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Since we were young we all have been in contact with sports in general, who more with football, tennis and who more with martial arts, formula 1, NFL, NBA or NHL… we all have something in common if you think about it. We like to watch and be part of that specific moment because each one of them is making history and one day we can say “Yeah, I’ve seen that match, it was full of anger and happiness… I enjoyed every moment of being upset because I lost my bet”. We all enjoy bitcoin sports betting, also because we like cryptocurrencies and bitcoin sportsbooks.

Thus, we needed to create our specific list of bitcoin sports betting sites and give you our top recommendation on where you can enjoy the best odds and the best betting experience.

But, we want to make sure that we are on the same page. We compiled the following list of bitcoin sportsbooks based on our direct experience and on what we think is the best sportsbook for you. We tried them all and this is the result of our research. They are ranked by overall rating, but this won’t change because a bitcoin sports betting site is paying us… if that would happen you will be informed (you will see a specific tag). Now, that we made this clear let’s see the famous bitcoin sportsbook available on the market today.

12 Top-notch Bitcoin sports betting sites

We are updating the list constantly if you would like to see a new crypto casino on this page, or on CryptoGamble.tips please let us know on Twitter or our contact us page form.

Trust dice Logo
  • 50 Free Spins with code
  • Provably fair Games
  • Great welcome bonus
Wolf.bet Logo
  • Top-notch site performance
  • Excellent User-Experience
  • Mobile-First Approach
Thunderpick Review
  • Esports betting
  • Several languages
  • Well performing platform

Upcoming Bitcoin Sportsbooks are:

  1. BetinAsia Black trading platform
  2. BetBTC
  3. Pinnacle
  4. plus more to come

We could say that these are nice and good bookies but we want to make sure you will have the best possible experience so until we review them we are not going to promote them as the one in the above list.

What else to expect below. Disclaimer: The following text is made more for newcomers and for search engines. We are sure you can still find something very valuable and useful, especially in the strategy section.

What is the Expected Value (in sports)?

First of all, if you never heard of positive or negative EV (expected value) is important that you take a deeper look at it. After quick research will put you ahead of the majority of bettors online and offline.

The expected value of a bet tells us how much we can expect to win (on average) for each bet we do. This parameter needs to be considered while we bet as it will help you, the bettor, to become more professional and win more.

The concept of Expected value is essentially used to assess what option to choose to maximize your profits and minimize your losses. We have to say that this parameter doesn’t take into consideration any subjective factor such as betting for fun. The expected value, or EV, is either a positive or negative indicator that will provide you guidance for making the best possible choice in that specific situation. Meaning that will help you in deciding which game is more profitable.

How to calculate the Expected Value?

The formula is quite simple and it goes as follows: The probability of winning must be multiplied by the sum that can be won by the bet and the probability of losing multiplied by the amount that would be lost if the result is negative.

Check this video that explains very simply the concept of it

How can you benefit from Positive Expected Value?

In Bitcoin Sports Betting this concept is helpful because it will help you maximize your profits and make you more aware of your possible losses. This is surely something that occasional bettors and people that just like to bet won’t look after but it’s quite interesting knowing what is possible to do with online betting.

The same concept of Expected value applies to bitcoin casinos as well but here there is always a negative EV as the casinos have the house edge in their favor. In the long run, you will always lose!

Bitcoin Sports betting sites

What makes a bitcoin sports betting site the best?

To be considered a great bitcoin sportsbook the bookmaker needs to be reliable and to have great odds. Meaning that their margins are kind of lower than others, or to balance their margins they would need to offer you a best bonus on online casino.

Some of the best ones are offering also the possibility to have streaming of live events allowing to have everything in one single place. Take for example BET365, they offer you one of the best experiences but they don’t accept cryptocurrencies.

In the end, it depends on what you value the most, if you need a great platform with a lot of sports then Stake would be an excellent choice. While if you want also a deposit bonus as a welcome bonus then you might need to switch to FortuneJack, CloudBet, or Betcoin.ag.

We are looking forward to reading your experiences on the sportsbook you played at and allowing the community to explore also your precious opinion.