Dead Wilds in a spin triggers the Resurrection Wilds feature, where the last wild symbol includes a multiplier. The higher the number of Dead Wilds, the bigger the multipliers: with 3, 4, or 5 resurrection wilds, you get 11x, 33x, or 55x multipliers

Goblin Sacrifice 

Each spin in the base game leads to 4 goblins appearing on the reels. Match the goblins with the symbols right below them to activate the Goblin Sacrifice feature. In this feature, the goblins throw iron grenades on themselves, which causes them to disappear, and new goblins take their place. If you succeed in matching all four goblins, the Evil 4 feature becomes effective

Evil 4 

Getting four identical goblins on top of the grid triggers the Evil 4 feature, with the matching goblin sitting above the first reel and powered with a 4x multiplier. If a similar goblin lands on reel 1, it counts as four instead of one. Also, with each matching goblin appearing on the top of the reels, the multiplier count increases by +1. 


Whenever the xBomb symbol appears on the grid, it removes the adjacent symbols, excluding the Dead and Resurrection Wilds and Scatter symbols. Moreover, an extra row gets added to the reels; this way, you can increase the grid height by seven rows. This leads to increased paylines, going up to the maximum of 117,649 ways to win. The xBombs explode right before the next cascade, irrespective of a win or not. 

Fresh Meat Spins 

Getting 3 or 4 scatters in a spin leads to 8 or 9 Fresh Meat Spins. Dead Wilds are guaranteed to appear on each spin during this feature. Besides, the bonus round also increases the chances of activating Goblin Sacrifice and xBomb features. In addition, landing an additional scatter symbol during the feature provides one extra free spin

And if you trigger the Evil 4 feature during Fresh Meat Spins with 5 or more free spins still available, the feature upgrades to Goblin Meat Spins, and the number of remaining free spins turns into multipliers. For instance, 6 remaining free spins become a 6x multiplier during Goblin Meat Spins. 

Goblin Meat Spins 

On its own, the Goblin Meat Spins feature provides 4 spins with an active Evil 4 feature. If you unlock the feature via Fresh Meat Spins, the multiplier gets carried forwards into this feature. Moreover, each time a matching goblin appears on top of the grid, the multiplier count increases by +1, and the available spins reset to 4. Also, the goblin stays in its position for the rest of the feature. Note that the spins reset can occur only up to four times

Explosive Fresh Meat and Goblin Spins 

In the event 3 or 4 scatters appear simultaneously with two xBombs, you head straight for the Explosive Fresh Meat Spins. On the other hand, if you land two xBombs in a spin during Goblin Meat Spins, it activates Explosive Goblin Meat Spins. These explosive features are identical to their counterparts, except that you are guaranteed to get an xBomb symbol on each spin

Nolimit Bonus 

Nolimit Bonus feature is the purchase menu where you can access any free spins feature by paying their respective price. There is also a lucky draw purchase option where one of the features is randomly awarded. Simply hit the star icon located next to the grid, and based on your current bet amount, the price for each feature will show up.  


Evil Goblins xBomb has an interesting paytable consisting of various paying symbols. Starting from the lower end, we get A to 10 card royals offering 0.4x to 0.9x the stake for landing six matching symbols. Then there are four goblin characters and a Goblin King offering in the range of 1x to 3x the bet for lining up six identical ones. But with the help of powerful features, the slot might escalate your wins to the maximum payout of 31,969x the stake.


If you have read or watched the Harry Potter series, you’d know the goblins are a greedy race and covet riches more than anything else in the world. While this is only one version of the vast goblin’s folklore, Nolimit City seems to have drawn inspiration from this particular representation. However, the goblins in this slot dwell in mines and are much more menacing and unruly than the civilized bankers we found in JK Rowling’s fantasy. 


Evil Goblins xBomb has extremely high volatility. Therefore, wins won’t frequently appear in this game. But if you are aiming for big wins and are willing to take high risks, the high variance model is the most suitable option to grab lucrative payouts. 

About the Game Provider 

Nolimit City has spent more than a decade in the igaming industry, and its output clearly reflects the experience and professionalism the company has gained over the years. Based in Malta, with offices in Sweden and India, the game provider is gradually expanding its operation on a global level. 

Nolimit City is best known for creating top-notch gaming mechanics like xNudge and xWays, which definitely makes the slots’ gameplay much more interesting. Now, the game provider’s collaboration with some big crypto casinos will surely give Nolimit City an even greater exposure to players, especially those who prefer cryptocurrencies as casino payment methods. 

Final Considerations 

Nolimit City has filled Evil Goblins xBombs with a catalog of features. Although this increases the alternatives to landing big wins, the paying symbols take a back seat in the game. So, if you wish to succeed in this slot, your best hope would be to trigger as many features as possible. 

Besides that, this slot is one of the best renditions by the game provider. Its terrific math model acts as a big attraction for players. Although the game is available in two RTPs of 96.14% and 94.21%, you will easily find the former version in most online casinos. 

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Evil Goblins xBomb has a complicated catalog of bonus features that might not be easy for many to grab at once. In our slot review, we have tried to lucidly explain each game feature and other essential information like payouts, volatility, and more. Let us know if this review was helpful. And if there is something else you’d like to ask regarding the slot, drop a message in the dialog box below. One of our team members will reach out to you soon.


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