Reel Rush Slot Review

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Technical Table Information

Reel Rush Slot Insights
RTP (return to player)96.96%
Casino Software provider:NetEnt
Release date2013
Maximum Multiplier1000x
Volatility: (low, medium, high) Medium
Winning Lines:3,125
Min bet: 0.50
Max bet: 100
Provably Fair (yes/no)Yes
Jackpot slot (yes/no): No
Technology (for example HTML5)HTML5
Theme slot (adventure, Egyptian, Aztec, animals, Christmas, etc…): Candy
Best Bitcoin casino to play with Bonus:Up to 180% Bonus on your 1st deposit + Daily Free Spin

Basic description

Reel Rush has some great features, for one each time you make a scoring spin you get to continue with another spin, with no extra bet. The way to get to free spins is to make spins until you hit the last star and it awards you with 8 bonus spins.

The game is fun because each time a spin goes and wins it lands huge wins and more possible lines to play each time. What some I think would be found annoying is that if it doesn’t get that first win on the line before your area of lines starts to grow.

With the big wins, this game is fun and exciting, it is easy to snag a bonus and you will see what I am saying better when you play Reel Rush. One tip though is that don’t gamble all at once as that can lose your bankroll quickly.

The Music and Design

The audio in some games can be annoying but it’s cool with the sound and the graphics make it look like a video game tree background. Overall, it’s very relaxing but it could be more relaxing if you win. When playing this game with this audio just get the right number of stars by bonus spinning and win big.

The Features

The feature for free spins, which is the only feature of this game, comes from winning until the free spins start. I think it’s rather easy, but the money can go up and down very easily when playing this game, but hey that is half the fun.

When you hit the bonus, you get a ton of available lines, and it is a way to quickly increase the amount of money you have for gambling. I played this and got a good amount, but one thing I thought was to make sure you don’t win too much because your luck could even be better than mine.


The maximum amount of win on Reel Rush is 1,000 x your bet. Meaning you can win thousands just by playing this slot. Maximum bet is 100 x 1,000 which means max win is $100,000. That is a ton of money but that is right to be earned for people who can pool 100 a spin and get a chance to win such a prize.


Reel rush is a happy-go-lucky candy and tree look slot. There are others right here xxx so if you want to see more by this provider, or more kind of design like candy there are many more. Don’t worry about having to try to find the perfect game, try to win on most games and you will be just great, good luck at all slot machines online you play though.

The volatility

The volatility is medium in this game, what that means is you are going to have a chance to win a good amount, but you are not going to be winning as much as a different slot either. The reason for it is you can get paid 1000x your bet and win $10,000 or more easily you would think, but that is lucky too.

When I am thinking of what games I would like to play I go low Volatility, which means the low slots can make more consistent cash but lower amounts at a time. Play high, medium, or low and see how you can do it because you will be doing great with your gambling, good luck.

Winnings of Reel Rush

This is a note of big wins played on Reel Rush. Hit the star for getting multiple spins to equal the free spins bonus. I am not surprised I have won well on this machine although the first bet for 300 bet won 70k. Not to say that I have done that at all.

Casino Provider NetEnt

This gaming provider keeps coming up with good games, there are some other games I like to play but NetEnt does hold some nice winning slots. The gameplay on their slots is fun, and that is something you must do to maintain as a casino provider because if no one likes your games no one is going to play them.

Final Consideration for Reel Rush

In my conclusion, this slot is fun to play, volatility not so high, and is a decent RTP, which means a return to the player. My score of this is 6 from our ranking system. Not that it is a bad number, but you must know it is our method, and I love this game which means you can win well on the slot machine we are telling you about here.

Play Reel Rush

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